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 Chi [Complete]

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Chi toegami

Chi toegami

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PostSubject: Chi [Complete]   Sun Mar 27, 2016 4:04 am


Name: Chi Toegami
Nicknames: Chi
Gender: Female
Race: Robot/Persacom (human looking robot)
Age: 3 years old
Birthday: march twenty seventh.
Special Characteristics: her ears are actually adapters to link into any machine, allowing to gather information. Chi can only say her name until taught different words. Chi isn't affected by Electromagnetic pulses and is immune to fire spells but doubly weak to water and lightning spells. Chi must learn different thirds before actually being able to do anything, so she is very baby-like.

Guild: guildless
Rank: E

Description: Chi is baby-like, quiet and full of life as long as there is someone close to her and is able to take care of her, for she is very much like a baby and it may lead to her being completely unable to do a thing if she is alone. Chi is also unable to speak using all the words that other people and Persocons can, being only able to say her own name and any words she has been taught by her mother, Toriel. Chi is also very well behaved and is only able to do stuff if she has been told to by her mother or anyone that is seen as a higher up person in the guild, if she and her mother ever join one, without question, as she is programmed to follow orders by the person she sees as her commander/higher up and can't go against the order unless it is against her programming, even though she can break through it and act on her own accord, much like a human. Chi tends to just stay in one place if anyone tells her that they will be right back and to stay there, and will tend to read anything she can get her hands on, even those that aren't for people of her own age yet she won't understand anything from those books yet will learn from any to add to her own intellect. Chi is very baby-like and will not do anything and just choose to wait in place until anyone comes around to interact with her.

  • reading story books: Chi is very baby-like but loves to read story books if she is alone just to pass the time and to learn about fairy tales that are in the books.
  • watching snow and rain fall: the fall of rain and snow is mysterious and it makes Chi just stare at it forever, if she could.
  • playing games: Chi is a child-like girl, even her age reflects that, which means she really likes to play games, even though she doesn't know much about any games.


  • monsters: Chi is like a baby, which means she dislikes and even fears monsters, for them being mysterious and scary for the baby-like personality robot.
  • being naked: found in the trash with no clothes on, Chi doesn't like being naked in public but doesn't mind it if it is fine with her mom.
  • having her hair cut:Chi likes her hair and doesn't like it being cut.


  • to learn from everything she sees: much like a baby, Chi wants to learn everything she can from just exploring.
  • to know love: Chi wants to know love, simple as that.
  • to try and become human: simple and unique, Chi wants to become human so then she can feel true love.


  • being alone: chi is scared of being left alone without knowing anyone will return, but if anyone says they will be right back, she will believe them and be brave.
  • lightning: the flash and bang from lightning makes her jump up to the ceiling
  • having no memory again:Chi was found with no memory what so ever and was left in somewhat of a baby state when found by Toriel, so now she is scared of it happening again, if she remembers she did lose her memory


Height: 100 Cm tall
Weight: 24 kilograms
Apperance: Chi has long blond hair that goes all the way down to her feet, deep brown round eyes, a small body frame that is very child-like and cute as she was built to be cute and small to ensure people like Persocons, and has two rather large ears that are actually storage for her wires to charge, connect to other machines and transfer data from Computers and other persocons without any consequences to her. chi will wear anything given to her by her mother and will not make a fuse with the clothing given to her as she will just put it on and not bother asking why she has to put the piece of clothing on. Chi also doesn't mind being naked but if her mother tells her not to be like that, Chi will put on any piece of clothing nearby her to cover herself up and not bother asking what it is.
Guild Tattoos: on her left ear/plug in and colored white and blue.


Hometown: Japan/alternate world. (will be explained in her history)
History: Chi was built alongside other persocons in a factory in Tokyo, Japan but was programmed differently from other Persocons, as she was known as a Chobit, a persocon that can not be installed with any programs beside her own one but can be taught many things very very quickly, much faster then any other persocon ever made. Chi was meant to be take over to Osaka in the west of japan but had suddenly vanished out of the transport truck by some sort of portal that transferred Chi over to Fiore, only covered in bandages and landed in some garbage outside the home of the person she was going to see as her mother for a long time, Toriel. Chi was found by Toriel after a few short days that had past fairly quickly for Chi and would be powered up by Toriel, with clothes on her already and her system being damaged by the fall being partially fixed by Toriel herself. Chi was curious as to why she was there and not in Japan but couldn't remember it and was unable to ask as she was only able to say her own name that had popped up in her head and nothing else. Chi was, although, very happy to have her now mother being the goat woman Toriel, who showed great caring and love towards the young persocon, even though Chi was nothing more but a persocon that was lost and not in her own world anymore but was happy as she was now with someone that would care for her and help her grow. three years had past for Chi and she still hadn't learned much from the world and was still much like a infant but was able to read and write very well, while also being able to talk very small sentences, with her programming not holding her back from doing what she wanted, Chi was still bound to do what Toriel asked of her but was able to make a small argument against it if she didn't wish to do it.  
RP Sample: IF would blush a little harder when she forgot that the place was a public beach and that kids were there but more so that Lily was putting the sunscreen on her back and was teasing her a little. "sorry... I forgot about the fact this was public so I apologies. we can do a little sunbathing or we could try and surf on the waves or go swimming. I should let you know I am a great swimmer and surfer. I wanted to say this but I was too focused on putting the sunscreen on you back but... I haven't seen any movies with this James bond character in it... so I am unsure if it was a compliment or a joke... I believe that would a compliment so thank you. while I was in planeptune, I was very busy with my work but I was able to spend time with Neptune, Uzume, Plutia and Compa quite a lot of the time, more so Compa then anyone else really. I do worry for her but I know you wouldn't let her have me... but... I still worry what may happen if something bad happens to her. I mean... we have been childhood friends forever... but she may not see me for a really long time... I am sorry, Lilynette for dragging this on but... I really needed to get this off my chest. " IF said with a sigh before looking out to the sea and seeing a few big waves she wanted to go on and surf on, being a talented surfer and loving to be on the water.

Face Claim: Chii from Chobits.

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Lyra Vollan

Lyra Vollan

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PostSubject: Re: Chi [Complete]   Sat Apr 02, 2016 2:45 am


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Chi [Complete]
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