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 [IS] Dark God under the Moon

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PostSubject: [IS] Dark God under the Moon   Tue Mar 22, 2016 1:16 pm

Name: Dark mage under the moon.
Rank: S
Location: Isshi
Requirements: Light guild
Rewards: 5000exp & 10000J
Objective: Kill the dark "god" and it's vessel.
Description: It is said in legends that on a moonlit night a vessel of evil will be consumed by fate and become the dark god.

Noticing rumors in the city of isshi you come to know that darkness is becoming ever darker in the town of isshi, until you start hearing screams and everything around you seems to become a never ending darkness except for the ashen ground upon which you now seem to be standing instead of the cold stone streets. You have been transported to a dimension of darkness where the moon sits high on the pitch black skies.

The only person except for you that you find is a man clad in a large suit of platemail armor, the man tells you that the only way out is for you to kill him and end the fate of legends. He then engages you in full out combat using both sword,explosion magic and darkness magic he also seems to reek of evil and as if he cannot controll his own actions.

Upon slaying Roderick a moment will pass without anything happens, until you see his body now consumed in what seems like a large black mist filled with screams and trapped souls. Nakarepth the dark "god" then erupts from rodericks carcass and also engages you in battle, during the battle Nakarepth continously shames you by telling you of whatever evil deeds he will do to you and the rest of the world after having killed you and that resistance is futile.

Upon having been dealt atleast 1S rank of accumulated damage Nakarepth will take flight and will only be using his breath attack. Upon killing Nakarepth your vision fades and when you open your eyes again you are laying on a large field outside of the city of Isshi with the body of Nakarepth around you(wherever he died in your text)

To claim the quests reward you must bring the head of Nakarepth to the Isshi Tavern.

- Name: Roderick, vessel of evil
- Role: Enemy
- Rank: A
- Abilities/Powers:
HP: 1S rank.
Darkness magic: Roderick can use up to A rank Darkness magic.
Explosion magic: Roderick can use up to A rank explosion magic.
Bahamut the dragon slaying sword: Bahamut is Roderick's giant sized dragon slaying sword, it is 2 meters long and 30 centimeters thick, it allows him to deal A rank damage on basic attacks.

- Name: Nakarepth, evil reincarnated
- Role: Enemy
- Rank: S
- Abilities/Powers:
HP: 1Z rank
Race: Demi-God/Demon shapeshifter.
Size: Body:10 meters long, 3 meters tall,1cm thick.
Tail:15 meters long and ranging from 1m-1cm thick from the base of the tail to the edge.
Wingspan: each wing is 10 meters long and 8 meters wide.
Feast: Nakarepth will atempt to chomp you with It's large fangs if hit it will deal 1S rank damage
Claw: It will attempt to attack you with one of It's claws/palms dealing either bludgeoning or slashing damage depending on what hits you, deals 1A rank damage.
Breath attack: Nakarepth can when flying or standing on the ground attempt to breathe dark fire onto you dealing 1X rank burning damage.
Tail: His tail attacks deal 1A rank damage and knocks you back 15 meters.
Flying: Nakarepth can attempt to during the fight take flight, when flying It moves at 40 meters per second.

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[IS] Dark God under the Moon
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