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 Videns Akemi done

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PostSubject: Videns Akemi done    Fri Mar 04, 2016 11:11 am

Picture here


Name: Videns Akemi
Nicknames: Vid, V, Sabertooth Guildmaster, Leviathan
Gender: Male
Race: Human, half Dragon
Age: 22
Birthday: 4th April X768
Sexuality: Straight, but doesn't mind flirting with the same sex
Guild: Ehhh... I wonder... Sabertooth maybe?
Rank: S
Face Claim: Chrome - Fire Emblem

Description: Videns is an all around nice fellow who enjoys the company of others. He, like most people, has many unique features exclusive to him. He is quite flirtatious to most people, even to his own sex. He only really gets very flirty with the opposite sex, but mainly in jest. He does has his eyes set on one person he met in his life time and anything flirty not directed to her is more than likely in jest. Speaking of which, Videns likes to joke around, although mainly by the lowest forms of humor, sarcasm and Puns. Videns can however become very serious at the drop of a hat, and is well known for it. With matters concerning his guild and members he is known to be quite serious and even ruthless at times, but all for the well being of his guild and members. Videns cannot help but get serious as his past has hardened him, although he tries to keep his positivity high for his guild's sake. Although a leader of a guild and generally a nice person, Videns is prone to "Blond Moments". Sometimes he can very easily misunderstand the most obvious of questions or sayings, taking them quite literally or just not understanding what they mean at all. Despite this most people still find him a loveable guy.
Likes: Water: For as long as Videns could remember, Videns loved to be in the presence of water. It is his magic also which makes it obvious, but also for the fact that it can do almost anything!

Music: Music is one of the things that helps Videns keep a level head when he is getting stressed. Hen also has a decent singing voice, which he never let's anyone hear. It makes him feel closer to his departed mother, who also had a nice singing voice.

Proving his strength: Of course being a guild master one has to be strong,  and being the guild master of a very strong guild, one has to be really strong. Videns knows this and loves to show his strength. Either by contests or by friendly wagers.

Bringing out the strength in others: Since Videns joined Sabertooth, Videns has always loved bringing out the strength in others. Although he does admittedly do it to boost his own ego, he does enjoy showing others the strength that they hold, like  Trishula did with Videns

dislikes The cold: The cold has always annoyed Videns. It kills crops and even people.  But worst of all that's all he felt from his Father and after he was abandoned that's how he felt on the outside too, until he met Trishula. The cold has a,ways reminded Videns of that, and it always annoyed him.

People who have no sense of responsibility: Basically anyone who is too laid back and doesn't take responsibility for their own actions sis someone Vide s will not like in any way. Similarly if anyone is too laid back and too lazy and just want the fast way out, he is more than likely not going to like those people, however he is up to helping them, as long as they want to be helped.

Bullies: After spending a while in Sabertooth before he took it over, Vide s was always plagued by bullies. They were a group of people who were quite strong,  stronger than Videns at the time and made fun of him being weak.  As a result of this torment, after returning he showed them the errors of their ways. As a result though,  Videns despises bullying and if any is happening in his guild for a long time, it is instant banishment.

Motivations Being the best Guild Master: Of course being a Guildmaster is good, but being better is always what motivates Videns. He wants to be stronger than any other guild master out there, and prove his methods work.

Making his guild members stronger: As previously said,  Videns gets a nice ego boost after training one of his guild members to be stronger. He also wants them to become stronger so his guild can be the strongest out there. This really motivates him so Videns is more than likely going to be training his guild members.

Getting his "Guuuuurl": Videns has a soft spot for one person he has met, thanks to being a Guildmaster.  He really really likes her and really wants to be her boyfriend or maybe even more. If he is not training himself or guild members he is trying to be close to her

Fears: Being Paralysed: Videns knows there is worse things than dying, being paralysed is one. He fears never being able to walk again, or do anything Unassisted. He prefers to be strong enough to do things by himself and doing them well, and being paralysed would completely destroy that, and his life.

Being Forgotten: Videns is terrified of being forgotten which is why he tries to ,eet ad help as much people as he can so he may one day go down in history and never be forgotten. It also has to do with the fact, that with all the work he has put into his life, he doesn't want it erased easily.

Being alone: Another major fear is being alone. Videns hate the idea of being completely lonely for the rest of his life, which is also partly why he try to talk to so many people. Anything less would also mean he could be forgotten!


