A non-canon Fairy Tail adventure to take the role of your own character in a social/combat experience!
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 Claire Anderson [FINISHED!]

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Claire Anderson

Claire Anderson

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PostSubject: Claire Anderson [FINISHED!]   Thu Mar 03, 2016 6:59 am


Name: Claire Anderson
Nicknames: None
Gender: F
Race: Human
Age: presumed to be in her late teens/early twenties
Birthday: Unknown, the day she celebrates is July the 7th, X777 which would be when her dad found her.
Sexuality: Punch-sexual (you do as much as to go anywhere near her, let alone make a pass at her, and you get punched)
Guild: Fairy Tail
Rank: D
Face Claim: Bullet from the Blazblue series


Description: As a result of her upbringing, Claire isn't very feminine. Brash and quick-tempered, she is costantly in a foul mood, mostly because she is not fond of magic nor of the nakama-driven antics that seem to be the backbone of most guilds, so she is not very happy of being caught, against her will, in this whole guild mage business. This causes her to come off as grumpy and unfriendly.
In truth, she actually has a kind side, which mostly comes out around children (she is very fond of them), it's just that... She isn't good at expressing it. Growing up, her only parental figure was her foster father, a military man who was extraordinarily talented in battle strategy, not so much in anything else. He taught her how to repair weapons and how to quickly come up with the best strategy in combat situations, but as far as social skills go... His teachings weren't as thorough.
At her core, Claire is a girl who learned to punch before she learned to kiss. At times, she does feel bad about being so unfriendly, and wishes she was more feminine. At the same time, excessively feminine girls her age piss her off to no end, so it's hard for her to make her mind. She wouldn't be caught dead wearing a mini-skirt to show off her legs, but the hotpants she does wear are just as revealing. She secretly started picking up feminine hobbies, in the hope that they'd help her mellow out if only a little bit.


Action movies: If there is something that gets her in a good mood, is to watch some fast-paced, martial arts-filled action movie. She is a massive fan of popular action movie actors, to the point that meeting one could cause her to squee and start fangirling and drooling very un-Claire-ly.

Children: She is fond of them. For reasons even her doesn't understand, she can connect in a way she cannot with people her age: she is capable of saying the sweetest things to a kid and to shout insults at another girl her age in the same breath. 

Embroidery: Believe it or not. It's actually her favorite hobby.


Magic: A dislike she took from her father. Having inherited his pragmatic, military, down-to-heart mindset, she is very wary of a force that transcends the laws of physics, and of people who would use it to take on mundane jobs requested by civilians. Imagine how happy she is of being a mage herself.

Women who flaunt their womanliness: She considers "too feminine" females to be her enemies. She particularly hates those who would wear skimpy, revealing clothes to attract attention: if you point out that her own clothes are quite revealing, she will punch you.

High society events: gala balls, charity events, the kind of stuff you need to attend in a fancy dress, and where you are expected to dance. She hates them with a passion and, if you dare to do as much as to ask her "shall we dance?", she will burn you to a crisp.


Finding out the truth about her past: Why is she the Fire Dragon Slayer? How did she obtain this fearsome power? What were the circumstances that led to her being found and adopted by General (then Captain) Anderson? To find the answers to these questions is the main goal of her life.

Making her father proud: She is fully aware that the way her father educated her was rather lacking, but she at least acknowledges that he tried hard, and genuinely loves him for it. She still finds it hard to understand why such a military man, who lived alone in a small flat with no sign of female presence, would take her in and raise her on his own, but she is very thankful to him for it, and wants to make him proud of her as a way of giving something back.

Conquering her fears: being afraid is "a feeling for girly girls", as she would put it. She genuinely hates to be afraid, so she wants to be brave and shake her fears off. She hasn't done that great of a job so far.


Finding out the truth about her past: What if it is something atrocious? What if she is some kind of monster cursed, not blessed, with that terrible power she has? What if her father regrets taking her in? She wants to know the truth about her past, but at the same time she is genuinely terrified of what she might find.

Her own magic power: Why does she possess this fearsome magic? Why doesn't she have full control of it? Why is it so destructive? For a person like her, who doesn't trust magic and mages, finding out to be one of the very rare people capable of using magic would already be a shock in itself. But of all the forms of magic she could have, she ended up with one of the scariest.

Vehicles: Well she IS a Dragon Slayer, after all.


Height: 175cm (5'8.9")
Weight: 63kg (138.6 lbs)
Apperance: Claire is a tall, muscular girl with a statuesque, sculpted physique, which she got by training with her father's elite soldiers every morning, for over ten years. This being Fairy Tail, she has a VERY curvaceous figure, with large hips and sizeable bust.
Claire's eyes are golden in color, with a slight red shade to them. It's hard to tell, but her pupils are slightly vertical, akin to those of a cat. Her hair is of a very bright, "warm grey" shade, bordering on "dirty white".
She wears a black jacket with a white zipper tee and torn-up demin short shorts, along with knee high brown boots and a long belt, arranged in a way that makes it almost look like a tail. She wears a gauntlet on her left arm (speaking of which, she's left-handed): this gauntlet isn't a weapon but rather a limiter of sorts, that helps her keep her power in check.

Guild Tattoos: Black, right hip.


Hometown: Magnolia. At least, that's were she grew up with her foster father.


