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 Histoire [complete]

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PostSubject: Histoire [complete]   Sun Mar 20, 2016 3:53 am


   Name: Histoire
   Nicknames: Nicknames: Histy, Hissy, histoire, histo, histoirey. titles: the tomb of ancients, guardian of Planeptune
   Gender: Female
   Race: tomb/oracle
   Age: 1000 years old
   Birthday: January third, year unknown.

   Guild: magic council
   Rank: E rank

    Strength:2 Vitality:3 Stamina:3 Agility:2 Dexterity:2 Wisdom:4

   Description: Histoire is a very mature, polite and very gentle tomb with a large heart and a cool mind that tends to get bent if people tend to get on her nerves by being too loud or slack off work and will tend to make her yell and tell them off with a very severe consequence if they do it too much to her and she wants them to learn their lesson. Histoire is very strict when it comes to rules and trying to keep everything in working order and in order for anything she sees fit, though she can be more calm and let more things go if she feels like it. Histoire has a tenancy to have a small instance of being a phone, where she has a ring tone whenever anyone calls her and will vibrate like a phone when being called by anyone with a phone. Histoire is also very quiet when reading and tends not to talk at all if she is too focused on reading or doing something important like a quest or even just small tasks like cleaning up the area of the council or even just cleaning up a room to ensure they keep up to the standards set by the council itself.

  • pudding: as the tomb of Planeptune, some of Neptune's likes, a person of whom Histoire has spent a lot of time with, have been transferred to the little tomb, but she does try to eat healthier then Neptune.
  • reading: even though she doesn't have the time at some points of the day, Histoire, when she gets the free time, likes to read and learn more while recording it for the next oracle that would take over if she was unlucky enough to have been killed.
  • keeping everything in order: Histoire likes to keep every little thing in order and ensure nothing is out of place, so she tries her best to keep order in everything.


  • slackers: being around Neptune for most of her long life, Histoire has grown to dislike and even be disgusted by slackers and people slacking off from their work.
  • bullied because of being small: Histoire hates being teased for being small and just wants to be seen as equal person, despite being smaller then everyone else.
  • loud people: Histoire likes quiet and polite people but just hates loud and annoying people, and just because of Neptune, she can't get away from any loud people.


  • keeping balance to the world: to Histoire, the balance of good and evil is essential to keeping the peace and balance of the world. if the balance tips too much on one side, Histoire will do her best to revert it back to keep the world in total equilibrium.
  • keeping a close eye on Neptune: Histoire went over to Fiore and Joined the magic council so then she could keep a closer eye on Neptune to ensure she wouldn't cause any trouble in any location of Fiore.
  • to record information for the other oracles: Histoire went over to Fiore not only to keep a eye on Neptune but to gather vital information as to Fiore and how it differs to their lands, so then if any more of the goddesses went over to fiore, they would know what to expect.


  • being up on tall things: being on anything tall and not being able to go down is the scariest thing in the world for Histoire.
  • having her wings pulled off: having any part of her body being pulled off is scary but having her wings pulled off, that is terrifying.
  • being stuffed into a box and never seen again: Histoire is rather small and her one of her biggest fear is that she will be stuffed into a box, mailed to some far off place and never seen from anyone ever again.


   Height: 25 Centimeters
   Weight: 10 kilograms
   Apperance: Histoire is a very small, very cute, fairy looking woman, that always wears a purple dress or shirt and skirt, depending on how she is feeling and how hot the day is and by how the weather is also, and will, no matter what, wear a hat with the letter N on to represent her country and her CPU/Goddess, Neptune and Uzume. Histoire has long, at least to her, blond hair, blue eyes that shimmer like the sea and will always be seen riding her tomb/book, no matter the day, and is never separated from it, even when sleeping or going out. Histoire has a pair of blue and purple wings that allow her to fly over the ground only a meter, and acts as her way to walk around the area, as her size doesn't allow her much to traveling, and means she needs to climb up stairs if she was walking on her feet.
   Guild Tattoos: purple, on her left hand palm


   Hometown: Planeptune
   History: Born before the land of Planeptune was founded, Histoire was known as the first oracle in the entire world, but her origins are unknown, as she wasn't born, but more so formed by share energy and believe in hope, and as such Histoire was born into the world. Histoire was born during the time after the fall of a goddess, blinded by hate and drowned in revenge, yet was fallen down by the same people that were once her believers but then grown to hate her for all the bad things she had caused to them, and the people that were there were looking at Histoire almost as if she was to guide them to a new land to call home. Histoire would lead them to where planeptune would be located, and where a small town was already set and made for them to live in. after three hundred years of keeping peace and order to the world, the land had given to her a few young CPUs to care for and keep safe for a while, the CPUs being Neptune, Uzume, Plutia and the only CPU candidate there, Nepgear. seeing as there were other goddesses in the area that were also helping Histoire raise the young and newly made goddesses that had appeared from the ground, Histoire had learned a lot from just seeing how the goddesses had grown and appeared, while also learning not to trust Neptune when she said she'd do her work and didn't bother to, alongside Plutia but Histoire was more forgiving of Plutia then of Neptune. after a few more hundred years, the Goddesses that were under Histoire's protection had made their nation and had made ties with other nations, and before she new it, Neptune and Uzume were sent off to Fiore to learn to be more goddess like and to gather information about Fiore, but Histoire had left behind another oracle to take her place and would hope aboard on the ship that they were taking to Fiore and joined the magic council to make it a little easier to keep an eye on Neptune and Uzume to ensure they weren't having any troubles nor were causing any.
RP Sample: what in the world?! a being of such... power being in such a tiny body and having it's power take Toriel's movement away from her!? what in the world was going on? the little being asked Noire about her depression, how she reeked of it and asked if she was willing to have her suffering go away, by having herself be sent to death. if Noire wanted to die, this was a sure fire way of doing so, and it would end her suffering, but at what cost. Noire was still scared but she knew that she had to get rid of her pride, her fear and all of what had grown in her heart to not let herself fade away. "hmm? what are you saying, you little wrench?! your saying i should give up and just let death take me?! what sort of idiotic idea popped into your head thinking i wanted to die?! Ha! it must be a joke, coming from someone who is smaller then my own little sister. your just annoying, thinking someone who needs to protect their little sister would just leave her in this world to die, just to end their suffering. i have a purpose, a reason to stay alive. if you think a little depression is gonna make that reason fade, your just as stupid as anyone else in this world! get out of my sight before i pick you up and tear you in two, you bug!! " Noire said in a tone of rage and determination, her depression fading from her heart, being turned into courage, bravery and determination. Noire's depressed face turned into a courageous and determined one, showing her heart had changed from the broken form it was in, into one filled with a purpose and a goal, to protect Uni and Toriel, and never let them get hurt.

   Face Claim: Histoire from Hyper dimensional Neptunia

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PostSubject: Re: Histoire [complete]   Tue Mar 22, 2016 5:58 am

my character application has been finished. i would like it very much to have it approved. hmm... Bumping for approval.
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PostSubject: Re: Histoire [complete]   Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:14 am

for a second time, Bumping for approval.
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PostSubject: Re: Histoire [complete]   Tue Mar 22, 2016 1:14 pm

For the year there is no such thing as -x210

Just put unknown and you're good.
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PostSubject: Re: Histoire [complete]   Wed Mar 23, 2016 3:53 am

I am grateful for your assistance, may the goddesses bless your spirit. bumping for approval.
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PostSubject: Re: Histoire [complete]   Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:15 am

Looks good approved
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PostSubject: Re: Histoire [complete]   

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Histoire [complete]
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