A non-canon Fairy Tail adventure to take the role of your own character in a social/combat experience!
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 Mari Morningstar

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Mari "Raven" Morningstar


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PostSubject: Mari Morningstar   Wed Mar 16, 2016 8:41 am


Name: Mari Raven Morningstar.
Nicknames: Raven, "Black Bird", "Crow".
Gender: Female.
Race: Half-Demon.
Age: Twenty-One [Physically].
Birthday: December 31st, X76-.
Sexuality: Aromantic-Pansexual.

Guild: Fairy Tail.
Rank: E-Rank.
Face Claim: Kurihara Mari - Prison School.

  • Strength: 1
  • Vitality: 2
  • Stamina: 3
  • Agility: 1
  • Dexterity: 1
  • Wisdom: 7

Description: Mari is one of those people you can't simply be summed up in a neat little paragraph of black or white. Everything about her is never as it seems and is always driven by something deeper. Her demonic nature is the main cause of this since as a demon she's constantly battle with herself. Her demonic nature wanting her to be one way while her human nature wants her to be another way.

Upon first meeting her, Mari comes off as a serious and aloof young woman. Her reactions to the things around her are minimal at best, gaze always where it should be and no where else. She speaks just as calmly, only ever saying what needs to be said, and little much else. She is really and truly the perfect role model of what one might expect of someone in her various roles. Her gaze could freeze hell over and she commands respect from others with just her presence.

Stern as she can be, Mari is an extremely composed and levelheaded person. She has to be. She is known to show fear or panic, but being naturally deceitful, but subconsciously, it is all just an act. She has an indomitable will and always thinks with a calm and level head, even if she doesn’t seem to be. She could beat a lie detector test if needed. There are still thinks about her she can’t control, hence her self-loathing, but she’s known to rise the occasion when necessary. She does have a habit of losing her composure to the point of sickness even when subconsciously, she's perfectly calm.

While she may wear a serious expression, for the most part, it is all just for the sake of appearance with Mari. And as long as she isn’t bothering herself with maintaining images, Mari is in fact a very kind and compassionate person. She cares deeply for people and is the type of person who would do anything in her power to help another. She has been commented to have a motherly instinct and presence as she particularly likes taking care of others.

As with her compassion, when Mari isn’t trying to maintain face she is in fact a very modest and humble young woman. She’s full aware of how others see her and is proud of her accomplishments, but she’s a very passive person when she isn’t trying to maintain face. She’s pacifistic by nature and would rather avoid conflict altogether. Dignity is everything to her and even that she’d lay down to avoid escalation. This is only when she isn’t trying to maintain face though and if she’s in the presence of others, more likely than not she would do anything to maintain her pride.

In spite of her kindness, Mari has a nasty habit of manipulation. She likes the feeling she gets knowing that there are people who are willing to do just about anything she wants, even though she usually doesn’t like to depend on others. She has a natural knack for it, possessing a natural talent for psychology and charisma. She knows what to do, what to say, how to act, everything in order to aid in her act. She does believe her manipulation does some good though since she believes manipulating people, helps them in the long run by teaching them to be more cautious against people like her.

Mari may be manipulative, but she has virtues and morals which she lives strongly by. She doesn’t like lying, cheating, stealing or anything of that nature and strongly believes in being noble at all times. She strongly upholds these codes in herself and expects others to do the same. Like with manipulation, she does have an allure to these very things she hates and tries to deny though. And the temptation to lie and stealing always lurks; lying in particularly is something she has come to use quite frequently.

Something many people don’t really know about Mari is that she is quite self-loathing and has a love-hate view of herself. She’s constantly in conflict with herself and there are things about herself she wishes she could rid, but at the same time love. Her manipulative habit being the most common. Her human impulses are also a bother to her since her powers has somewhat warped her thinking and she has come to see her emotions and desires as more trouble than they are worth.

Mari has always find that people take most to those who they see a bit of themselves in. That said, she has subconsciously developed a multitude of quirks to aid in her manipulation. Random verbal ticks, forgetfulness, perversions, sleeping habits. The amount of quirks she is able to draw upon in an instant is endless. As mentioned, this is for the most part a subconscious act on her part though and so, consciously she can’t help against them most of the times.

