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 Rakutsu Hayasa

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Rakutsu Hayasa

Rakutsu Hayasa

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PostSubject: Rakutsu Hayasa    Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:57 pm


Name: Rakutsu Hayasa
Nicknames: One eyed ghoul, long scarf, long scarf Rat, The beast
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Ghoul hybrid
Age: 14
Birthday: 12/23 X776
Special characteristics: His scars on his head.

Guild: Fairy tail
Rank:  E

Description: If you were to meet Rakutsu today you would see him as a cheerful and happy young man that was filled with life. That's because he wants you to think that. In reality, he is almost the very opposite.  He's very serious and normally doesn't go about a happy attitude. He only fakes one to fool others and to hide his true feelings from others. You can consider it to be his mask that he wears to hide his true self.

Rakutsu is a lover of all things magic after gaining access to it after his liberation as a child. He likes to see other people's magic in action and learn from others on how to become a better wizard. Despite is recent employment into a guild, he takes his job very seriously and doesn't approve of the constant fights in the guild hall.

Because of his Ghoul heirtage, he has a hunger for flesh. When he sees another person's blood or becomes very hungry he becomes sadistic and monsterous to the point of where he doesn't know any resistant or mortality.

He is also hard to anger, but when he is it tends to be explosive and hard to tame.
Likes: coffee, friends, magic
Dislikes ghouls(some), dark guilds, his diet
Motivations hope for a family, justice, strength
Fears: people finding out he's a ghoul, being alone, people cares for dieing


Height: 5"3
Weight: 120 pounds
Apperance: Rakutsu is a little on the short side standing at 5'3 and weights 120 pounds. He has fair white skin and has a good body build from his life of training. He has short black hair that can grow out to reach pass his back. But he likes to keep it cut short. He has ruby red eyes. His left eye turns black and red when his ghoul powers are being used. He has a glare that is regularly is normal look and because of it is why people think he is angery most of the time. His expression is normally hard to read. Rakutsu has a brand on his back that that he got from his early childhood as well as whip marks on him.

Red switched between a series of clothing. But he is mostly seen wearing two different sets of clothes. His first is a white hat that most people think is his normal hair with a short sleeve red and black jacket. With this he wears blue jeans and red shoes. The second is a button-up white shirt kept partially buttoned with a plain gray hoodie and a black leather jacket with a red tribal design on the back.

He is also seen wearing a pair of baggy black pants with black combat boots. He had a black sleeveless shirt to go as well. Raku is often seen with a large and long red scarf that is seen around his neck with the ends hanging down. Another weird accessory is the red and pinkish ribbon that is normally seen on a girl's head is tied to his arm.

No matter what he wears, Raku always has a eye patch over his left eye and has a Mask in his possession.

Guild Tattoos: a red fairy tail tattoo on his right arm.


Hometown: Oak, West fiore
History: Rakutsu Hayasa was born has a human and ghoul halfbreed thanks too the rare conditions that were met by his parents.

The three lived in a small home in the woods and rarely took s step in the nearby town of Oak. This was because of his Ghoul heritage on his mother's side. People were scared of ghouls because they were a offshoot race of humans that ate human flesh to survive. Unlike other ghouls, only one of his eyes turned because he was a hybrid.

Ghouls were known to hunt humans for fun or food in the night, but that wasn't him or his mother. Instead they had a friend who got them the food they needed every two mouths. Where he got it was a mystery, but it was one Rakutsu didn't want to know.

Unfortunately, the happiness of him and his parents was short lived by a great degree. This was thanks to a group of mages that raided his parents home in the woods and killed his mom and dad in front of him.

He himself was taken by the mages as a trophy and pet of some sorts. They actually felt proud of themselves or capturing a ghoul, but what victory was that? He wasn't even six at the time. For three years, he was forced to be a slave to the mercenary band and was forced to kill prisoners by eating them. Most of them were because of his own hungery and other times it was like...he wasn't himself.

At the age of 9, he was rescued thanks to a ambuse on thier camp. One of the attackers was a ghoul like him. This ghoul named Shuji would take him in and introduce him to other ghouls that weren't monsters like humans describe them to be. They were just people forced to live in the shadows of society thanks to humans views on them.

They all lived about a tavern in Oak that served as a source of income for them. The adults acted as parents to younger ghouls like him and the other three. They taught them how to blend into human society and home schooled them. They were even taught how to use magic. Shuji got the flesh needed for them by finding scum or dark mages and killing them. It wasn't approved even though the kills weren't good people. But they had to eat.

Despite that small detail if it can be called that his life changed for the better.

But at the age of 13, everything took a 180 degree turn backwards. Him and his family' were just enjoying a game night at home and a blast of magical energy destroyed the living room upstairs where they were. The attack was from a group of mages that managed to track them down as they hunted ghouls for sport.  

Shuji and another caretaker provided cover for him and the others for them to escape, but even that didn't help. They were outnumbered and were killed off one by one. But with the last of his strength, Shuji managed to provide a opening for Raku to escape the attack.

He hid himself in the woods for hours before going back home. As he though everyone was dead. After burying his family...or at least whatever was left of them, he took the time to grief before leaving his home in Oak to join a guild.

RP Sample: The building was still just as in a bad shape as it was left not that long ago. But it actually felt like a long time to him considering what happened.

Rakutsu stood silent as he walked into the damaged living room with his hoodie up and bag over his shoulder. He simply staired at the wreckage while thinking back to the good times. The times where he and his family had game nights, where they told funny stories, where they learned, and where it all came crashing down in just a matter of a few long minutes.

Just when he though his life was perfect again, it was all taken away. He felt like the world itself didn't want him to have a happy life for too long.

As he staired, he noticed something out from the corner of his eye that wasn't destroyed. It was a photo of the family. Without much though, he simply picked it up from the frame and put it away into his bag. It was now the one thing that can remind him and motive him to become stronger.

"Ok....time to leave...for good. Good bye everyone."

Rakutsu said in a low tone to himself as he walked out of the building and to the train station.

Face Claim: Pokemon adventures-Ruby

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Rakutsu Hayasa
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