Height: 6ft
Weight: 13 stone
Apperance: Videns is your typical young, and quite Handsome man. He is roughly six foot tall and weighs about 13 stone. His body is fairly well built, hard and quite sturdy, showing quite a bit of muscle.He keeps his body quite healthy, trying not to gain much if any excess body fat. Videns usually has quite shaggy hair which is usually kept around his head, but will sometimes let it grow down to his neck if he is in the mood. His hair colour is a dark Navy/ blue, the same colour as most of his ancestors before him. His eyes are a deep Azure. They do well catching light and often give themselves a Jewish quality. He was often told he had his mother's eyes as well has her kind nature, while having his Father's Physique and commitment. Although having a fairly muscular body and weighing heavy, Videns still looks rather skinny despite this.
Guild Tattoos: Yellow, on Left Shoulder.


Hometown: Shirostume
Early Years
Born in the quite town of Shirostume to the guild master of Sabertooth and his wife, the ace of the guild, many would presume one of their offsprings would be as strong as the two, however this was not the case. Videns was the runt of his other two siblings, never getting up to their level. It was also very hard for Videns as he could not be taught the same way as the rest. He also did not understand their verion of water magic, which made things more difficult. His father desperately tried to train him, often leading to sleepless nights and food less days until he completed a certain task. His mother pleaded with his Father to go easier on him or at least try and find a way that worked. However he did not listen. His pride and anger began to boil over at his son's weakness. One day when he was 4, Videns' father became incredibly violent almost Killing Videns. He told Videns that if he was strong enough to stop him, he would let him live. At that moment Videns' mother snapped. She retaliated against her husband. Although she was the ace for a reason, she managed to slow him down, but Videns' father was far to fast and head strong. He soon defeated his wife,  and ended her life, in front of Videns. "You are no son of mine" he spat at Videns. Little did Videns know it was true. After years of abuse and torture, Vodens' mother had an affair with a traveller. He had to leave on day unexpectedly and left the pregnant woman in her private hell. Videns mother managed to pass of that her son was indeed the guildmasters. The guildmaster knew that he could get away with one murder as pass it off as an accident, and he tried the same with Videns so he could not be sent to prison by the magic council. So instead he left his son and the corpse of his wife  in an unknown forest. It was rather small and full with dangerous monsters, well capible of killing Videns and passing of the death of his wife on one for the monsters.

At 5 Videns had been living in the forest for just over a year, and was trying to adjust to life. He was very broken, mentally and physically. It alms seemed like the end for Videns. One day he balked out and woke up again after hearing his mother's voice, in a warm place, feeling scales beside him. He realised he was no where near the forest he had been living in, but a warm and safe place. Looking up at the scaley figure. It was a dragon. Somehow Videns knew all about it. A song his mother dang to him reminded him of this creature. "T-Trishula?" Videns questioned. The dragon smiled. "Yeah, it's okay just relax my child." He said, and he obeyed. Falling asleep again, Videns wold not wake up for another few days. When he did though Trishula experience, aimed all that had happened. Videns had fallen unconcious and Trishula had found him. He knew one day that they would meet, as Trishula knew his mother. For the nest few years, Videns would train under Trishula and learn his magic, The style of the Water Dragon slayer!
Middle years
Although Fairly uneventful, Videns learned a lot. With just a few years, Videns was stronger than most of the members in his old Guild. The way Trishula was teaching Videns was perfect to him, and when they got bored of that way, they tried another way. Videns loved Trishula and saw him as his father, little did he know he really was. 10 years Videns stayed with Trishula and trained with him. Then one day Trishula told Videns to leave and take over Sabertooth. Videns reluctantly agreed as he knew he had to obey Trishula. After all, Trishula told Videns that he would have to leave one day and it would be easier if he just went with it. So Videns did, a,though it did not make tings less hard.

Videns then went back to Sabertooth under a fake alias and rose in the ranks. His father and siblings had no clue it was him, until the day he announced it for everyone to hear. The guild master of Sabertooth was furious and demanded a duel, but not with the self's but with everyone in the guild. The guildmaster choose all the strongest members, while Videns choose the weakest. After a few months of training,  everyone in Videns' team grew far stronger than they every imagined. While the guild masters team did no training. Many duels carried out over the next few months and Videns team was barely in the lead. It was the last duel, Videns against his two siblings and his Father, but before the duel they mysteriously disapeared. Videns was given the win by default and couldn't prove his strength, which got people talking. Some also said that maybe Videns hired someone to kidnap his family. Regardless, Videns was made th guild master of Sabertooth and for the next few years brought it up to what it is now.
Current day
Now Videns still cares for power, but more so gaining it and helping others gain it too. He hopes to become stronger in himself and with his guild.
RP Sample:

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Gin Akiyama

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Videns Akemi done
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