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 Desco [finished]

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PostSubject: Desco [finished]   Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:59 am


Name: Desco
Nicknames: Des, the little Robot
Gender: Female
Race: Robot
Age: six weeks old
Birthday: January 30th X790
Sexuality: non
Guild: Guildless
Rank: E
Face Claim: Desco, Disgaea 4 and disgaea 3
Special Characteristics: 
Yog: Desco has a creature called Yog on her back. It has 15, 1 meter long tentacles and can float 1 meter off the ground.


  • Strength:2
  • Vitality:5
  • Stamina:2
  • Agility:2
  • Dexterity:2
  • Wisdom:2

Description: Desco is a very young, inexperienced and curious young robot who's personality is split into two halves, one that shows her innocent and gentle nature, and the other being her destructive and evil nature that was installed to her before her creator got arrested and before her being awoken from her long slumber in her chamber she was placed into to keep her life force strong. Desco is almost always in her innocent and gentle nature where she can't hurt even a piece of dust and is always looking around for someone to call her sis and for them to either accept or decline her offer, and either one they pick, Desco will be happy for them paying attention to her and considering her offer, though, only when people threaten, hurt or kill anyone close to Desco, Desco will have her other personality come out, in which case, for most people that know of Desco's other personality, would lead to most people, if not all of them, to run away from the little robot as fast as they can before Desco gets them and cause them to get hurt or even be killed if her rage isn't toned down by some that knows her other personality and knows what she likes.

  • her sister: as long as she has a sister, it doesn't matter who it is as long as it is a woman/girl, Desco will love her sister and protect her with her life.
  • water:Desco loves water, it doesn't matter if it is cold water, hot water, sugar water, any water she loves except for those that can hurt her.
  • playing with toys: Desco is, in the eyes of people if she was human, a baby and just loves to play with any toys she can find and have for herself, as long as she can play with it for a really long time.
  • killing (only in her other personality): When Desco has her other personality in control, Desco loves to kill, tear things into pieces and just have everything around her be blood. Desco's other personality is twisted and blood thirst, and this is what it loves to do best.


  • bad people: if they are thugs, thief's,  punks or even villains, Desco dislikes them and will beat them up if they hurt her sis or anyone she considers to be a sister.
  • having her arms or legs removed: since she is a robot, Desco can have her limbs removed but really hates it when people do that.
  • being called a freak: even though she is a robot, Desco has emotions and she gets very depressed if anyone, even if it is her sister, if she ever gets one, to call her a freak. it breaks her heart and she may not be seen for a week if people say it to her, if her depression gets that bad.
  • being held back. (other personality): when in rage and having her evil side take over, it grinds her gears if someone holds her back from killing everything that has enraged her so much as to have her evil side take over.


  • to protect people: Desco was made for evil but wants to protect everyone she can, disobeying her programming to destroy anything in her path.
  • disobey her programming: Desco was programmed to destroy the world but her human side, whatever is left of it, wants to save it and thus, Desco wants to never follow her programming just to keep the world alive.
  • to stay with her adopted sister: whoever adopts Desco, Desco will always stay with them, no matter what. this is what drives Desco to become a mage, to stay and protect her adopted sister.
  • to kill everything that blocks her path. (other personality): if Desco ever has her evil personality get out, her motivation to grow stronger is to kill anything and everything that is standing in her way. it doesn't matter if it is friend, foe or even regular people, she will kill anything to get what she wants.


  • being used for evil:Desco was created by a very notorious villain for evil but doesn't want to kill people, but is scared her programming will force her to be used for evil.
  • being destroyed: having her limbs being removed and destroyed, her body smashed into pieces, this is her biggest and most feared nightmare.
  • being alone: Desco always wants someone to be around with and hates and fears being alone.
  • not killing any people(other personality): when her evil personality is in control, this type of Desco fears that she will never kill any people and is just a waste of a weapon, but won't let it stop her from trying to kill everything she can.


