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 Spell rules

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PostSubject: Spell rules   Tue Jan 05, 2016 3:24 pm

Creating spells for your magic is quite easy just use this template :

[b]Spell Name:[/b]
[b]Mana Cost:[/b]
[b]Magic:[/b] (Primary magic, Secondary magic, etc)

For creating spells, just like there are ranks for being a mage, there are ranks for spells. You have to create spells within your rank of lower. You can create spells one rank above your own rank. For instance, Lucy is a B-rank mage she can create spells one rank about her and below. 

Spells are split into 5 different categories: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary, Detrimental, and Healing. Offensive spells refer to spells that directly harms the opponent and deals damage. Defensive spells refers to spells that protect from other spells. Supplementary spells are supportive spells that enhance or disable a mage. The opposite of that would be Detrimental spells. These are spells that indirectly affect the opponent. Healing spells refer to spells that restore a mage from a supplementary or debuff spell, or even give back health.

If no parameter is stated, the default will automatically be used.

Spell Requirements  
D-Rank: At this point spells slowly become more harmful. This is where your magic can only still do basic tricks like make a spear or fireball, yet the magic is not diverse yet. D-rank spells are simple spells, generally doing nothing more than a bruise, cat-scratch harm, or minor 1st degree burns.

  • Range: 10 Meters
  • Size: 10 Meters
  • Speed 5 m/s
  • Damage: D
  • Cooldown: 1 Post
  • Mana Cost: 10

C-Rank: These spells is where you are slowly starting to prove yourself as a mage. At this point spells are capable of damage such as piercing skin, doing first degree burns, and cutting to the muscle. These spells are a bit more advance.

  • Range: 20 Meters
  • Size:  20 Meters
  • Speed: 10 m/s
  • Damage: 1 C or 2 D
  • Cooldown: 2 Posts
  • Mana Costs: 20

B-rank: This is one of the heavy hitting spells. Now you can not only pierce into the muscle, but you may also create large gashes deep enough to cause vital bleeding, cause blistering second degree burns, and fracture bone. These attacks are more painful than the previous ones for sure. Though these attacks aren't fight ending, they do make opponents grimace and can impair the capability to fight.

  • Range: 30 Meters
  • Size: 20 meters
  • Speed: 15 m/s
  • Damage:1 B or 2 C
  • Cooldown: 3 Posts
  • Mana Cost: 30

A-rank: These attacks are huge when it comes to fighting against opponents. One may not do that much damage, but sustaining too many of these magical blows will surely incapacitate an opponent. These attacks give deep 2nd degree burns, break bone, pierce through the body, or cut through bone.

  • Range: 40 Meters
  • Size: 25 meters
  • Speed: 20 m/s
  • Damage: 1 A or 2 B
  • Cooldown: 5 posts
  • Mana Cost: 40

S-rank: These blows are a bit more gruesome, capable of ending battles with one or two direct hits. When against lower ranks they don't stand a chance. These attacks cause 3rd degree burns, as well as shattering bone, slicing off limbs, or pierce two bodies simultaneously. Death is possible if a direct hit is landed with one of these attacks.

  • Range: 50 Meters
  • Size: 30 Meters
  • Speed: 25 m/s
  • Damage: 1 S or 2 A
  • Cooldown: 6 Posts
  • Mana Cost: 50

X-rank: With this attack, one is officially capable of annihilating their opponent. These spells are capable of turning the tides of any fight demolishing entire organs, reducing limbs to mush, slices bodies in two, or burning all the flesh off one's bones. These spells are Fatal and should not be taken lightly. The scale of these spells are capable of leveling parts of towns.

  • Range: 75 Meters
  • Size: 40 Meters
  • Speed: 40 m/s
  • Damage: 1 X or 2 S
  • Cooldown: 7 Posts
  • Mana Costs: 75

Z-rank: These are legendary attacks. When in war, they can change the tide of a war with a single use, or they may be used to annihilate or save entire city. These spells weren't learned over night and took years to make. No spells are stronger than these and are capable of annihilating any other spell as well as populations. In most cases, these spells can kill any unprepared mage.

  • Range: 100 Meters
  • Size: 40 Meters
  • Speed: 60 m/s
  • Damage: 1 Z or 2 X
  • Cooldowns: 8 Posts
  • Mana Costs: 100

Area of Effects (AoE): Area of Effect spells are spells that can affect multiple people in a given area. The regular size for spells is half the maximum size. (So an A rank spell can be 10 meters big without having the effectiveness reduced). Anything larger than the initial size will have the effectiveness of the spell reduced one rank.

Sustained: Sustained spells are spells that are able to last an indefinite amount of time, or as long as the caster is able to expend the mana. For spells with sustain, they have to pay half the initial cost of mana every turn they have it active. Along with this, the effectiveness of the spell is reduced by a single rank.

Multifunction: Spells that have multiple functions, (such as a shield that can also do damage) are known as Multifunction spells. While they are very useful, the drawback is for each extra function, the effectiveness of the spell is reduced by a rank. So a spell with two functions are a rank lower than they normally would be. Three functions means two ranks lower, and so on and so on.

Knockback: Any spell that pushes an opponent away or brings them closer is knock back. This is half the maximum range of the spell or lower.

Death: Death is a possibility in the land of Fiore. Usually this is kept in killing viable fights, though there are some exceptions to this. While every rank has the potential do to harm and eventually kill another player, the chances of this happening are much lower for weaker mages.
D: Extremely low
C: Very Low
B: Low
A: Medium
S: High
X: Very high
Z: Extremely high (Applies to all ranks above)

Maximum Damage Output (MDO): The maximum damage output is the maximum amount of damage that can be done with a single spell. A spell cannot do no more than twice it's rank in damage. So an A rank spell can do a maximum of S rank damage in a single post. This is even with buffs and enhancements. 

