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 LeeAnn Nakamura-Riland {Done}

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PostSubject: LeeAnn Nakamura-Riland {Done}   Sat Feb 27, 2016 7:28 pm



Name: LeeAnn Nakamura-Riland
Nicknames: Fairy Queen, The Black Dragon, Masked Fiend
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Gowl
Age: 20
Birthday: October 31st, X769
Sexuality: Straight
Guild: Fairy Tail
Rank: S-rank
Face Claim: Kushina Uzumaki from Naruto and Kaya Imiri from Tokyo Ghoul

Description: LeeAnn is a very complex persona as everything is like a pile of puzzle pieces. You have to puzzle everything together in order to understand her. For hte most part, she is very serious about her job. She is a very hard worker and is known to work herself a bit too hard. She can never stop thinking about her perfect everything is. As her job as guildmaster, she tends to stress herself out a bit too much with work and worries about her little fairies getting out of hand. LeeAnn has a hard time relaxing about anything. She is the complete opposite of her adopted father, who is completely relaxed and anything.

She consistly wears a mask because of what she is. She is not completely human, but half of one and half of a ghoul-like monster that does not feed on people. Many mistaken her appearance for a ghoul in her ghowl form. She hides herself under a mask when people start questioning what she is. LeeAnn is a very good actress when it comes with this.

In the terms of her guild, she is very sweet and always willing to help anyone who needs help. She gives everyone a chance and believes in giving those chances to people in need. But she knows when not to let people abuse her kindness. When it comes to threatening her life or anyone she loves, her inner dragon comes out. She is very protective of her guild and friends. LeeAnn lives by the Fairy Tail law. LeeAnn is a true leader and remains strong as much as she can. Around the other guildmasters, she remains serious for more serious matters unlike her old guildmaster. During the regular casual guildmaster meetings, she is a bit more relaxed and willing to talk. Most of the time, she is very approachable and easy to talk to.

Overall, LeeAnn is a hard worker and wants things to go well. She hates failure especially being a new guildmaster of a big guild. LeeAnn is leant if you talk to her about somethings and very understanding. A true and big heart indeed, but is very cautious. As one of her spirits could say, she does bottle things up to remain strong. Her biggest flaw is her temper. It can be easily triggered by anything that irritates her like putting down her guild or dissing on anything

  • Her Guardians:Her Guardians have been with her for as long as she could remember. They are like parents to her and are considered family. Concord and Sylveon have always been there for her. She is very close to them.
  • Alcohol: As in her illness and being half ghowl, she is immune to alcohol since it the only sort of liquid she can have. Even water, she cannot have. It has to be something with alcohol. Most people do not understand this at all because its not that common.
  • Being a Dragon Slayer: The aspect of being taught by a dragon is something that is not too common among society. She finds it a treasure she holds special. Makes her feel special.


  • Transportation: With being a dragon slayer, she does not like riding on any sort of transportation what so ever. Though, riding on her spirit, Concord, does not affect her.
  • Failure: Failure is not a option with being a big title such as the Fairy Tail Guildmaster.
  • Loneliness: In Fairy Tail you would think they you felt safe and family. Sure. But with her being a half Ghowl and Zion gone. She feels alone. Though she has her adopted mother and her two spirits, Concord and Sylveon. She still feels alone like a part of her was missing.


  • Fairy Tail: This is her main drive in life. Its the spirit. The bonds. The family that she misses in life. Her mentor/father/master had given her life here and she wants to make him proud. It's the only sort of connection she has with Zion.
  • Dragon Slayer: That one word Shi-Kage said to her that she had more faith than in her than most of his apprentices. She could become the most powerful dragon slayer in the country.
  • Guardian: They are like the parents they were never there for her. Zion and Lisa could fulfill that, but the guardians are her one and true friends that were always there for her. They share the same feelings as her.


  • -Dark Powers: One big hurdle she faces is her Shadow Dragon Slayer. The only reason why the dragon she had met accepted her to be a Shadow Dragon slayer is because she had a strong enough will and heart to fight its dark powers. Along with that her Ghowl blood and her illness fall into factor. She fears that she will loose control.
  • Never Finding her Adopted Father/Old Guildmaster: Zion himself was an idol in her eyes and life. He gave her a purpose and saved her from living on the streets with Concord and Sylveon. After he recently up and left the guild without a word, she doesn't know what to do with that guidance in her life. She feels like a ghost looking for their soul. Lost. Now she has to figure out who she really is and has to learn how to lead a guild.
  • People finding out about her other side: When people hear the word "Ghowl", they think its a ghoul when it really isn't. People will go on a rage for something they don't understand.