Height: 70 Centimeters with attachment on back, 45 centimeters without it
Weight: 17 Kilograms with attachment on back, 9 kilograms without it.
Apperance: Desco looks to be in a very small body which fits her very young age of six weeks old, as she is a robotic life form. Desco has a black and purple attachment on her back which she likes to call yog. Yog has 14 tentacles and one tail, of which makes it look like Desco has a tail. Desco has red spiral eyes, a yellow eye pendant on her hair right between her two horns, which are separated with complete symmetry. Desco has short but pointy ears and is always seen wearing her purple dress with the same eye pins on it like the one on her head. Desco doesn't have any alternate outfit nor is seen to even be interested in having any other clothes on, but can be seen without her friend Yog on her back, with him detached from her and being placed anywhere Desco wishes, and can return to her on it's own if Desco wants Yog to do so.
Guild Tattoos: purple and on her forehead


Hometown: Isshi Village
History: Desco was made by a rather unknown scientist, named Astraea Alucard, over the course of three years, of which Desco was created in. Desco was made with unknown materials and was implemented a human soul into maximize her life force and her ability to understand instructions and to be like the daughter Astraea could always have around which could never die. Being made piece by piece, having her personalities split into two, the human soul being her gentle and kind nature that would be used most of the time after Desco was created and her evil, destructive, bloodthirsty side created by Astraea to ensure Desco was going to protect her at all costs with precision. after the three years of being pieced together before finally being built, Desco was very baby-ish and seemed to not be able to speak well, only saying one word, Des, and had her friend and forever companion, Yog, equipped onto her back which allowed her to hover and go to people without touching the ground, but Yog wasn't able to fly in the sky at all and was only bounded to the ground, and only be hovering and fly over one meter and seventy centimeters off the ground. after only a short week, Desco was put into a box to hide as Astraea was running away from the magic council, and was found again by Astraea after she escaped from the magic council and returned to find Desco still in the box, playing around with Yog, and was taken out by her and cared for once again. after another two weeks, the two of them went to clover to have a more peaceful life, having Desco still play with anything she get her little hands on. Desco, while still growing very slowly, was now able to walk and talk small sentences, even if they made little to no sense it was still an achievement for the very young robot that was born only three weeks prior to her speaking full sentences and being able to walk on her own. Desco still hadn't had any incidents where she lost control of her body and went on a killing spree, killing everyone she could get her hands on and rip them in two, which was good for her as she was still pure and never once lost her temper at anything, being too gentle and kind to even hurt a single creature. after another three weeks, Desco and her creator Astraea were full integrated into Clover, their pasts a mystery to everyone but the two of them and that was what they wanted to happen, for Desco's sake for then she won't be blamed for anything and, as such, when she did, eventually, go into the darkness, she wouldn't be the suspect of any mass murders. Desco is now happily playing with her creator, still so pure and innocent, but her darkness growing.
RP Sample: how in the world was Pandora so huge!? it was much larger then Noire had ever thought before and was kinda scary for her but she would show no fear in her face as she was with her new mother, and hopeful someone from her past could show up soon, and was more calm with her then when she was alone. the area was very sandy and mysterious yet it felt so natural to Noire, like she was their already but she knew she hadn't been around there at all in her life, but yet she felt so at peace with it as if she was born here, but Noire was born a toon in toontown, or was she? Walking with Toriel on the beach, Noire had a small smile on her face behind her confused feelings as to why she felt so at home here even though she never been here before. "what is this feeling? why do i feel like i know this place? i know i haven't been here before in my life... but why does it feel so familiar...?" Noire thought to herself before talking to Toriel. "Toriel... do you think that... People can be born in Pandora before the worlds came together and still be their race they have been put into? don't ask why i am asking this... it is just a personal reason so don't try to get any information from me, Mother... unless... you think i shouldn't have any secrets... so... say what you want to say and i will tell you what you want me to say.... " Noire said in a very flustered tone, keeping a small smile on her face to hide her confusion.
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PostSubject: Re: Desco [finished]   Tue Mar 15, 2016 2:38 am


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Desco [finished]
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