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 Kurohyou the Gouriki [Finished]

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PostSubject: Kurohyou the Gouriki [Finished]   Fri Mar 04, 2016 4:55 pm


Name: Kurohyou
Nicknames: Gouriki
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 19
Birthday: May 15th X770
Sexuality: Male
Guild: Black Tiger
Rank: C
Face Claim: Eikichi Nebuya

For fun and giggles, Kurohyou's voice: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Kurohyou is a strong person, decisive and bold. True to himself in all forms he takes little effort to be something he isn’t. He cares little for his own well-being so long as he gets the job he sets out to do, done making him dauntless yet reckless at the same time. He likes to be alone, rarely talking for long periods of time. He is considered a simpleton, as he likes to do simple things, though this isn’t really the case as he can be quite clever at times. He has a dry sense of humor, and very strong beliefs in strength, as personal strength is the only way to get the job done in his eyes. He wishes to be remembered for something, thus he has a bit of a vain reason for doing what he does, and is not cool with just being in the “shadows” whether it’s for a good or bad reason, is up for those around him to verify. In that way he is naive and at times shows a large gullibility towards people he tends to trust.

Despite his alliance with the dark guild, Kurohyou isn’t “evil” on the contrary, he avoid attacking people or causing conflicts only to do so. The thing about him is that he often leans a very dangerous “air” about him, thus people are afraid of him at times, especially “normal” people as he doesn’t hide his naturally dangerous intent. He acts as a delinquent, true to his goals and has a very destructive nature often leaving places demolished or destroyed with his destructive principles. He doesn’t act before he thinks, and just does what he feels is necessary and doesn’t care about “good and evil”. He doesn’t support “killing” or harming “innocence” though, not because he wishes to protect, but because they did nothing to be brought into situations that involve their demise or pain. When something does happen to piss him off you can bet that he will show a huge, furious display, and yet he stays oddly quiet while fighting, instead focusing on kicking his targets ass.

Due to his simplistic thought processes, he has a dry sense of humor. He takes things seriously and can’t connect sarcasm very well. He likes cute animals, and even houses them in his room at times, feeding them special treats with the money he makes. He has a deep voice, made for baritone and singing and is seen constantly working out on his off time, even bringing weights with him while traveling. He is usually nervous around the opposite sex, thus he avoids them. He hates spiders and creepy crawlies and isn’t one to take a “vacation” from his training. He wishes to find someone who can develop in strength against him, a “rival” or “rival(s)” he can go toe to toe with that won’t bore him.

Likes: “Cute” Animals - They are attracted to him, while he was on the street he often gave animals a bit of food he'd gotten, he also keeps a few with him in his room.
Training - He's constantly trying to improve himself. For this he carries dumbbells with him while going on missions which he places in a knapsack when not in use.
Punching - He loves to fight with his fists, and has overwhelming strength for a "human" even without magic.
Creepy Crawlies - He hates spiders and bugs, one time a spider nested in his ear while he was eating.
Slacking Off - He's constantly doing things. He's a bundle of red-hot energy despite his quiet demeanor and hates downtime.  
Killing Innocents - He won't kill a person he sees as an innocent, and those who do may feel his wrath.
Gathering Cute Animals - He likes cute animals and dogs, constantly gathering orphaned animals and cleaning up after them, though he doesn't keep them for long, if he sees "baby" animals he takes care of them until they feel better.
Testing His Strength - He trains a lot, so of course he wishes to test out his strength!
Gaining a Solid Rival(s) to Become Stronger With - One needs strong rivals so that they can become stronger themselves!
Make A Name For Himself - He wants to be well-known for at least one big thing in life, bad or good, because he wishes not to be forgotten.
Fears: Cute animals turning into creepy crawlies due to his bug phobia.
Being on the “bad end” of survival thus he constantly strengthens himself to become strong enough to never be on that end if he can help it.
Not being remembered at all, it scares him to live a life of complete solitude.


