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 Lilynette Gold

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Character sheet
Name: Lilynette Gold (L-Sha)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
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PostSubject: Lilynette Gold   Tue Mar 01, 2016 1:57 am


Name: Lilynette Gold
Nicknames: L-Sha, Lily, L , The Golden Lily and/or Gold L
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 20 Years Old
Birthday: June 13th X769
Sexuality: Bisexual
Guild: Guildless
Rank: C-Rank
Face Claim:Vila - Granblue Fanstay


Lilynette at a quick glance could be sum up as your typical knight even if she doesn't look like the standard male knight. Being a busty golden haired female, people tend to underestimate her or think she playing make-believe, but that is fine. Lilynette's main goal in life isn't trying to prove her worth to others. She has one main goal. As a monster hunter, she will rid the Fiore and the world of all monsters, but Lilynette does have a code of honor or conduct. Her knight like traits an her Monster Hunter mindset can often clash. She hates how people in Fiore want to give human rights to monsters when she comes from a land where humans were nothing more than food and playthings for the more powerful and advanced monster races. Alias, she is bound by honor to respect the laws of the land. Though she has no problem speaking freely about her view on monsters. L-Sha has be told that her view on monsters are on the exterme side, but she brushes those comments to the side. She may dislike and hate monsters, but she will not randomly attack them (unless she on a monster hunting quest). She isn't that blind.

When dealing with Lilynette the rule of thumb is the less human you look the more wary and unease Lily will feel towards you. Lily is able to interact with halfings and even some monsters, but it might take some time for her to open up. It varies from halfing to halfing. Though if your a cute halfing, Lily might just hug you to death, smothering them with her bust. The girly part of her can't reist cute things.

When comes to romance, L-Sha has no problem in trying to win the heart of someone she interested in. With a body like hers, she pretty sure she can whoo people. She not afraid to use her assets to her advantage. When she likes someone she can get touchy with them. One to let them know she interested in them and second to let other people know that she claim them for herself.


Gold: The look of it. The feel of it. The shiny metal appeals to all of her senses and more. Gold equals beauty. Even a gay man or a straight woman would have to admit that Lilynette is a golden standrad of beauty.Golden hair pair with golden eyes, how is that not sexy.

Cute Things: Even if she tries to hide her girly side at times due to businesses reasons or something. Lilynette can't resist hugging and squeeing over cute things like kittens, bunnies and cute girls. They are just so soft and sweet.

Warm Baths/Massages: Nothing makes Lily more relax than taking a nice warm bath or getting a massage to drain all the stress from her body after a hard day of work.


Fool's Gold: Who ever came up with that mess should die and if Lily evers get false gold from anyone she will beat them up.

'Big Boobs, Dumb Girl Stereotype': Yes Lilynette bust is something to be inawe of, but don't assume she a dummy. She not a genuis by any means, but hates it when people think she slow just for having a large bust size. This is why she perfers older men. Younger men tend to think she an easy laid.

Bustier Women: Lilynette is more attarcted to women who is smaller than her in the chest area (even if she likes to taunt them). She isn't sure why, maybe its a pride thing. Maybe its because she make fun of flat/small chested women.


Monster Hunter: Lilynette has a dream, no a goal to rid the land of Fiore of all monsters and magical creatures. Dragons, Vampires, Angels, Demons and other monsters that terrorize the lands. She had a horrible experience with them in the past. Unless anyone tries to change her view on them she countine her quest on slaying monsters.

Marriage/Love: Lilynette doesn't know how much time she has in this world. Her life could end in an instant. Before her death happens she would like find a lover of her own. Someone to come home to at night. Someone who will hold her and never let go. Maybe they get marry and raise a family. Gender doesn't matter to Lily though she has her favorites.

Guild/Magic Council: Even if Lilynette has a distrust for guilds and the Council she knows that the bonds between Guildmates can unbreakable. Lilynette wants to be apart of something larger. She wants to the chance to forged bonds with others.


Becoming a Monster: One of goals is to kill at the monsters, but what happens if she becomes the things she loathes? Will she have to take her own life? Will anyone love her? The thought of turning into a monster makes Lily very frighten.

Lonely Heart: Never finding love or dying before she can love someone. All creatures desire to be loved. No-one wants to live thier life alone.

Monsters Rules: A simple fear, she doesn't want to think of a world rule by simple-minded and dangerous beasts. If that ever happens, the world has turly come to an end.


Height: 5 feet & 6 Inches
Weight: Private Information
Apperance: Lilynette Gold is noticed for being the most curvy and busty of the girls in her family and may very well be the oldest out of her brothers and sisters. She has long curled light golden hair with long bangs neatly framing her face. Lily's eyes also seem to take on a golden/darkish yellow color. Her golden hues always seem a have a hint of sadness to them. Her skin usually most women in her family has a healthly peach color instead of being pale. Her skin could be describle as perfect, but even Lilynette isn't perfect. She does have a few scars scattered around her body from going on monster hunts. Lilynette bust is a bit on the large side, but not big enough to give her any sort of back problems. A nice hourglass figure, with long smooth legs. It no wonder why Lilynette likes to look at herself in the mirror and tends to be confident in attarcting people to her.