Mari’s true talent lies in deception. Perhaps out of habit or perhaps just out of it being meant to be, but subconsciously, Mari is always deceitful. Her kindness, her compassionate, her seriousness, her virtues, are all true aspects of her character, albeit subconsciously, they are all just acts in a bigger web of deceit that even she can’t help against. Everything she does is subconsciously some form of deceit. Her quirks, modesty, her likes, her dislikes; all subconsciously selected and done in a way to aid in her deceit since she believes that the easiest way to manipulate others is show them sides of you that they see in themselves and others around them.

  • Nurturing: Considering how she usually carries herself, this is always a surrpise to others. She doesn't care for gender roles and is true to her sexuality. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, caregiving, sewing/embroidery, maintainance. Like most things, a person would only ever see this side of her in private though.
  • Smut: Mari has a subconscious liking for smut influenced by her demonic side and her mother's words growing up. She likes seeing others in revealing clothing, she likes risque tactics, she likes perverted situations. She would never confess to this though.
  • Animals: Mari believes animals to be above people. She'd quicker risk her life to save an animal than she would a person. She's particularly fond of corvid birds.
  • Manipulation: Friend or foe, Mari likes knowing that she has people wrapped around her fingers, willing and ready to do whatever she wants.


  • Drugs: Alcohol, smoking, medicine. She doesn't like being dependent on people, much less any form of drug.
  • Attachments: Mari hates getting attached. She cares deeply for others, but she hates being bounded by anyone or thing and find those who are to be weak.
  • Simple: She likes things complicated. She doesn't like anything predictable or basic. She'd rather deal with a senile old man than your average joe.


  • Acquaintances: Broadly, anybody who Mari considers an ally. She may always be out to do things for herself first, but she cares deeply for anyone who would dare stand by her.
  • Pride: Image, image, image. Maintaining her pride and dignity is everything to Mari.
  • Herself: Of course.


  • Herself: Being half demon, Mari constanty battles with her demonic nature. She fears her manipulativ-ness, she fears her pride, she fears her extreme mindset.
  • Her mother: The only woman who could ever get Mari to submit would be her mother. She doesn't exactly fear her as much as she's submissive around her.
  • Fear: The enemy is fear itself and all that. Her Indomitable Will makes it possible for her to truly fear anything and so fear would perhaps be her only true fear.


Height: 176cm (5'9")
Weight: 118 lbs (53 kg)
Apperance: Mari stands tall for a female at 5'9", a height which she's grateful for since it commands respect from others more times than not. She has been commented many times to have a model-esque figure, which puts her on the slender side. She has ample breasts (D cup), a slender waist which flows downward towards full hips and a generous behind. Slender, her body is toned for the most past, comprised of very little fat which is partly owed to her moderate exercises and Judo training. She is actually underweight really, despite knowing this though, she refuses to put on anymore weight as to not look anything like her mother.

For clothing, Mari always tries to maintain a professional state of dress. Her usual attire consists of a camel blazer over a white, long-sleeved plain button-down shirt, a red lace cravat on the collar, a red plaid skirt and finally black pantyhose with black dress loafers. She opts for this uniform and others for modesty above all. She actually has good fashion sense, however she subconsciously wears less fashionable attire to contrast her mother's own slinky choices.

This is only in public though and at home or out of public eye, she dress very basic, wearing simple t-shirts, shorts and sweaters without any regard for presentation. She can be quite a slob really when she isn't in the public eye and she is proud of it. If she even lets you see her in home clothing though it usually means she has taking quite a liking to you though and so she's more than likely to be comfortable in just about anything around you, regardless of how revealing, fancy or otherwise.
Guild Tattoos: Black with orange outlining located at her mons pubis.


Hometown: Magnolia.
History: Look back several hundred years ago and one would find a young woman by the name of Avelon barely making it on her own. Misfortune had followed her family for years and naturally found it's way to her. She had seen her family's poor state of living cause her mother to die so that she, her sister and father could live another day. She had seen her father killed in a fight trying to provide food for her and her sister. And she had shared the taste of the lust of the tongue and skin of men who paid her and her sister, Marissa, for sex just to get by.

She and her sister knew they didnt want to live and die like there parents though. Alas, the hardships had gotten to her sister and warped her mind... broken her. Avelon wanted to be rich, to taste wealth and earn the respect of those who looked down on her and her family. Her sister wanted to see the world while indulging in carnal flesh.

