A non-canon Fairy Tail adventure to take the role of your own character in a social/combat experience!
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 Kisara Izayoi WIP

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PostSubject: Kisara Izayoi WIP   Wed Jul 20, 2016 1:09 am



Name: Kisara Izayoi
Gender: Female
Race: Demi-God (Human)
Age: 18
Birthday: 2/14
Special Characteristics:

Guild: Wanderer

Description: (Write 200 words of your character personality)
Likes: [list]
[*]Poisonous Animals: Due to her upbringing poisonous and toxic creatures are things Kisara considers cute and lovable rather than dangerous.
[*]Being punished: Due to her unusual upbringing Kisara views being punished as a form of love and care and as such enjoys it.

  • Snow/Ice: Snow and ice have the ability to freeze things like liquids and poisons making Kisara less than crazy about it.
  • Being outsmarted: Always thinking she's the smartest around Kisara can't stand when someone outsmarts her.
  • Typical forms of affection: Things like holding hands or kissing in public or being given flowers, things that a typical romance would consist of, are viewed by Kisara as odd and unromantic.

Motivations [list]
[*]Gaining her "mother's" approval:
Fears: [list]
[*]Her mother: Being a "goddess" her mother is one of the few forces that can frighten Kisara.


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 195lbs
Apperance: In a general sense Kisara is a rather beautiful girl however it goes a bit beyond that. Her beauty actually extends to an almost otherworldly sense given her overall pale appearance. Faint white skin combined with pale blonde hair. Despite being only eighteen years old her body has matured extremely well, granting her an impressive hourglass figure complete with a large bust and an equally proportionate posterior. Even more attention grabbing than her body, however, would be her eyes. With her pale skinned face and equally light colored bangs surrounding her golden eyes they seem to almost glow.

Her typical wardrobe consists of two occasions normally, those being combat or casual. Being more of a tomboyish girl than others she doesn’t have a tendency to wear things like dresses. Her typical combat attire consists of rather skimpy armor colored a combination of midnight blue and silver. Black thigh-high stockings cover her legs and end at a set of garter straps with a single banner of fur running roughly three inches from the top and circling her entire thigh. Metal knee high boots complete with a two inch heel cover these stockings. From there an armored skirt covers her hips, layered over an almost translucent cloth skirt that ends only centimeters before the metal covering. Here she keeps a thin leather belt hanging off her hips, typically used for carrying a sword and sheath. Leaving her midriff exposed the next layer of protection is a piece of armor that covers the area under her impressive bust. In exchange for going without a bra or any other kind of top Kisara wears a metal collar around her neck with two pieces of dark blue cloth that hold her breasts in place by attaching to the metal piece below them. Metal gauntlets cover her arms and hands all the way up to her biceps, ending with matching fur bands similar to the ones on the thighs of her stockings.

Her casual clothing is by far much less impressive. Typically these outfits are simply skin-tight pieces of clothing. Normally nothing more than a pair of bike shorts and a sports bra with some flat shoes. Other times Kisara will even go topless altogether depending on her mood.

Guild Tattoos: Toxic green (if she gets one)


History: (Write at last 300 words of your character's history)
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Kisara Izayoi WIP
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