For attire, Lilynette tends to stick to fancy looking clothing and armor. Nearly all of her outfits have some type of gold with them. For Jewerly, Lily always wears hear golden cross necklac around her neck.

Guild Tattoos: Due to being Guildless, Lily has no guild tattoo, but if/when she gets one. The Tattoo will be gold and located on the center of her back.


Hometown: E-Rentai, Fallen city outsde of Fiore

The Story of Lilynette Gold doesn't start inside the landmass known as Fiore, no her story begins in a little known city that was bulit among the outskirts and far out places of Fiore. Lilynette Gold was born in the city known as E-Rentai. E-Rentai was a large independent city that ws located in between a mountian range and the desert. Due to the distance it was away from Fiore, it was rare for anyone from Guilds or the Magic Council to aid E-Rentai in times of need. Still when Fiore fail to help. The city came up with own way to protect itself. E-Rentai is home to the Golden Tower. The Golden Tower was a shrine fill with magical power and was made out of pure gold. No ones how or who bulit the golden shrine, but that was of little importance to the people of E-Rentai. The Golden Tower had two functions, first it was a place of worship. Second the Golden Tower is used to select and infuse a new generation of Monster Hunters. When a child is born they is taken to the Golden Tower. If the Tower deems the newborn worthy of being a Monster Hunter the Tower will infused the newborn with the magical power known as the Golden Power. The Golden Power varies between each Hunter, as they grow older and train the Golden Power. The Golden Power suits the combat style and dreams of the Hunter. Hunters with the Golden Power are easy to spot. Their last name is change into golden and they given nickname 'Gold plus the first letter in thier first name. Their eyes and hair are golden in color.

Lilynette became Lilynette Gold and was given the Hunter name 'Gold L' when she ws taken to the Golden Tower. Lilynette was the one in her first to be blessedin becoming a hunter. The early years of her life was just like any other children living in a poor city. It was tough having to go with food for days or even weeks, but it just made her tougher and less picky when comes to meals. When she was around ten her training with the Golden Power would begin. She enrolled in a school along side other hunters as they learn about warfare, surival tactics, monsters and of course the Golden Power. Day by day, Lilynette body would become more durable, her mind sharper and her ability to tap into the golden power easier. School was like a magical military bootcamp. After six long years, Lilynette became a fully fledged Huntress and begin her duty to E-Rentai as she stop criminals and slay monsters that threat to invade the city or to harm humans. Lilynette manage to kill dozens of monsters and made a name for herself. The life of Hunter was dangerous, but it gave Lilynette purpose in her life.

Three years later, when Lilynette was sleeping. The city of E-Rentai was attack by a massive army of monsters, ranging from demons to trolls and even a few fallen angels here there. Not even the Hunters stood much of a chance, while their were powerful. Their numbers were small. In matter of hours of city of E-Rentai was conquered by the monster army. The Golden Tower was destoryed and nearly all of the Hunters were kill.  The men was slaughter as women where captured and used as playthings and slaves. Not even the children were spare.

Lilynette watch her city fall as in mer hours. Lilynette was spared from death only due to her youth and beauty. Lilynette was tied up and thrown into a wagon as she was taken out of the E-Rentai to be sold off to some noble monsters in another city. Not wanting to spend the rest of life as some monster's toy. She manage to espaced from her eneimes and slay them all. Dropping to her knees and cried as she realize her city was lost. Her hatred for monsters grew as she wander the lands until she enter Fiore.

With a lost city and growing hate. Lilynette decided that she would start new life in Fiore and begin her quest to rid the world of monsters for good.  

RP Sample:

The Cielo native would let out a small sigh of disappointed as she wander the streets of Valderice. Compare to her home of Cielo, Valderice was so low tech and dull looking. Elysion wonder how the people of this place can stand it. She really did miss living in Cielo, but her parents wanted her to become independent. So they kick her out and now Elysion had to make something of herself. "Such a dull and chilly city." Maybe wearing her school uniform wasn't the best choice after all even if she really like it.

As Elysion was wandering the streets she would see the Four Bells Monument up ahead. With nothing else to do, Elysion would walk towards the monument and stare at it. She heard about how people find the sight amazing, but to her it was underwhelming. "Why couldn't this be a statue of humongous mecha? People here have no taste." Elysion wasn't paying attention to her surrounding her main focus was on the bells.

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PostSubject: Re: Lilynette Gold   Wed Mar 02, 2016 8:52 am

Wow, I must say this is really good! Just one thing:

-Change the year to X769 to match the date.

All but that looks good ^^
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Posts : 282

Character sheet
Name: Lilynette Gold (L-Sha)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
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PostSubject: Re: Lilynette Gold   Wed Mar 02, 2016 2:38 pm

Fixed. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Lilynette Gold   Wed Mar 02, 2016 2:58 pm

All looks good!

Approved :D
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Lilynette Gold
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