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 Rom [done]

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Rom white

Rom white

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PostSubject: Rom [done]   Tue Mar 01, 2016 5:27 am


Name: Rom
Nicknames: Snowy fairy Rom.
Gender: Female
Race: half human, half fairy.
Age: ten years old.
Birthday: June 20th X779
Sexuality: bisexual.
Guild: White tiger.
Rank: B rank.
Face Claim: Rom from hyperdimensional Neptunia rebirth two.

Description: Rom is a young, shy and innocent seven year old girl coming from Lowee, a country far away from Fiore, and is very shy around everyone she meets, making her a hard person to make friends with but is very kind and sweet once you get to know her. Rom is also fairly sick and has a hard time being able to do physical activities or doing much of anything besides walking, talking and practicing her magic for a short period of time before needing to take some medicine to help her stay awake and not pass out from exhaustion. Rom likes to play and have fun for the limited time she can before needing her medicine, with the time she can play or do any physical activities being ten minutes, and her medicine increasing that time to half a hour. Rom is very shy about talking about her illness and if anyone brings it up, she tends to try and change the topic and not bring it up ever again, as it is a very sensitive issue with her. Sweet and innocent, Rom tends to not understand what other people say when they are saying when they are using big words and just say "uh-uh.." whenever they continue to say things she doesn't understand.

  • Snow: being from a snowy and cold country, Rom loves the snow and loves to watch it flutter down onto the ground, as it is so pretty.
  • drawing: Rom is a kid and she loves to draw and make pictures with any and all things that can be drawn on.
  • playing with others: Rom, even though she is sick, loves to play with others and run around with them with the limited time she has before she needs to go and rest.


  • being sick: Rom is critically sick and is unable to do anything other people can do after ten minutes, which is something Rom just doesn't like but can't help it one bit.
  • being bedridden: Whenever Rom is forced to stay in bed and not move from it, thanks to her illness, Rom is very upset and dislikes this a lot.
  • needles: they are painful, long and they make you bleed and Rom hates to get hurt and having needles put into her, but if it is to help her get better, she can bare it for a while.


  • getting better from her illness:wanting to get better, Rom wants to find a way to have her illness get cured by any means she finds, unless the means is she can't use her magic or can never see her sisters again.
  • to get stronger: being ill, Rom isn't able to get stronger but still wants to grow stronger, even if it means she gets hurt.
  • to return to her sisters: having been shipped out to Fiore and only being able to talk to her sisters through video chat, Rom wants to get healthy and return to Lowee to see her sisters in person for the first time ever.


  • dying from her illness: even though her illness is a mild one, Rom is still very much afraid of her being killed by her illness and never seeing her sisters ever again.
  • lightning: the sounds of crashing and the light that comes, it is terrifying and makes Rom want it to go away and never return.
  • being a outcast: Rom is a very shy and innocent young girl and wants nothing more then to make friends, and fears of being a outcast to everyone in the world


Height: 122 centimeters tall
Weight: 27 kilograms
Apperance: Rom has short, light brown, straight hair that goes down barely to her shoulders. Rom normally wears a white and blue, short dress that goes all the way down to her knees, has golden buttons to button up the front half and her sleeves ends and has a pink bow on the front of it. Rom has soft blue eyes and is almost always seen with her custom made dress and small blue and white hat, which were made by her older sister, Blanc, and never takes it off until she heads to bed. Rom loves to keep her hat on, even in a heatwave, as it keeps reminding her off her sisters, Ram and Blanc, and it makes her feel as if the two of them are right there with her. Rom also wears some long socks, a pair of winter boots and always keeps them clean and tidy, as she never wants to make them dirty as Blanc put a lot of time into making her clothes.
Guild Tattoos: right knee, blue.


Hometown: Lowee, outside of Fiore, nearby Planeptune.
History: born into the land of lowee with her twin sister Ram, Rom was born incredibly weak and sick, having to be in the intense care center for over a month just to keep her alive. Rom, after being taken out of the intensive care, was being cared for by her older sister Blanc, as her mother and farther had been killed during a event while Rom was in the intensive care, and was still very sick, unlike her sister Ram who was very worried about Rom. once Rom was old enough to walk and talk, Blanc had already gotten someone to take care of Rom and ensure she was able to get health in Fiore, while Ram was still keeping Rom company and keeping her safe from harm. Blanc, as soon as she packed and readied everything for Rom's carer, had gotten the plane tickets and had her friend Mina take care of Ram while she took Rom to Fiore, playing with her and giving her a lot of attention of which she wasn't able to while she was getting everything ready. once at Fiore, Blanc had put Rom to sleep and headed to the town of which was coldest and perfect for Rom to stay in and heal up her illness, as it was very resilient to the heat and the cold seemed to weaken it and make it so then Rom could walk around and be able to have fun for a short period of time before having to take some medicine to stay active. growing up in the small village with her new carer, a young girl calling herself Broccoli, Rom had gotten used to the new surroundings and was able to do stuff that she wasn't able to for the short period of time she had before needing to take her medicine, so then her illness didn't act up again and make her too sick to do anything. Rom got to talk to her sisters through video chat everyone few days as Blanc wanted to check up on her to see if she was OK and to keep her company whenever she got called back in to rest up and recover her energy, where she would stay in bed and read a few story books to pass the time, while also helping her knowledge of magic grow, since the story books involved mages. once Rom was old enough to join a guild at the age of 5, Broccoli took her to join the white tiger and have her study on ice magic, as it was the only thing that could make the illness Rom had weak enough to allow her to fight. to this day, Rom has been known as the ice fairy of the white tiger guild.

RP Sample: was Elysion looking at a girls chest? Melody was curious as to why but let it fade away as she just saw it as simple jealousy, of which was understandable for her and Melody herself, as of her particularly small chest, which might even be smaller then Elysion's own bust, but she was envious or anything, as she knew looks weren't everything. personality counted a lot more then looks and it proved to people that you wasn't shallow and that you liked people for their personality more then their looks.

listening to Elysion, it seemed as if she was nervous but yet she answered the questions anyway, which worried her a lot. Melody's tick was about to go off when the waiter got their food and drink's, in which Melody took the drink very quickly and drank some of it to try and prevent her tick from happening but it tasted a bit bad, in which Melody spat out the drink at the waiter. (MAGES. cruelty trait) "Oh.. I am so so sorry. I didn't mean to do that. umm... could you please get me the same drink as my friend here? I am so sorry. " Melody said as she got up and bowed her head down to try and say sorry to him in the only way she knew how. Melody was still very upset with herself, but she would eat some of the sushi and would find it very tasty, in which she would start to eat it very elegantly and politely as she was like a noble.

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Rom white

Rom white

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PostSubject: Re: Rom [done]   Wed Mar 02, 2016 2:27 am

ready for review. Bump!
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Rom [done]
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