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 IF [done]

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Character sheet
Name: IF
Alignment: Lawfally good
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PostSubject: IF [done]   Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:47 am


Name: IF
Nicknames: Iffy
Gender: female
Race: Half demon, half human.
Age: 16
Birthday: March 21st X774
Sexuality: pansexual
Guild: Blue Pegasus
Face Claim: IF from Hyperdimensional Neptunia.

Description: IF is a headstrong and serious person at first when people first meet her and tends to only focus on the important parts of her purpose of being in the area without paying any attention to the people around her, unless people befriend and have them be liked by IF herself. IF is a half demon, meaning she has only a few bits of demonic powers but has no recollection of her farther being a demon nor has any memory of him at all, so she keeps using her powers as if she was she was a chuunibyou, one that acts and fills the role of a person with demonic powers. when people become IF's friends, IF shows a more relaxed and more calm nature and tends to keep her serious personality to a minimum, though if people leave her for someone else that is prettier, has a larger bust or just down right ignore her, she gets very mad and it sets off some serious triggers in her mind, making her go down right mad and use up some of her demon abilities, with them all being fire based. she has a short fuse but she does have some humor, though it is particularly dry and it does calm her down, until someone makes her frustrated or makes her mad.

  • treasure hunting: IF is a skilled treasure hunter and loves to go out and find treasure wherever they maybe hidden.
  • pudding: nothing is more tasty then a nice cold pudding on a hot day.
  • phones: IF has 9 phones on her at all times and loves them to pieces, and will cry if one of them breaks.


  • flat chest jokes: being a person with a flat chest, or a small chest if people want to be politically correct, IF hates being joked around with and having people joke about her chest.
  • being left for someone else: IF is a proud young woman, so she wants at least one person to stick with her at all times, as she tends to get lonely and she gets very mad if someone leaves her for anyone with a large chest.
  • being helpless: IF is a person who wants to always be helpful and never have no chance of getting out of a situation. she dislikes getting captured and being restrained by anyone and everyone that tries to restrain her.


  • Finding a love interest: IF wants to find someone she connects with in a way that shows love between the two of them, and doesn't mind if they are male or female.
  • finding her farther: wanting to learn about who he was and why he had her as a child with her mother, that is a true goal of IF.
  • stopping the strange occurrences happening: IF is a operative of a investigation organization that deals with strange things, and IF came to Fiore to stop some really strange things from happening.


  • Eggplants: after a traumatic event where she was tied up to a post and a fairly old woman kept shoving Eggplants into her mouth, she has been afraid of these weird purple vegetables ever since.
  • having her phone broken: being a person that has nine phones, IF isn't the type of girl to not mind them breaking and always has nine on her to be sure they don't run out of charge, but fears of one, no matter how unused, breaking and it not working ever again.
  • Demon slayers: Being only a half demon, IF doesn't show any sign of demonic appearance but she still fears getting caught as a half demon and being slain by a demon slayer.


Height: 150 Centimeters tall
Weight: 39 kilograms.
Apperance: IF has long brown hair reaching to her wrists, has dark green eyes that can change color to blue whenever she uses one of her fire spells, and has a green leaf type hair clip in her hair as a memento from her older sisters, Plutia and Neptune. IF wears a large blue and black jacket and refuses to buy any coat unless it is a size larger then she actually is, a black shirt with shorts attracted and sewed on to them, a black belt with a game character as it's clip and a few pink pouches on her coat's belt, along side black boots and socks. IF also wears a collar on her neck, given to her by Plutia to hide her regular dark blue eyes from showing normally.
Guild Tattoos: Dark blue and on her right hand palm.


Hometown: Planeptune, a nation far away from Fiore.
History: IF was born into a family of caring and gentle family in planeptune, with her farther being a demon and her mother being human, and taken care of by her older sisters, Neptune and Plutia. IF's farther had left her mother when IF was born and had disappeared off the face of the earth, leaving no sign of him or even a note to say where he went, he just vanished into nothingness. growing up with demon blood running through her veins, IF had a special affinity to fire and being able to cast blue fire at will whenever she got mad or her friends or sisters asked her to bring up her fire to help with cooking, and by the age of five, IF had become to be known as the half demon of Planeptune, bringing people to highly enjoy being with her and have her help with tasks too dangerous for any normal people to do. IF was found out to be half demon at a very young age but her older sisters demanded that she stayed the way she was as it defined her as who she was, and was ready to take IF to a far off land and raise her themselves if their mother was going to have IF's blood be changed to a regular person, of which Plutia and Neptune both went against and wanted IF to stay the same. IF grew up fairly fast, faster then most people would think was possible, and had gotten to be known for her rapid aging and her demonic flame ability all around the country, until one day she had to go away on a special task, leaving her two sisters, Plutia and Neptune, behind back in planeptune, waving goodbye but not farewell to them as she knew that one day, she would see them again. the location IF was going to was Fiore to check out some strange occurrences that were happening, but she had lost her demon flame special ability and had now learned how to make fire through magic, to replace her lost demon flame. her fires had changed from a light red to a bright blue, which burned more brightly and emitted a strange glow from it, almost like the fire radiated in the country here, making IF curious as to why it was this way and how it came to be like this since she got into Fiore. growing tired of endlessly walking around the country, IF had found the town called Clover and decided to take up her stay in the town until the occurrences stopped either by her own hands or by other means and then return back to Planeptune and to Plutia and Neptune. three years had past and IF still had no leads as to how the occurrences where happening or where they were, but she had joined the local guild, Blue Pegasus, thanks to her being able to use fire magic that was blue, a rather unique color of fire not known to be used by anyone other then her, and had been helping out around it by doing tedious tasks that no one else was willing to do. to this day, IF still helps out Blue Pegasus guild and continues to search for any leads towards the strange things happening around the Fiore country she had gotten accustomed to for the past three years, while still keeping a memento from Plutia and Neptune, her blue coat and leaf  hair bow, to remind her about the two of them and never forget about them in Planeptune.
RP Sample: Eve was walking around her clans town, looking for her old friends. "Hey guys, it is me. Eve. where are you lot? Volan Locket mages UNITE!!!" she yelled as she dashed to her groups old meeting spot. she would wait forever for them to come and find her. she waited 50 minutes before they arrived. she got greeted with hugs and salutes as she stood on the rock, and announced the groups goals for the year. "guys, our goal for this year is to make at least 100 people happy, and also to keep our clans safe. are you all ready for the work?" Eve asked as the others cheered and went off to complete the quota, while eve went of to do her duties as clan leader. eve went over to the closest town and brought supplies for the entire clan. she then rushed back to the town and delivered the supplies to the storage building. She then went over to the town hall and solved a few of the disputes around the clans, then went over to her hut and think what she should do to make sure her clan wouldn't be in any trouble or make trouble for others. "i must keep us safe. i have to keep it safe".

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Character sheet
Name: IF
Alignment: Lawfally good
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PostSubject: Re: IF [done]   Tue Mar 01, 2016 5:45 am

I hope i did this right. bumping.
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PostSubject: Re: IF [done]   Tue Mar 01, 2016 7:34 am

All looks good ^^ Approved
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IF [done]
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