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 Roses are Red and so is her Temper [Lazerus]

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Roses are Red and so is her Temper [Lazerus] Empty
PostSubject: Roses are Red and so is her Temper [Lazerus]   Roses are Red and so is her Temper [Lazerus] I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 20, 2016 10:30 pm

It had been a few good years since she had been back at home. The news what had happened in her home was not known to her dragon ears. Being a dragon slayer, she refused to ride the train. Instead, she rode her spirit, Concord, who was glad to give her rides. Goblin remained quiet as usual and so did Rena as they remained inside her sould. The guardians were her protectors to shield her from any sort of evil. Magnolia was up head. A dark gloom rained over her hometown. A sheet of gray lied over the whole city while it loomed in depression. She got off Concord and stood up. "That does not look normal. Something doesn't smell right. Last time I was here, it did not smell of fire and fear" she said.

Concord shrugged. "Let's go find out" he suggested.

They ran towards the city as she could feel the aura lying around her. Slowly, she came to a stop infront of the guildhall. It looked tattered and torn from its once original glory. The banner was barely hanging on for its dear life. Kage-Shi told her everything he knew about the Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic. Smelling the air, it was quite clear. Something was here and it was not good.

"Concord, inside. Now!" she cried. They both ran post the iron gates and bolt through the old doors as the swung open. Members barely lied there with a smile. They shook in fear and were basically like ghost. White was all she saw. As she bursted through the door, the members were releived to see their Ace. "LeeAnn! Oh thank Mavis, you're here! Now you can save us" they all said. She was now being surrounded by her old friends nad new members alike. "What? What's going on here" she asked.
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Roses are Red and so is her Temper [Lazerus] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Roses are Red and so is her Temper [Lazerus]   Roses are Red and so is her Temper [Lazerus] I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 20, 2016 11:01 pm

Lazarus sat on the banister of the Fairy Tail guild hall, simply gazing out at the others who were going about their business as casual as can be. Nobody really did talk to him much, and he did not do so in return. It made him so mad; how could they all act so casual when they knew what was goign on. His sister was gone, and had been so for so long. Sometimes he wondered if the people there pitied him; even though he was not apart of the guild, they still let him come and go as he pleased. Perhaps it was only because they both shared the same blood. He hated that more than anything; being simply cast away in his sister's shadow. Just another fragmentation of her glory over Magnolia. Just her brother.

The doors swung open, and Lazarus wheeled his head toward the entrance. He didn't know what to honestly expect; maybe just another drunk who had stumbled in by mistake, but when he saw that crimson mane of hair billowing in the wind, he knew all to well who it could belong to. After all these years.. she had finally come home. Lazarus clenched his fist tight, tucked his head downwards and slowly shook his head. That idiot. Going off and leaving, letting everyone worry so much about her. She could have been dead for all he knew. And in a world such as Fiore, sometimes it was blood that was the only thing holding people together. Leaping down off the banister, Lazarus lands on the ground with quite the impact and force behind it, causing a few of the other members to jump and back away. They parted like the Red Sea, leaving a clear path of space between both he and LeeAnn, a couple meters or so of distance between them. He did not speak.. just held that eye contact with her for the better half of a minute in eerie silence. Nobody spoke, but waited with eager anticipation for the next part.

"Idiot.." he grumbled, just loud enough for her to hear. Veins ran over his burly arms, and the sound of thin rubber being pulled from the force of his clenched fist was the most prominent sound among the room. How could she leave like that? Left him alone for all those years.
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Roses are Red and so is her Temper [Lazerus]
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