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 Ace | Tarresson Dzemael

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Ace | Tarresson Dzemael Lancerfull_zpsf8s2bosy


Name: Tarresson Dzemael
Nicknames: Ace : Used as an alias.
Gender: Male.
Race: Dragon-Half | Half-Human and Half-Dragon
Age: Twenty.
Birthday: October 17th
Special Characteristics
- Enhanced Physiology : Being birthed by a human, Ace has taken a toll in what he gained through his dragon father, at which he pertains every inch of his body to appear human however, he’s stronger, faster, heightened senses, and capable of taking more damage than most humans and even tolerating extreme pain when he can awaken the magic from his dragon’s side via spells. Although because his body is capable of producing magic akin to a dragon’s, while his magic is unique to him alone, its something he has to master on his own on drawing out its potency and nature.
\_ This also has granted him a golden hue upon both irises on his eyes that appear almost dragon-like.

- Dragon’s Clairvoyance : Unlike humans, Dragon’s live much longer than them and are almost eternally bound until struck down. This same longevity applies to Ace, however, he will no longer age after the age of twenty-five and his life span could range from to twelve centuries due to his human side while maintaining his body’s physical strength.

Guild: None.

Not many are capable of running from themselves, and that’s one of the challenges for this particular individual who often doesn’t tend to appreciate his gifts wholeheartedly. Ace is a young man who has his mind set on discovering the new. He’s pretty calm and nonchalant about many subjects while even under many circumstances. Ace has always been one to stay calm and relax about the world around him as if things were always OK even when they’re not. Many can describe him as being a precise carefree gentleman. Ace has never been one to being a pushy personality nor is he one of being brash. There’s always a sense of collectiveness around his atmosphere while also a sense of aloofness to him. Be sure to remember he’s a kind person at heart and mildly considerate but also could experience other emotions like anyone else such as feeling anger, sadness, joy, fear; etc. One awful trait about him is whenever he gets angry he will always detach himself from the source of his anger without trying not to escalate things, for his temper can reach to that of inexcusable poor judgement, while leaving things in the air. A trait he dislikes greatly from which his mother compliments came from his father but because its often feared of this side of himself he’s developed a mental wall strong and hard enough to reduce his anger inside of him as he taught himself to be open minded and carefree of things.
- Logging : Ace enjoys writing in a personal journal about events that he considers significant along with his personal thoughts of the event from his point of view. They are sometimes referred as his personal notes and it is something he expresses to be irreplaceable.
- Wine & Dine : When it comes to food intake Ace has a taste for meat cooked medium-rare along with well aged wine of all variety as it is often preferred over ale. But he definitely loves meat and enjoys cooking it.
- Artisans : Since he was small, he’s always been fascinated by those who are capable of crafting unique items from clothing, structures, toys, chemicals, armor, and weapons. He has a respect for those being able to create and although he isn’t proficient at crafting he will try once in a while as a small pass time. There’s a little artisan in all of us.
- Learning : Even if he has to study it from a book or someone, Ace enjoys learning new things of the variety whether its combat related or a simpler way of performing a task. 
- Women : Ace is a heterosexual, and likes women around his age or older, however, he isn’t one to jump the gun or flirt openly. Instead it takes a special kind of woman to capture his attention and appearances isn’t one on the list, after all: mom dated a dragon for sakes.

- Unnecessary Violence : Ace has never been a fan of needless violence and often prefers to detour from it. However, sometimes needless violence is what pays for his meals and therefore despite not finding joy in it, he tends to try to end things quickly if he could when it comes down to such acts. This ultimately doesn’t deprive him of all violence, only ones that seem to have no merit.
- Manipulation : One of the things Ace greatly dislike is being taken advantage of, and thus a form of manipulation of some kind. Ace doesn’t like to be bound or forced to do what others employ him to do so if he doesn’t want to. Its probably why he didn’t get along with children his age at first since he was never one to be ordered or be apart of something he disagrees with. The same applies to others that are being manipulated in one way or another. At times this makes it difficult for him to find work or get along with others. 
- Wronging : Quite a broad subject but to break it down: Ace doesn’t like it when people do things that are unfair, underhanded, foul, and that of injustice. It came to a time where his mother taught him what it would be like to be in the shoes of someone you were doing bad things to and having him realize he wouldn’t like those things to happen to him. 
- Dragon Slayers : Actual individuals who slay dragons for fun or are prejudice towards dragons as a species. There’s always been a distasteful sense of slaying dragons since well, you know.
- Kin : Ace is in search for other dragons in hopes of finding his father among them. Its also something he desires to be a part of kinship with dragons and to learn from them.
- Inner Dragon : The ever growing magic that is bestowed onto him acts as a self push for him to control and expand on their abilities; in other words he would like to master his magical prowess with his martial prowess.
- Memories : Having a great memory, Ace always looks forward to creating new memorable moments during his lifetime to look back upon or to log them in his journal. 

