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 Melody Blaise [Completed]

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PostSubject: Melody Blaise [Completed]   Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:18 pm


Name: Luana Suzuki
Nicknames: Melody Blaise
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Elf
Age: 20
Birthday: February 5, X770
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Guild: Lamia Scale
Rank: S-Rank
Face Claim: Sakine Meiko - Vocaloid

Description: Melody is a kind woman, always wanting to help out those in need, and welcomes lots of people, especially those in need, into her guild. This acceptance could be harmful, but Melody would surely straighten anything bad out with the guild immediately. She tends to think of the members of Lamia Scale as her little children. Sure, some may be older then her, but Melody has the responsibility of watching over them and leading the guild through good times and bad.

Ebullient and highly social, Melody loves to talk with just about anyone. She would be fine with having hour long conversations with people regularly. This would sap time away, but Melody does enjoy the time off from all the responsibilities that comes with being a guild master. Anyone would really. Melody can't think of a single person who would enjoy filling out papers for the Magic Council, writing apology letters because your guild members wrecked something during a job, and things such as that.

She is a highly creative person. She loves all kinds of art forms and is excellent at a lot of them. This includes painting, writing, and especially music. Though she knows it may be difficult with guild master responsibilities, Melody actually wishes to become a well renounced musician or singer. She knows it's by a long shot, but hey, a girl can keep trying.

Of course nobody's perfect. Everyone has their negative traits. Melody tends to get envious, and in some cases, she may splurge and spend too much money. If she's not careful, this could very well end up financially detrimental for her.

Melody also tends to overlook things. She spends so much time analyzing something that she often overlooks the simplest answer, which obviously can lead to some complications when it comes to requests, matters within her guild, battles, and more.


  • Music - Music has always been a huge part of Melody's life and she will never cease to stop loving it.
  • Quenya - She doesn't know how she knows the language, but she does, and she finds it easier to speak then English. It was her first language after all.
  • Water - Melody loves the water. She loves pool, beaches, the rain, and anything to do with water. She has no idea why, she just likes it and likes being near it.


  • Idiotic Behavior - Melody has little to no tolerance for this. If one of her guild members acts up, she will put a punishment on them so fast...
  • The Cold - Melody has never been a huge fan of the cold, which is exactly why she prefers to stay in Hargeon, where it's warm most of the year.
  • Cliques - Melody has never been fond of cliques and cliquey people. She doesn't see any good reason to only hang out with people who have the same interests as you.


  • Finding Sacha - Sacha literally got up and left without a single trace. She didn't even tell Melody where she was going, or even the fact that she was leaving. So Melody's goal is to find Sacha.
  • Her Family - Melody can't remember anything about her own family. She doesn't know where she came from, and she doesn't even know her own last name. Melody really wants to find out those things and more.
  • Bring Up LS - As a guild master, Melody wants to bring Lamia Scale to it's former glory and make it even stronger then it was before.


  • Being Disliked - Nobody likes being disliked, but Melody is a guild master, and your guild mates have to like you, right? Melody would be devastated to see someone disliking or hating her.
  • Never Finding Sacha - Melody fears this more then never finding out about where she came from or who her family is. Sacha has been more of a family to her then her real family, or at least that's what Melody thinks. Never seeing Sacha again would leave Melody heartbroken.
  • Failure - It's understandable to not want failure but Melody is absolutely terrified to fail. She knows that many people do fail at certain things and failure is normal, but she still has a great fear of failure.


Height: 5"6
Weight: 128 lbs
Appearance: Melody is a girl of average height (which is highly unusual for someone who is half-elf.) She has a curved body with delicate features and (despite how much she stays outside) fair skin. Her ears have a slight point to it. Not quite as pointy as a full elf's ears, but definitely noticeable. Despite her much lady like appearance, Melody can still fight with martial arts, and with magic.

Melody has short, neck length, straight brown hair. You would hardly see her with any hair accessories in, besides possibly a red headband with a single rose. Speaking of roses, Melody's favorite color and favorite color to wear is red. She will normally wear a red crop top, a red skirt with black shorts underneath, and knee length brown boots that have no heal to them. When it's colder out, Melody will obviously dress differently. She would wear pants or leggings with either tennis shoes, snow boots, or ankle boots, along with a long sleeved shirt or sweater and a warm red coat.