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 lbs
Apperance: LeeAnn is half human, half-Ghowl. LeeAnn's true form involves long, crimson hair with blue eye the color of cerulean. This redhead is medium built and quite quick on her feet when in comes to running. She is very tall for a female and has a nice, slender body. Her posture is very good and always looking professional.

When she activates her magic, her eyes change color to blood red pupils and black in the surrounding areas. Red vein like markings appear from her eyes. Her hair changes from crimson to long and brown. She usually wears a mask that is a form of a doberman dog.

Outfit wise, most of the time she wears a green dress with a white collared shirt or some other outfit. Sometimes she wears black leather armor with a black cape and hood. She does wears this on meetings with the other guildmasters or any other important events.  
Guild Tattoos: White on her left upper arm


Hometown: Born in Clover then Grew up and now lives in Magnolia

On the night of Halloween, LeeAnn was seperated from her parents from birth as being saved by her assigned Gaurdian, Concord. He take her as a baby to save her from utter dark fate of living life as a half-Ghowl. Leeann was born as a Half-Ghowl, Half-Human. The Ghowl species is a relation to the infamous Ghoul, who eats humans. They're mistaken for Ghoul since they have similar factors such as the eyes and the taste to human. Unlike Ghouls, Ghowls do kill and each humans, but instead can eat other things that are rare such as Griffons, Unicorn Blood, and many other things. Though, human is a main course the body needs. Other foods such as certain fruits and other foods and drinks are toxic to their body. Ghowls suffer from a huge appetite and when not satisfied they are under a lot of pain.

Living a life a Ghowl was harsh and always trying to hide, LeeAnn being half human had it a bit easier if she did live with her original parents. Concord carried her from Clover to Magnolia for two days. She was hungry and cranky the whole time. When he arrived in the East Forest, LeeAnn's cries were loud and hurting his ears. He was lost and didn't know what to do. A man named Zion Riland, the Fairy Tail Guildmaster at the time. He noticed LeeAnn's unanswered cries. When he approached, he noticed Concord and a few day old hungry infant. Oddly, he looked at LeeAnn then at Concord. He decided to take in LeeAnn. Concord explain the situation that he was saving her from a rough life and giving her a life she well deserved. Zion was a understanding man and took her in as one of his own with his oldest son.

Childhood of a Fairy

LeeAnn grew up being the adopted daughter of Zion and Lisa Riland. She had an older brother who would get jealous of her since his parents gave her extra attention since she was half Ghowl. The consistant hunger for human flesh was over bearing. Concord had to control her from attacking her own guildmates or family. It was until then when Zion encounter someone who could knew of their situation. He would help aid Zion by giving him different foods such as Unicorn Blood, rare plants, and other small things and even best of all...human flesh. The man said that give her the human meat once every few months and she would be fine. It disgusted her family, but Zion knew it had to be done. How the man got the meat was through legal means getting bodies that would fall off cliffs or people who had committed suicide.

As time grew on, life became easier for her with the hunger. Life as a Fairy was never boring and there was something new every day. She would hang with the older members who would alway throw things and start fights. Of course, she would get caught up in these fights. She was born a fairy. What else would she do? Zion would even get carried away with these fights. But time went on, she attended school like any normal kid. Everyone knew she was the Guildmaster's kid and gave her shit for being a Fairy. Concord and Sylveon tried to hold her back from fighting. She would always be sent home for getting into fights. As her mother would scold her, Zion would praise her for getting into trouble when really he was proud of her Fairy Tail spirit. Things were good until she started learning magic, she was interested in Shadow magic and how one could be a shadow and hid in the darkness. The concept was her style of fighting. LeeAnn grew to be have a lot of potential. Though her eyes started to bug out, they were changing int Ghowl eyes consisting of blood red with black surroudning and red veins peering from her eyes. Zion took it into his best concern to try his best with what little knowledge he had to help her control. The family had to keep it quiet about LeeAnn's secret even her adopted brother. For the mean time, they had hear wear sunglasses and masks saying it was a fashion statement of her. People questioned it, but they never bothered to see why.

During school, she would wear sunglasses to hide everything. Though, she was focus on always hiding her true secret and keeping herself on her toes. She would focus more on her studies of magic and the concept of control. She would work hard to learn magic and train her body. At age 10, LeeAnn had Concord and Zion coaching her into learning magic. Her older brother never took much part of this since he was always either gone or jealous that she was always getting more attention.