Height: 6 ft 3 in
Weight: 210 lb
Kurohyou is a large dark-skinned man, with smooth and clean facial hair (it used to be ragged and unkempt but he was taught how to shave) and a very powerful athletic body. His height and size attributed with much bulk and his fist and arms a rather large part of his body (due to the amount of bulk he has placed into his training). Because of this his fists have many scars and small bruises to them that have healed and remained over the years. His nails are chipped and fingertips scarred. His eye colors are of a gray color and he is considered a “heavyweight” in terms of size, mostly muscle.

Next is his usual wear. A black sleeveless shirt and camouflage cargo pants with dull black boots. He wears bandages on his wrists and his Guild Tattoo on his left shoulder blade. His cold wear is similar to his usual wear except he wears a large gray hoodie, with his sleeveless shirt underneath. His warm wear is his usual wear, though sometimes he wears sandals and a pair of shorts.

Guild Tattoos: Behind his left shoulder blade, black.


Hometown: Fiore
Without a family he lived mostly by himself. Growing up, Kurohyou always had a lonely persona. He learned through seeing. He acted by doing, rarely was he someone who took to a diplomacy of speaking, thanks to his lack of an education he was more violent compared to other people, though due to his interactions with people those violent impulses had calmed down turning him into more of a quiet individual. Thanks to his dark skin, and due to having no name and a piercing stare he was named “Kurohyou”, and took a liking to the name after he found out what it meant from secondhand. He learned to fight on the streets and often used his fists to combat and survive.

To survive in this world, if you were an orphan you needed to steal. He was ethical, never wishing to take the lives or to destroy others lives. He usually only attacked people he saw as “assholes” and followed a “do evil unto evil” dynamic so he always went around checking for people who were “assholes” to take from them and if he could not find such people he would go hungry. Why did he do this? Because he met people, people that were nice who deserved what they got and didn’t terrorize others or abuse their positions to get what they wished. In this sense he could be called a vigilante, even if it was for his own selfish gain his principles kept him as a dark horse in the world of criminals.

Growing older he developed a small gang. People that had a similar attachment to the people around them, though there was no “clear” leader, he was the de facto leader. Though he wasn’t very smart and because of that he let people choose what to do within the gang, though that person wasn’t as ethical as himself. That developed from something worse, staging heist in stores that have no “issues” with the “do evil unto evil” philosophy, he also killed people who “crossed” him and had no issues with taking from those who weren’t “bad”. When Kurohyou caught wind of this, the person who was basically the tactician of the ground had decided to come and fight against him. This tactician had magical power, thinking that due to Kurohyou only having physical powers he would easily defeat him. It wasn’t much of an easy task, yet Kurohyou was still defeated after the mutiny of the gang and that man became the new de-facto leader. Kurohyou was left for dead

In this conclusion Kurohyou didn’t forget what happened to him. A person had found him, a person that he knew from his past who he saved from being attacked on the streets as that was also apart of his known persona. He was patched up, and asked that person how would one be capable of learning magic. With that question answered as soon as he could get on his feet he would leave. He studied the magics around him, caught the feelings of the people who could perform magic and watched from the shadows. Instead of going to learn from a teacher, he decided to teach himself from those feelings. His consideration for magic was to make it simple yet devastating. It took months of training for him to finally get that feeling down, yet once he did he learned to use it. A magic that was enacted through his fists.

After grasping a good idea of his own magic, he decided to fight back for his position at the gang, but first he needed to find out where the home base was as it reportedly got “bigger” and more dangerous. So it wasn’t that difficult to find in the seedy underground. When he found the base, he was much akin to a one-man army. The underlings that his leader tactician had garnered had fought against him, yet he showed exactly why he was the leader before, without using his magic. With that taken care of he finally reached the leader. After some banter from him, Kurohyou remained quiet, and defeated the guy with his newfound fighting skills and magical expertise taking back his title as leader and sparing the tacticians life. He disbands the group, and states that should anyone try to re-establish the group they would need to “go through me as I hold the group's influence on my back and am the creator of its foundation.”