Guild Tattoos: Right Shoulder - Red


Hometown: Nyelle in Seven
History: Melody was not born in Fiore, but was born in it's neighboring country Seven. In Seven, there's a very little known town called Nyelle. Nyelle resides in a beautiful forest that resides behind a waterfall. There have been rumors of a magical elf village such as Nyelle, but it's protected with ancient elvish magic that only allows people of elvish blood to go inside of it. This does not prevent an elf from leaving Nyelle. The elves didn't want to completely isolate themselves from the outside world after all. An elf can make a non-elf immune to Nyelle's effects for as long as the elf desires.

Melody was not actually "Melody." If you were born of elvish descent, you were given an elvish name. Melody's name was actually Luana. As her mother was elvish and her father was human, she took on her father's last name, which is Suzuki.

Long story short, Melody was abandoned before she could even hold substantial memories, but long enough for her to understand Quenya. While she was abandoned, somehow a  woman named Sacha Blaise found her. With no identification and nobody, nor any village around, Sacha took Melody with her and gave her the name Melody. Melody also took on Sacha's surname, Blaise. She would now be known as "Melody Blaise."

Melody grew up in Fiore, only knowing that she came from somewhere in Seven, and somehow knew a bit of Quenya. Although she often imagined where she came from, Melody couldn't imagine anywhere else she would rather be then in Fiore. This was where her "mother" (Sacha) was, and this was where her guild was. Plus, it's not like she missed out on elvish education. Sacha allowed her to continue her studies of Quenya and Tengwar, which Melody loved a lot.

Growing up, Melody was automatically in the Lamia Scale guild and was expected to sooner or later learn magic. So, with the help of Sacha and other guild members, Melody was able to learn Sacred Light magic. Unlike normal light magic, this allowed for Melody to be able to heal and buff while still attack.

Melody rose to become a high ranking member of Lamia Scale, and was chosen by Sacha to become the guild ace. About a year passed, and Sacha mysteriously left. Unsure of where she went, the guild procrastinated and hoped for her return. However, when she didn't, it was time for Melody to step up from her position as ace and become Lamia Scale's new guild master.

RP Sample: Sayura was now in the glorious town of Magnolia. Everyone seemed so upbeat and happy. Kids were practically dragging their parents towards the circus. Sayura found it pretty neat how there were canals filled with water and people in gondolas transporting either themselves or other people around Magnolia. The streets were cobblestone and everyone walked everywhere. Nobody was in carriages, like in Era. In fact, the streets were pretty narrow, and there were all kinds mini markets along some pathways as well. Overall, it seemed like a rather happy and peaceful place to live. It was hard to imagine the most rambunctious guild of all time stationed here. But then again, Sayura didn't know where else it would be at. The only other place she could think of was Hosenka but it fit the Blue Pegasus image much more then Fairy Tail. Along with that, Hosenka was just too crowded for the Fairy Tail guild. They needed more space to do whatever they did that earned them the reputation of being the most high-energy guild. Whatever it was, Sayura was sure that she would never find herself doing that... on a daily basis at least. Sayura actually couldn't imagine herself having so much energy like that. She guessed that was why she figured she didn't belong in a guild. She wasn't sure she could keep up with them. The Magic Council however, that was just right for her. Now, she knew that there were probably more people out there who didn't like the Magic Council more then they disliked dark guilds, and some people thought that the Magic Council was corrupted or something, but she thought all their systems made sense. Some people probably just didn't like some of the decisions made by the Magic Council, just as they wouldn't for any system. There's always something at least one person doesn't like. Speaking of things people didn't like, Sayura didn't like just standing here and admiring the town. She had more things to be doing. For example, training. This town may house the rowdiest guild of all times, but they also house the guild that probably trains the most as well. Other then small quarrels and requests, they have to get their energy out another way, don't they? What better way to do that, then to train? It does two things in one for them: Get their energy out, and get them stronger. Sayura would be training to do one of those things: Get stronger.
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PostSubject: Re: Melody Blaise [Completed]   Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:00 pm

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Melody Blaise [Completed]
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