A non-canon Fairy Tail adventure to take the role of your own character in a social/combat experience!
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 William Anderson, Man of Steel

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Character sheet
Name: Loki Alucard
Alignment: Phantom Lord
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PostSubject: William Anderson, Man of Steel   Thu Jul 21, 2016 2:06 am


Name: William Anderson.
Nicknames: Man of Steel, William the Conqueror.
Gender: Male.
Race: Human.
Age: 22 (Twenty-two).
Birthday: 25 December
Special Characteristics: William has the Iluminati crest on his chest, on the left side of the chest.

Guild: Blue Pegasus.

Description: William is portrayed as an enlightened  being by the masses of the world. He is an intelligent, noble and elegant being with a joyful aura around him. He is good-natured, good willed and a happy person who likes to make friends. He has a strong will to enlighten people, to make them turn over to the good side but only shows that side when he knows that person really well but the person has been succumbed by the dark side. He is a brilliant detective and soldier who was trained with dealing with weapons since he was a little kid thus making him one of the people who knows combat personally, making him an expert in such fields.

While William is portrayed as a diligent and intelligent being, at the same time he is a brave, headstrong and courageous and has a strong feeling of freeing the oppressed from the grips of the oppressors and is a rebel spirit. He has been trained in the martial arts, wrestling and other combat fields since he was a little kid. When it comes to the field of girls, he likes them but is a bit shy and does not easily reveal his true feelings about any woman or girl. He is the embodiment of goodness, happiness and like to be around people and make friends. He is the member of a group that is devoted to enlightenment of humanity while it is believed otherwise, he is a secret member and does not reveal the true existence of the group to anybody, or you can call it a secret organisation. He will stay clam in combat situations and would think before making a move, following his tactical and practical personality and would not rush into a fight like a moron.


Good, kind people: He likes to be around people who are good from the heart.
Classical Music: He mostly listens to classic and peaceful music, but has no problem listening to any other music. It's one of the reasons he stays clam in situation where other would angered.
Blue Pegasus: He likes his guild, for it his guild. The guild is home to him other than the castle of his organization. But he likes to call his guild, his firs home.

Dislikes (Put at least 3 dislikes)
Motivations (Put at least 3 motivations)
Fears: (Put at least 3 Fears here)


Height: 187 cm (6'2")
Weight: 200 LBS
Apperance: Standing at 6'2" Loki has a handsome and elegant face and is best described "CutiePie" and is really cute. His Green eyes give the color of nature to everybody that sees them. They are bright green and his hair spiky blonde, but even supposed to be spiky. They are really soft. His build is slender yet muscular, and has 8 packs. When girls see him, it usually results in them falling for him almost instantly. He usually wears White shirt with a Red tie with Green stripes. And Cream colored pants with 'Reebok' Sneakers. That is his everyday attire. But his attire will change at time. His hair are always and almost Spiky, but sometimes he will comb it to the back (like in the picture above). Loki sometimes has a cigarette in his mouth. His another attire, is a bowtie on his neck. With a a Full White Shirt, and a Black Blazer which will not be buttoned and Pants with Formal Black shoes. He was named sexiest mage two years in a row, in some unofficial magazines and is yet to be mentioned in the Sorcerer 's Weekly.
Guild Tattoos: Right side of the chest, blue.


History: (Write at last 300 words of your character's history)
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William Anderson, Man of Steel
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