LeeAnn had finally mastered her magic and control her Ghowl powers. When she was 15, she had gotten so ahead in school that she graduate extremely early. She master S-rank at age 13 making her the youngest female to ever get S-rank at that age. Zion had taught her a lot and everyone in the guild saw him as a father. LeeAnn had the best benefits. She gained publicity and her name was shown all over Fiore known as the "The Fairy Queen" or the "Dark Flash" since she knew shadow magic. Though while thing were at it's peak, LeeAnn had began to feel something dark stirring in her. Concord and Sylveon had felt hte darkness with her powers to try to control. Being a high rank, she had a lot of control, but things were not over. She would be at this war for years to come. For a whole year, she attended a university and got a minor in Magical Arts and a Bacholer's in Magical History. She studied the ways magic worked and the history of it since she had a vast knowledge of everything and all teh legends. She finished this by the time she as 18

She was made Ace of Fairy Tail when she grew to be 17. Zion had thought she earned it and had the most potential out of all the able fairies. LeeAnn had to learn the things about beinga leader and have that title comes with responsibility. A lot of the members saw that she took this job very seriously. She never really took it lightly. LeeAnn took important jobs that were S-class and settled problems between gangs in Magnolia that always caused trouble. When Zion was too drunk to attend to the guildmaster meetings, she would fill in for him. LeeAnn was practically another guildmaster and took care of everyone. People who would challenge her would end up on their ass.

The Journey

When LeeAnn was 18, she decided she needed grow more as a mage so she told Zion and the guild she was going to become stronger. She left to go into the mountain and train in many different areas. The trip there was long since it was all the way in Mount Hakobe. There, LeeAn trained in the cold. A dragon in the northern part of the mountain range had spoted her. A shadow dragon named Shi-Kage. She was a liche style looking dragon seeking a vessel with a fighting spirit and one that would not quit. He took in LeeAnn as one of his own apprentices much like Zion did to her. He taught her the arts of a Shadow Dragon Slayer. LeeAnn went through two years of training to get to her peak like she once was. The jounery she had learning about herself and things around her. The magic she had considered was growing. Shi-Kage said that this magic is dark in many ways and one with a strong enough will and heart can over come this. He had lost many to its darkness, but he had faith in this one.

Leeann never forgot those words. "Faith". She didn't know what Shi-Kage meant by that, but it might come in handy for the near future. LeeAnn ws on her way home when news broke out that the guilds called White Tiger and Black Tiger broke out. To her knowledge this was new, she never thought much of it, but just went one her own way. Coming back home to find that Zion had mysterious left leaving nothing but a box with her name on it entitling her to guildmaster position. Now she is on a journey to discover who she really is and growth.

RP Sample: LeeAnn saw Sylveon do it again even when she had scolded her spirit. Oh great! Now she had to deal with people. "Sylveon! Get your ass over here" she would hiss. She saw a tall young male come out with a nice tan. LeeAnn just stared at him despite the knife and blood. Her neon yellow eyes just stared at him. Over ten years, that has done that to him. He look well toned and strong. Oh and finally he gotten a tan! LeeAnn couldn't believe it was him.

"B-b-b-b-blood! He's got a knife" she squealed. He ribbons wrapped around her vessel. Concord only sighed. He nudged LeeAnn to speak. The girl didn't respond. Again. Nothing. "Hikaru...Nakamura..." was all she said. Loki had to speak for her again? The cat pawed LeeAnn to snap her out of it. A deep sigh came from her hoping she could just get this over with.

"Lee-chan, he's got a knife, run or beat him up something" squealed Sylveon. Lee looked down giving a glare. "You and Concord stay here. I will do the talking" she whispered. Her heart felt like it was going to just pop out of her chest "I...um...heard that you opened a guild and so I thought you wouldn't mind accepted a member? If I am worthy enough" she said looking at him right in the eye. She was very seriously and hopefully her brother would not recongize her. But he was smarter than that. Who else had a black mark on teh half of her face and down her neck nad covered her full left arm? Well she did.

Loki's white cat ears twitched in annoyance. "Introduce yourself for, Lee" he whispered. LeeAnn was frozen in fear. "I think he may already know, Loki" she said nervously.

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So, I approve this wonderfully well-written app.

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LeeAnn Nakamura-Riland {Done}
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