Spell Training: Training spells is done by word count. For each spell, you have to type a certain word amount in order to learn that specific spell in a training topic.

  • D: 250 words
  • C: 500 words
  • B: 750 words
  • A: 1,000 words
  • S: 1,500 words
  • X: 2,000 words
  • Z: 3,000 words

Retraining spells: If you are upgrading spells to a different rank, the word count is halved.

  • C: 250 words
  • B: 500 words
  • A: 750 words
  • S: 1,000 words
  • X: 1,500 words
  • Z: 2,000 words

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PostSubject: Re: Spell rules   Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:45 pm


These abilities affects a mage’s magic choice to suit best for their combat style. The properties listed are unique for an individual’s magic and helps bring diversity to the playing field.

Burn : This type of damage can apply to various types of magic. Burn damage lingers of the opponent, typically in a fire-like state and continues to deal double the rank damage for a set amount of time or until extinguished using correct methods. This type of special damage is acquired automatically for Fire magic, and can later be achieved with Holy at B-rank (B-rank spells max for burn effect.)

Stun: Stun can be achieved through Lightning Magic only. Electricity has a natural property to surge through the body and affect the nerves in the area as a consequence. Although no additional damage is applied, depending on the rank of the spell a well-seasoned mage will have the ability to completely lock up their enemy’s movements.

Poisoning: Poison is a type of damage which refers to anything rejected by the body. This applies to Poison magic itself, but as well as Darkness once B-rank is achieved (B-rank spells max for poison effect.) These spells can cause direct damage to the opponent’s wellness, or attack their stats as a form of detrimental spell.

Bleed: Slicing or piercing a vital area will have the chance to severe a vein or artery. The body will continue to lose a C-rank amount of health for every post until treated. Basic methods (Applying pressure with gauze or cloth) will take four posts to stop the bleeding. Amputations will deal A-rank damage every post until treated. Wounds this severe require Healing magic (at least D-rank), a tourniquet, or other methods to seal the wound.

Blunt: This kind of damage is upon impact may cause broken bones, lacerations, and/or bruises. Blunt damage is frequently found in most spells as well as clubs, maces, or hammers and work more effectively in getting around tough barriers such as plated armor.

Slash: This damage is caused by an edged object or blade such as a sword or spells with physical properties. Excellent at dealing significant damage over a wide area, though weaker when versus any type of defense.

Pierce: Piercing focuses all energy behind a tapered point to provide maximum penetration. This provides a higher chance of striking vitals or breaching armor, however requires precision when in use.

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PostSubject: Re: Spell rules   Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:45 pm


A mage would use this type of spell to defend themselves or other people in the area against any sort of attack. The higher the rank the more defense you can provide. Defensive spells can be sustained and would take half to sustain a protective spell. They can be portable depending on size.

Barrier: Barriers are a form of defensive spells that are more versatile than their Shield counterparts, but forgoes their durability for their effectiveness. Barriers do not have to be stationary, and usually come in the form of magical coverings or some sort of portable defensive spell. 
D: 1D
C: 2D, 1C
B: 4D, 2C, 1B
A: 8D, 4C, 2B, 1A
S: 16D, 8C, 4B, 2A, 1S
X: 32D, 16C, 8B, 4A, 2S, 1X
Z: 64D, 32C, 16B, 8A, 4S, 2X, 1Z

Shields: Shields are the more durable form of defense, able to withstand more damage before being destroyed. However, they are stationary and cannot be moved after they have been cast.
D: 2D, 1C
C: 4D, 2C, 1B
B: 8D, 4C, 2B, 1A
A: 16D, 8C, 4B, 2A, 1S
S: 32D, 16C, 8B, 4A, 2S, 1X
X: 64D, 32C, 16B, 8A, 4S, 2X, 1Z
Z: 128D, 64C, 32B, 16A, 8S, 4X, 2Z

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PostSubject: Re: Spell rules   Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:46 pm


This consist of everything else such as flight, buffs, debuffs, and healing. Anything else that doesn't fall within offensive and defensive should be placed here.


Healing spells are spells that are used to repair damaged characters.

Restore: This is the most common type of restore. It refers to healing injuries or damage. To completely restore a wound of equal rank, it takes approximately two posts. The healing must be sustained for the entire duration of the posts, and if broken, the healing process must start over. Healing magic is typically limited to Holy magic, though other magics can have possible healing within proper terms. This is based on the staff grading the app, and if the staff feels as if the magic at hand is inadiquite for healing, the spell can be denied.
D: First Aid (Cannot be used in battle)
C: 1 D-rank per post
B: 1 C-rank per post
A: 1 B-rank per post
S: 1 A-rank per post
X: 1 S-rank per post (Resurrection in 8 posts)
Z: 1 X-rank per post (Resurrection in 4 posts)

If a player is resurrected, they cannot act for two posts. 


Buffs and Debuffs fall under the same category in terms of each other, but they are both different. Buffs give you some sort of boost, be it making you faster or stronger or such, while Debuffs do just the opposite. One can buff/debuff multiple stats, but the effectiveness is split among each stat. So if an S rank wanted to buff both strength and speed, they would only be able to buff each by 30% (60% divided among two stats). These are all ranked down.
D: 10%
C: 20%
B: 30%
A: 40%
S: 60%
X: 80%
Z: 100%

Flight: Spells that give the caster some way of flying are special. First off, the mage flying can only fly at a speed of half their movement speed (unless enhanced further via buffs or debuffs). 

Enchantments are spells hat basically do not fall under anything else. They can help a mage in a tough situation. They cannot deal damage, heal, protect, buff or debuff.
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PostSubject: Re: Spell rules   

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Spell rules
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