- Death : Almost everyone is afraid of dying to some extent, the same applies to Ace in a sense of dying without fulfilling some purpose in his life aside enjoying it. He also fears those he cares to die. It isn’t the fact of what happens after death but more as of not being able to be a part of the future, applying of course towards most people.
- Failing : Ace has failed quite a lot along the road before he managed to be where he’s at in life at the moment. The fear of failing is actually revolved around not being able to find his father or other dragons on his journey all the meanwhile what if he does find them and things aren’t all “hunky dory”. Ace is also afraid of being unable to become stronger physically and mentally, and failing at being a decent person into someone to detest. 
- Dragon’s Ire : Being part dragon has its downsides too, and that is their anger. Ace is terrified that his anger that blind his judgement often could escalate into doing actions that he cannot take back or worse.

Ace | Tarresson Dzemael Lancerbod_zpsiiae503s

Height: 184 cm (6’0’’ ft)
Weight: 85 kg (187 lbs)
Ace is regarded as a remarkably handsome to those attracted to men of his appearance and often regarded a beautiful man. It is described that the bold features of his face are the high bridge of his nose and his valiant eyebrow. His hard cut mouth marks him with a stoic air, but his golden eyes seem to make his gaze even more brilliant while there is a beauty mark right underneath his right eye that some could say is icing on the cake. Ace’s quirky long-mid hair is naturally a dark brunette while under certain lighting can appear to fade this color to black and its combed backward in a rough fashion along with a long strand of lock that comes down the middle of his face. His mother had considered his charm point to be his droopy eyes and button of a mouth however.

Ace is quite in shape because of his heredity, making him lean and tall. His muscles are well toned and cut for someone of his size. He also has a strong, attractive manly scent that rises from him that is natural to him and often is heighten when he sweats during the summer or ongoing activities. Ace wears a dark teal outfit often that appears tight onto his body however, he feels quite comfortable and less restricted in movement. His clothing often range in attire aside from this combat-like attire into casual clothing often depicting white collar shirts, slacks, and dress shoes. A combination of suit-like clothing are much to his liking including jackets and scarfs during the winter seasons. Should someone soon realizes his elegant air of beauty is somewhat unnatural even though his features are considered handsome, which much of it comes from his magical power from his father’s side, they are not quite as overwhelmed to his charms when questionable and often mistake this as trickery of alluring spells.
Guild Tattoos: Black. | Should he get one, it’ll be on the left hand side of his lower back near his waistline.


Born on the outskirts of Clove, Ace grew up on a small farm with his mother and mother’s uncle. Over the course of his lifetime there at the farm he learned much from both of his figures but there always seemed something amiss with Ace who’s often feeling more agitated throughout his early years. It became a problem when one of the horses wouldn’t cooperate with him that he unleashed a devastating tantrum that would have endangered the horse and his wellbeing. Luckily his mother was there to calm him down, and soon shortly after her uncle would mentor over his behavior. It was soon halted to let Ace know the truth of his father but mother’s uncle insisted it was not the time or place yet. It became a struggle between the two as to when would it be the time as Ace’s tantrums over the years began to afflict more harm to himself than others. Until one night when things couldn’t get any worse on a rainy day during a harvest, a flood came through the farm and a lot of animals were at jeopardy. At an attempt to save some of the livestock by Ace the flood carried too much strength and foiled his deed. This angered Ace to the point of unlocking his magical prowess in which he blanked out until the following morning.

Enough was enough. The next morning his mother was by his side quite determined to tell Ace who his father is and why his anger seemed so unnatural to him. Ace was quite stunned as to why his mother would keep it a secret. To begin with his true name was very unnatural to him since they never once mentioned it to him since his first few years as a babe. Secondly, he began to question his existence and why his father would vanish just like that. Truth be told things were still raising too many questions until they all ceased when his mother told him he had killed his uncle and some of horses and plantation through his anger. It was this morning that Ace began to develop his own anger management with his mother. The process was working and over the course of years on his farm he decided to find his father and question his reasoning not only for his own sake but for his mother as well. Coming to the age of ten he began training with weapons and slowly gaining an understanding of his magic. He set out at the age of fifteen out into the world and began an adventurous life in search for his father.

Its been quite a few years and he still keeps in contact with his mother, and even to this day despite his true name he prefers and always goes by the name Ace.
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Ace | Tarresson Dzemael
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