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 Hoppou lyratone [Complete]

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Hoppou Lyratone

Hoppou Lyratone

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PostSubject: Hoppou lyratone [Complete]   Mon Jul 11, 2016 2:47 am


Name: Hoppou Lyratone
Nicknames: the Loli of Death
Gender: Female
Race: genetically altered human
Age: 15, looks 5 years old.
Birthday: April 1st
Special Characteristics: she looks younger then she actually, meaning she is a Loli, due to a curse that she had from birth. she can seamlessly run on water with no problems, thanks to her genetics being altered when she was in the womb. the curse she has is that she will remain small and never seem to grow up in size, making her forever look like a five year old girl, though this keeps her small and allows her to keep most of her energy and be able to get into smaller entrances and holes much more easily, though this hinders her from getting anything that is placed on a shelf that is taller then 1 meter. She can not walk on water that is 1.5 meters deep

Guild: guildless.

Description: Hoppou is what you call a stereotypical Loli, or girl that looks young but is actually old. she is rather energetic and loves to run around and cause mischief wherever she goes unless she is told to stay calm and behave, in which she will do so without questioning or asking why she should as she is a very obedient and well behaved young girl, though her appearance is just a farce to make you not see her true intentions. underneath her cute and innocent persona is a dark and destructive power that wants to be unleashed and set to destroy all of her enemies that she hates and wants to die. Hoppou may seem cute but underneath it, she is evil itself if you aim to hurt one hair on her or her big sister, as nothing will stop her from protecting and loving her big sister. though not always what you think she would be, Hoppou tends to hide her dark personality under the ball of cuteness she fakes up just so then if she does get into any trouble, she can just say sorry in her cutest tone she can muster and have her eyes go all puppy dog-like and she will get away with it.

  • sailing across the water: though not really known about Hoppou, she loves to just sail across any water and just have time to herself.
  • being alone: she is pretty much a loner and doesn't many friends, and she doesn't like to be out much.
  • trying to make friends: she might be a loner but she tries very best to make friends.


  • being teased: she is easily angered and will be forced to attack if she is teased too much
  • having her clothes removed forcefully: she is a very proud and determined girl and she doesn't like having her clothes removed unless necessary, as she has her pride.
  • being called cute: by anyone except her sister, she will be very angry and will lash out if she finds it too enraging to her.


  • to sail the sea without fear of being destroyed: Hoppou just wants to be able to go wherever she wants with no fear or hate being sent at her, which would make people want to sink her down into the bottomless sea.
  • to be accepted: Hoppou was an outcast at birth and was forced to starve for nearly a full three weeks until she was found by her older sister, who had fed her back to health, and as such, she just wants to be accepted by others.
  • to find peace in her existence: this is because her life had been trough lots of torment and despair and she just wants to live peacefully.


  • being sunk: she wants to stay on the water as much as possible but being sunk, even if it is once and she is saved, it will cause her to go into a traumatic state that she won't recover from for a Very very long time, up to a possible month if it was too traumatic for her.
  • losing her big sister: though not related by blood, Hoppou would be crushed if her big sister, who found her nearly dead, was to leave her and never return.
  • being in enclosed spaces: Hoppou has claustrophobia and whenever she enters a room, she ALWAYS checks to see if there is anyway to get out as if she is in a place she can not get out of, she will go into a state of fear so bad, that even going 10 feet away from her, if you are a friend, will make her scream and make her want to just do everything she can to escape, even if it mean blowing up the entire room.


Height: 100 centimeters
Weight: 30 kilograms
Apperance: Hoppou generally always wears a white plain dress that covers up most of her body though can easily be blown upwards, revealing her black bloomers she wears, adding onto her Loli status, making her look even cuter and younger then she actually is. her build is rather small, only barely being tall enough to look over a table when on a chair. she has pure white hair and black cat looking ears, though they are actually horns of some kind, but Hoppou doesn't know why she has them. she wears black bangles on her wrists, arms, legs and ankles as to keep herself looking both cute yet mysterious, as the black bangles were from her mother who abandoned her at birth. Hoppou also wears a black studded collar around her neck that was attached to her by her former mother as a way to show that she was a monster that needed to be kept away and locked up, yet Hoppou sees it at as play thing and loves to just mess with the chain and act like a pet whenever she is bored or wants some attention.
Guild Tattoos: if she were to have one, it would be silver and on the palm of her hand.


History: Hoppou was born into a small port town called Alexandria, and was born by her mother, Melissa Lyratone, a woman of high stature and high expectations of Hoppou, and farther, Alex Lyratone, a Man who wanted nothing but the best from his wife. When the two of them saw Hoppou, the two of them immediately thought of Hoppou as a cursed child, looking so small and so weak that she would be easily killed and wasn't perfect enough, so they would find a box small enough for Hoppou, put the spiked collar onto her neck and put the bangles onto her arms, wrists, legs and ankles before throwing that box, which was water proof, into the ocean, wishing that Hoppou would sink down and drown, removing her impure and demonic curse that they though she had away from their perfect life.

floating around the ocean for several days, Hoppou's box had finally arrived in the shore of Fiore, where many people would seem her but then just try to push her away or ignore her because they saw something bad inside her, when all along Hoppou was just a pure and innocent little baby. two weeks had past after she washed ashore and she was close to starving out. she would cry out as loud as she could for anyone to just come save her, but her cries would be come just screams of a little baby without anyone to care for her. but that was when a girl who Hoppou would then call her sister, who was called Sharence, would pick her up and give her a bottle of milk, comforting her by rocking her back and forth, keeping the bottle of milk in her mouth until hoppou was done and then would give her another bottle of milk, as somehow she knew that Hoppou was starving and desperately needed food/milk.

Sharence would take Hoppou home and treat her as a little sister for fifteen long years, in which hoppou would have grown a deep hatred of people who had tossed her aside and just wanted to have her die because of a fake Curse or whatever they thought she had. Hoppou had felt peace with Sharence but still had a feeling in her heart that the peace she had was just false.

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Lyra Vollan

Lyra Vollan

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PostSubject: Re: Hoppou lyratone [Complete]   Sat Jul 16, 2016 12:01 am


This application may be subject to changes in the future and might be pulled.

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Hoppou lyratone [Complete]
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