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 Stuff concerning magic and spells

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Claire Anderson


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PostSubject: Stuff concerning magic and spells   Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:05 am

Some things I have noticed that aren't explicitly stated anywhere. They are all pretty important things, so I think the rules/systems should be reworded to clarify these aspects ASAP (if you are still in the middle of working on these very aspects well, just ignore me Emo Corner ):

1) How many starting spells (in total and per rank) can be created by a player, in relation to the player's rank. The rules state the maximum spell slots allocated for each rank, but not how many of these spell slots can be used for the starting spells.

2) If there are fixed rules concerning cooldowns (like, "all spells of that rank must have that cooldown"), or if you are planning to evaluate this aspect on an individual basis. If you haven't decided yet, I personally recommend this second option, for a plethora of reasons I can expand on if you want.

3) What are the rules in regards to mana costs (like, how much is a spell supposed to cost, depending on its rank).

4) Assuming that the "points system" means that one can have as many magics they want, provided that the sum of the worth of all those magics is equal or lower than the player's available magic points, we need to know the worth of the various kinds of magic.

5) Lastly, when/how do stats come into play? The topic dedicated to them only explains how to train them, but not what the starting level for each start is, nor when we are supposed to decide on this starting level (the template for the character app doesn't have a "stats" section).

Again, apologies if this post turns out to be redundant/superfluous. I just thought I'd point out/ask these things.
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PostSubject: Re: Stuff concerning magic and spells   Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:21 am

This will probably answer your first three questions: http://fairytailreborn.forumotion.com/t9-spell-rules

4. If you check here it explain what each on costs: http://fairytailreborn.forumotion.com/t70-the-magic-points-system

Elemental magics fall under Custom Magics
5. Stats are being redone as of now, Gin did break them down for you so it would easier to figure it out
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Stuff concerning magic and spells
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