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 Loki, King of Chaos [Complete]

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Character sheet
Name: Loki Alucard
Alignment: Phantom Lord
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PostSubject: Loki, King of Chaos [Complete]   Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:33 am

Name: Loki
Nicknames: Fawkes, The Hawk
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Demon
Age: 300
Birthday: November 13, Friday
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Guild: Grimoire Heart
Rank: C
Face Claim: Takumi Usui - Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!

  • Strength: 4
  • Vitality: 4
  • Stamina: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Dexterity: 3
  • Wisdom: 3

Description: Rumor once said that Loki was once a merry, joyous and happy child. But the current is the extreme opposite of it, he's a cold, sadistic being and has an extreme personality. He is really an short-tempered and the bloodlust angry type and there are very few things in the world that can make him laugh because his sense of humor is really good. But he doesn't laugh on another one's joke. Another thing about him is that his mouth is his most dangerous weapon, he will make you suicide with his nonsensical talk.

One of his good points is his psychological knowledge. He has extreme psychological knowledge and can almost judge habits (he could fully judge but that will be considered godmodding). He contains the natural detective skills and turks out a good person to have on your side if you wanna get on detective work. But the rumor is wrong, he is a creature born out of pure hate and cruelty who only cares about himself, and he does care about Astraea, she is his sister after all. He is his older sister, not that they have extremely emotional, but still brother-sister. He is shown to also be at his most practical and tactical in a battle, with great analysing skills. He is shown to be quite lazy at points.

Revealing another point in his miserable life, he has the points of a genius and IQ points which are sheer in quantity (165) which turns out to be that he is not such a heartless.


-Drinking - The sensation that drinking gives to a person. The feeljng of enjoyment seems irresistible to Loki.

-Killing - Probably his mission, he wants to kill and kill until Dark Mages remain. He thinks the world is illusioned and he needs to bring it on the right path.

-Classical Music - Such as Für Elise (My personal favorite CLASSICAL). He enjoys Classical music because it calms a person down and the tune is enjoyable.


-Vulgarness - Vulgar people talking about shit and women and xxx are disliked and hated by Loki.

-Ignorant people - People that just ignore somebody becaude they think that they are not worth it anger Loki to the point that he might even decapitate them.

-Ugly people - People that look
ugly are hated by Loki, even ugly from the heart and beautiful from the face or Ugly from the face or beautiful from the heart are still hated by him.


-Bring the world to Chaos - His ultimate mission, he wants to bring the world to Chaos, he wants to wipe the world a clean slate.

-Destruction of the Light Guilds - He wants to destroy the light guilds because they have been around for too long and are too good for him. Well, that sucks.

-'F**k' up the Magic Council - The Magic Council controls the world, but is the council really all neccessary?  How about destroying it and let the world burn down to ashes, Savvy?

-Reach the Stars - Loki wants to reach the stars and become the most powerful mage that ever existed and get recorded into histories.


-Death - To experience Death might fun, but really dying isn't. He fears it above the most and really doesn't like to die. Even if there is something like Rebirth. But still.

-Destruction of the Dark Guilds - If the dark guilds get destroyed, his home is done for. It's unthinkable of. If there is no Sin in the world. There is no him.

-Being 'f**ked' by the Magic Council - The Magic Council controls the world. What ithey control Loki too? Well, that's scary cause Loki wants to be free. And worse they will kill him.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200 LBS
Appearance: Standing at 6'2" Loki has a handsome and elegant face and is best described "CutiePie" and is really cute. His Green eyes give the color of nature to everybody that sees them. They are bright green and his hair spiky blonde, but even supposed to be spiky. They are really soft. His build is slender yet muscular, and has 8 packs. When girls see him, it usually results in them falling for him almost instantly. He usually wears White-Half-Shirt with a Red tie with Green stripes. And Cream colored pants with 'Reebok' Sneakers. That is his everyday attire. But his attire will change at time. His hair are always and almost Spiky, but sometimes he will comb it to the back (like in the picture above). Loki sometimes has a cigarette in his mouth. His another attire, is a bowtie on his neck. With a a Full White Shirt, and a Black Blazer which will not be buttoned and Pants with Formal Black shoes.

Guild Tattoos: Center of the Chest, The Heart. Red color and Golden Outline.


Hometown: The Realm of Darkness, Hell.
History: It all begins in the Realm of Darkness, from the deepest corners of hell, a dark, gloomy and satanic place where Satan chooses to conjure two demons, once in a Million years. This is carried out only on Friday the 13th, the day demons go alive and on it happens when a blue moon arises from the horizon into the sky. Two Demons, most talented and powerful roam the real world, using their powers for evil and become the right hand and left hand of Satan to do his bidding. However, this time such things did happen.

Loki and Astraea were to be born twins, just Loki into a human body. But not just any human body, the most beautiful boy that even God would have cried when be made it, he was conjured into the boy. Astarea was born with snakes and tentacles in place of her lower body that extended up to 10 feet which would make her look like a scary demon of the upper caliber but why did Loki get conjured into a Human body, nobody knew. That was the reason he was regarded as a Half-Demon.

He was trained in weaponry, swords, archery, guns. They were to be made the perfect demons. Byt they were just puppets of Satan who were to be moved at his will. But they were understanding the meningitis and the knowledge of good and evil. Wrong and right (Much like Adam and Eve), this could have been threat to Satan as they had the greatest he had ever given anybody. They were exiled to Earthland and subjected to die. Made to die, a gift to damnation. But they survived after they joined guilds and did bad deeds. Astraea became the Guild Master and Loki an C-Rank Mage, Astrata became a known mage through Fiore but not Loki, he was weak but he decided that he would become stronger. Their story had begun now. Their Mission, to bring Chaos. For Loki, it's also destroying Satan.
RP Sample:

From another site : www.fairytailrp.com

Deadpool wrote:
Vlad the Elder stood out of the room, both hands on his forehead. He was in extreme tension, his wife Elizabeta was delivering his child, it was a moment of extreme emotion, Vlad's brows were wet from sweat, he was extremely troubled. The delivery was just taking too long. Would his child be destined to die? Or was it the result of some sin in his past life? Whatever the reason was, he was unaware of it.

Just then, a smile appeared on his face. Huge cries like from a baby. Yes, it was true that his child has come to life and was launched into the world on May, 31 as a shout was heard from the delivery room "It's a boy!" was the sound. Vlad knew that his heir had been born, A Boy.

Vlad traveled to the baby inside the room and took him into his hands, the red eyes of the baby stared into his as the baby turned into a monster!


"Ah!" Vladisilius screamed as he sprung himself from his bed in the inn, the horrors of his past were haunting him and he was continually troubled by them as in a line they came, as he in his boxers traveled towards the bathroom to take a shower.

After an exhilarating shower, Vladisilius got into his clothes, a black playboy T-shirt and Levi's Jeans with sneakers of the brightest red and white and stepped out from the room, while almost half-in sleep. He traveled down the stairs and made his way to a café for having coffee and breakfast as he sat down on the table waiting for something or someone.

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Lyra Vollan

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Character sheet
Name: Astraea Alucard
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PostSubject: Re: Loki, King of Chaos [Complete]   Thu Mar 31, 2016 11:45 am


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Loki, King of Chaos [Complete]
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