He leaves the scene and takes to the streets by himself once more, he decides to stop taking from people and to look for other ways of profitting. After a year or so, he ends up becoming part of the Dark Guild "Black Tiger" after fighting in an underground martial arts tournament for money  and showing his skills as they were looking for possible new talent. With a possible place to stay and a steady job being brought into question, he decided to join.
RP Sample:
“I can’t believe I understood even a bit of what you were saying, Yuna-sensei, I mean the world really is too expansive, to figure.” It was after a session of study. Kurohyou showing his intrigue to the beautiful Yuna, a woman who though she had dark intentions was both a “beautiful” mind, and a sound body.

“Well yes, the world, even with the advancements of magic and science has not been completely explored, there are still places to see and even entire “worlds” that are hidden to the naked eye.” She answered his question with a certain politeness, but one could hear her sternness, etching a blade as precise as an assassin could be called. “There is so much we don’t know, yet could know in the future, it’s a glorious place, the earth housing continents and islands, and creatures, it makes me excited just thinking about the future that it may bring!” She pushed up her glasses, she was a megane, someone who wore glasses, secretly they were fake lenses, though someone like Kurohyou was none-the-wiser to this characteristic.

“Yeah, I want to explore it now, to see if we can find those hidden places, I’ll search the valleys, the skies and the seas to find all the nooks and crannies that we missed, won’t that be something I could be remembered for.” A passion of his perhaps but Kurohyou wants to be remembered for something big! No he isn’t a narcissist person, but the loneliness he usually fell into, the madness of being in the shadows while he was young had led him to wish to do something that would gain everyone's attention. He was patient though, biding his time, getting stronger! It fell over him like the clouds over the land. Blanketing it so that the shade cools the sun-grazed earth. Yuna would smile, a light laugh happened as Kurohyou scratched the right meat of his chin in thought.

With her laugh, Kurohyou stopped walking and she kept walking forward. She turned her head towards him, and then her shoulder followed as well. “Maybe one day, Kurohyou-san, you will definitely do something big!” And as she turned away, that was the last he ever saw of her. Because after that, after that day in which she and he slept in their rooms, a war broke out.

The rain dropped to the ground, heavy. A corpse. It laid against the cold mud, stirring no longer as it became darker, there was no illumination, not even a sense of hope for himself. “Yuna-senpai…” He was the first to find her, her room was in shambles after the attack. The blasted timbers of wood, and pieces of stone from the brickwork laid scattered against the ground. It was as if the world stopped. A scream. “YUNA-SENPAI!” That was when he broke.

That was when Kurohyou went on his personal vendetta, a rampage that came with the rage within his fist. It dwelled, a dark flame, embers inside him. A personal vow was forged on that day. To himself, and to the passing of his friend. “I WILL AVENGE YOU!!!” He screams towards the murky heavens.

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PostSubject: Re: Kurohyou the Gouriki [Finished]   Fri Mar 04, 2016 7:52 pm

First I must say. Dang, you have a very good application here. I do like the voices too :O gives more insight on the character.

First just a few things:
[list][*] Change the year to X770
[*] For each of the likes, dislikes, fears, and motivations just give a reason like a sentence or two on why you chose that.

That's really it. But keep up the good work my friend. Now I need to figure out everything for LeeAnn for the voice XD Great job
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PostSubject: Re: Kurohyou the Gouriki [Finished]   Fri Mar 04, 2016 8:43 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kurohyou the Gouriki [Finished]   Fri Mar 04, 2016 8:45 pm

Also I did forget to mention. We do have an event that you have a chance start at a higher rank. You roll the dice. This is at random, but I figure you never saw this XD:


But approved :D I will leave this out in case you have gotten a higher rank
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PostSubject: Re: Kurohyou the Gouriki [Finished]   Sun Mar 06, 2016 12:01 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kurohyou the Gouriki [Finished]   Sun Mar 06, 2016 12:08 pm

Kk moving
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PostSubject: Re: Kurohyou the Gouriki [Finished]   

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Kurohyou the Gouriki [Finished]
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