On july the 7th, X777, an elite squad led by Captain Edmund Anderson was sent, by the Royal Army of Fiore, on a secret reconnaissance mission. Their orders were to monitor the actions of a criminal group, suspected of practicing a traffic of human beings (you know, children for illegal adoptions, victims whose organs would be sold to compliant hospitals for illegal transplants, that kinda stuff), and to report back to HQ. This was to be the first step in a global-scale operation to finally eradicate those criminals once and for all. However, Anderson's squad was ambushed, and in the resulting conflict Claire Hogan, Anderson's second-in-command and the only woman to ever hold his heart, lost her life.
Ultimately the criminals, as well-equipped as they were, proved no match for an elite squad of trained soldiers and were massacred, their base completely destroyed. Inspecting the scene in order to prepare his report, Captain Edmund Anderson found a little girl, semi-buried under the debris but miraculously still alive. Was she the daughter of one of the criminals, many of which had their wives/girlfriends/mistresses living in the base with them? Was she one of the abducted children they were planning to sell on the dedicated, and very active, black market? There was no way to answer these questions. Judging from her appearance, she couldn't possibly be any older than 8, but she appeared to have suffered severe head trauma with partial memory loss, possibly as a result of being caught in the crossfire.
She could remember little more than her name: Claire. Like Anderson's deceased lover. Was that the reason why he took her in? If so, he never openly said it. Maybe he simply wanted to have the child his lover couldn't give him anymore.

And thus the years passed, Captain Anderson became General Anderson, the small flat became a luxurious cottage, and Claire became the curvy and unfriendly girl she is today. Despite growing up with no female parental figure, Claire was happy with Edmund: he tried to be a good father, his military education was quite rigid, but he knew how to stop being the inflexible general and start being the doting parent capable of downright sweet moments, if the situation called for it. There were the morning training sessions, which Claire loved, and there were the gala balls, which Claire hated. But even those were part of a life that, all things considered, she couldn't complain about. She couldn't remember her past, but she liked her present, and all she wanted was for things to stay the same, for that life to never end.

But it ended. It ended when she found out about her magic power. And it happened in the worst way possible.
As expected from the sole child of a general of that caliber, Claire had enlisted at the Military Academy. Life on campus wasn't that bad, her attitude was still a problem but many guys and girls there were similar to her, so she managed to fit in. Until one day a guy made the big mistake of copping a feel: now, that wasn't the first nor the tenth time that a guy did something like that and got beaten to a pulp for his troubles, that time however Claire was so furious about it (maybe she was already in a bad mood, maybe she was in that peculiar period that causes all women to feel particularly grumpy and aggressive, who knows?), that her latent magic power suddenly manifested. And it was more than just a pyrotechnical show, it was a violent outburst, flames mixed with sheer magical energy erupted from her body and, before she could realize what she was even doing, she was already on a murderous rampage around the building.
Normally, an incident concerning the child of a high-profile general would be covered up, to avoid soiling the general's name if nothing else. But in this particular occasion, the incident involved an entire wing of a historical building being completely burned to the ground, with tens of people hospitalized (fortunately there were no victims, and not for lack of trying on the crazed Claire's part). There was no way such a thing could be covered up: Claire was instantly expelled from the school, with the families of the scorched people threatening to sue for physical and mental damage.

A few days later, once Claire had completely regained her sanity, her father came to her with a present and an announcement. The present was a gauntlet with a power-limiting spell on it, which was supposed to prevent her from losing her mind again. The announcement was that, starting the next day, Claire was to join the local magic guild, where they would hopefully teach her to control her power. Claire hated the idea with every fiber of her being, but the expression of her father made it so obvious just how much he was suffering because of that whole situation, that she accepted just because she couldn't stand to see him that way.

And thus Claire's days as a guild mage were underway. Not for the money she was in it, not for the adventures, not to make friends and forge bonds: to find answers concerning her power and how she had obtained it, that was her sole goal, her sole concern. How well that will turn out, only time will tell.

RP Sample:

There are infinite possible universes in the fabric of reality, infinite worlds that are mostly unaware of one another, but that are somehow connected by the fantasy of their writers. Stories, like songs and dreams, are portals to other worlds, are stairways to other universes, that allow a person from one world to live, albeit for a short, intense moment, the life of a person in a different one.

However, in all of the possible universes you will find a city like Magnolia. A prosperous city, blessed with a warm climate for the majority of the year and a strategic site that would be the joy of every merchant, with the nearby lake Sciliora providing potable water, and the many canals originating from it making it simple to transport every kind of goods by boat, to and from the nearby sea port of Hargeon Town; its picturesque streets were constantly filled with the buzz of an active, prosperous life, with the merchants trading on anything that could be sold and bought, and the tourists who just wanted to see the most famous landmarks, like the Kardia Cathedral or the building of the famous Magic Guild, Fairy Tail.

And a tourist wandering around that particular building would have seen, in the late afternoon of February the 23rd x790, a tall, well endowed girl exiting the Guild and having a seat on the stone steps on the outside, as all sorts of noises came from the inside. The name of the girl was Claire Anderson and, as her wide golden eyes gazed in the vast sky, and her hand limply moved aside a lock of her light gray hair, she could not imagine that her life was just about to dramatically change.
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PostSubject: Re: Claire Anderson [FINISHED!]   Thu Mar 03, 2016 9:47 pm

Everything looks good! Approved
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Claire Anderson [FINISHED!]
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