Her sister's madness had driven her to magic. Surely they would be stoned to death if the village was to ever find out. Years of practice had proven worthwhile for one day their small hut had turned to ash when her sister had successfully summoned a demon, Trigon. Surely they would all die by his hands. Alas, the beauty of the sisters had swoon this fearsome demon to a calm.

Marissa's wanted this demon to burn everything to ground however, and as a contract demon, he had bound her to him by a contract. He had burned the first village and the next, much to Avelon's pain. This wasn't what she wanted, but the only way Trigon would go against her sister would be if she was to sign a contract and lay with him. She had laid with dozen of men before, but never a demon. Alas, eventually swallowing her pride, she signed the contract and laid with the fearsome demon. Competition would ensue between her and her sister, which only really played to Trigon's entertainment.

With time however Trigon had found himself beginning to fall for Avelon. He had seen enough chaos in his time; he wanted different. He saw darkness in Marissa that he knew would keep him from ever being with the woman he loved and saw the only option. Avelon wouldn't have it, as if she would dare let her sister be killed and give up on hoping for her redemption. With time however it became apparent to Marissa she could no longer get Trigon to do as she pleased if Avelon was always in the way.

Marissa had made an attempt to kill her sister one night as she rest. Trigon had intervene however and did what he felt was the only option. The death of her sister had unforeseen circumstances however that became more and more apparent with each passing day. The death had broken her and twisted her heart. She had tried to kill Trigon at one point, albeit unable to bring himself to kill her, he had fled.

Trigon left her with money as bounded by their contract. Billions of jewels. She used it wisely and fulfilled on her childhood goal. She dipped her fingers in every and anything which would turn profit within Fiore and beyond, making her one of the wealthiest person's in Fiore, controlling politics behind the curtains. She would rule the world with money if needed and then burn it to the ground. Trigon had left her with a little gift though. Mari.

Despite being born several hundreds years ago though, Mari remembers nothing beyond the last twenty years of her life.

RP Sample: Mari wouldn't admit it to too many people, but she was fond of housework. Cooking, cleaning, shopping. Others considered it backwards and offensive to woman, she considered it a pleasure. Alas, no one would ever publicly see her commit such acts. And so, when one of her dear contracts had invited her to their place, now that they were in private and she no longer had to maintain face, she could actually don a small smile at her lips, a break from her usual deep scowl. And when he had asked her to make her a sandwich as if as a woman that was her only purpose, she had given him a slight glare, but regardless was please to aid him. Any other time and she would have told him go fuck himself with a ten foot pole.

Sandwiches were simple. Peanut butter and jelly. She would never tell him that, but he knew what he liked so she already knew what to make. A side of orange juice to accompany it. She returned with the meal in hand, a somewhat friendly smile at her lips as she presented it to him. Maybe she should have made one for herself. The greedy fucker would probably eat it all himself. "Anything else? she asked. Okay, that sounded way too maid like. Maybe she should take it back...

Too late. "Nah, it's good. Can you do my laundry later though," he stated more than asked, eyebrows arched. He was such a tactless son of a bitch. She gave him a stern look. "Please," he inserted. A smile crossed her lips; at least he was learning. Although who was she kidding, she would have done it regardless. "Only because you said please," she joked, reclaiming her seat.

"You know you should wear an apron when you cook," he said suddenly. Mari gave him another stern look. "You know that's offensive," she responded, "Besides, it was just a sandwich. I barely need an apron for that."

"I know, I know. But I thought for sure you as someone who kind of likes order would be all for wearing an apron even for the small stuff," he inserted with a shrug. "Sounds like a waste of time. I mean when I cook I have no plans to get dirty in the first place and I never have," she responded. "Just an idea. Besides, it'd be kind of hot."

"Saying that really doesn't help your case," she said with a roll of her eyes. "But fine, whatever. I'll wear one next time," she said with a nonchalant shrug. "They fit best with curves, so you should start to eat more," he quipped.

She fixed him another annointed look. "Yep. Fuck you," she responded with a chortle.
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PostSubject: Re: Mari Morningstar   Wed Mar 16, 2016 8:55 am

Wonderfully well done.


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Mari Morningstar
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