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 Zettai Tekina

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Zettai Tekina

Zettai Tekina

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PostSubject: Zettai Tekina   Mon Jul 04, 2016 7:21 pm


Name: Zettai Tekina
Nicknames: The War Ender
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 17
Birthday: June 09
Special Characteristics: --

Guild: Guildless

Description: Zettai exists outside of the picture. His view on a situation will always come from an objective “ceiling” vantage point rather than through relating it to previous experiences from his own life. This is not done through choice, and happens automatically in his thinking process. Because of this, he has been described as “cold” and “ruthless” by colleagues, as they often mistake his objectiveness for sociopathy. In reality, this couldn't be further from the truth. Zettai wishes for a kind world full of good people and happy moments. It frustrates him to see the opposite ever a reality, and he will immediately take action to put an end to it. He is keen to discovering and experiencing new things, often choosing to procrastinate by spelunking rather than do his actual duties.

During combat, Zettai takes on an entirely different approach. Because he has most likely already tried to reason and coerce, a fight means the situation has escalated beyond control. When that happens, Zettai must reacquire control. This is done by crushing the opposing force until it once again shows subjugation. His background has led to the development of an ‘Inner Zettai’ that only really comes out in dangerous moments. The otherwise calm and collected man will use every tool in his arsenal to unbiasedly remove the threat, whatever that threat may be. Always, Zettai will end a fight by removing something from his opponent. What he removes is dependant solely on the severity of his foe’s crimes. It may be a trinket or piece of cloth, but it could also be an eye or arm.
- To appreciate different cultures and peoples. (This is usually done by enjoying festivals, eating traditional food, listening to traditional music recitals, etc.)
- To acquire new information and learn to utilize it in his every day life. (A common example of this is making a note of a new word and using it later.)
- Hard-lined Structures Prioritizing Function. (Basically, this is any piece of art, infrastructure, social construct, or other mechanism that uses bold, clean visuals in its presentation while performing it's intended function with absolute precision. Anything from a traditional Bed-and-Breakfast to a Flash Mob could trigger this ‘like'.)

- Abstracts through any medium. (While Zettai tries to appreciate all cultures, he just can't wrap his head around why someone would want to share an expression without a story.)
- Ignorance and the choice to not learn. (Anyone that refuses to see another perspective, learn a new skill, or even so much as read a book because it goes against what they already know is immediately disrespected by Zettai.)
- Extortion, Blackmail, and other Abuses of Power. (With great power comes great responsibility, and nothing ticks off Zettai more than someone in a privileged position knowingly raising themselves higher off the efforts of someone in a lower position.)

- To learn enough about magic to be able to generate and perform unique magic, as well as learning as many Ancient Spells as he can.
- To prove himself and gain acknowledgement from those respected as Arcane Experts.
- Finding a way to change the world through his use of magic.

- A loss of his magical ability or the ability to acquire magic.
- There exists a definitive proof of his own obsoletion, and that it is used against him.
- Failure as a Mage in any way, including simple missions for his guild.


Height: 5’11
Weight: 155 lbs.
Appearance: Zettai wears a general set of attire on a day to day basis, in an effort to reduce unnecessary problems from his thinking. If he is awake and in public, he is always in a pair of green cargo shorts and a black t-shirt. Neither are adorned with any particular logos, although his Fairy Tail tattoo is proudly displayed on the inside of his left wrist. The light blue of the ink contrasts nicely against his heavily tanned skin. In order to engage himself better with the flow of magic, Zettai refrains from shoes.

For practicality purposes, Zettai’s chestnut hair is trimmed short, never allowed to move in the way of his eyes or ears. Furthermore, an enemy must never be able to grab him by it. This leads to his jade eyes being clearly visible, as well as his cleanly-shaven face. He is marked by tiny scars under his right eye, beside his nose opposite, and a nick under his chin. Restricting his diet to low-oil foods only, his complexion is usually very clear. His diet does nothing for the thick callouses yellowing his hands, however. To match, his fingernails are cracked and blackened for a seemingly permanent basis.

Guild Tattoos: Dark Navy, Inner Left Wrist


History: The War Ender spent the first twelve years of his life being told what to do and how to do it. His oppression didn’t come from an angry parent or a nasty teacher, but by the gang of marauders that had kidnapped his family shortly after his own birth and took them as their slaves. Instinctively, his body reacted the only way it could. Zettai shut down as an individual and spent a lot of time simply acting. Staring while acting. But never thinking. His inner mindscape was a dead zone that saw very little traffic. But among the daily beatings, little nutrition, and the constant sounds of his mother and older sister being violated daily, he found three joys in life.

The first was in an old man that, too, was a slave. His name was Raijin, and he was tasked with gardening and keeping track of the Marauder's food source. The man told Zettai stories of his journeys as a monk, and how he learned ancient secrets from wizened temples. They astounded Zettai, and convinced him that it was the path he, too, needed to take in life. The second joy he had came to him in the form of Ragnar’s daughter. Ragnar was the leader of the Marauder's that captured them. His daughter was roughly around the same age as Zettai, and allowed them to ‘play together’ on occasion. She was his only friend.

The third joy in Zettai’s life was magic. Although they were regularly fed a gruel that dulled any potential magic power in them, Zettai tried his hardest to fight it and conjure the strangeness he felt within himself. He was first informed of the idea by the Marauder's themselves when they used it to automatically restrain and corral other escaped slaves. Raijin himself demonstrated magic to Zettai in secret, teaching him about the elusiveness of magic and how even if they had rules, they could still be tweaked and broken. But it wasn’t until Zettai’s fifteenth birthday that he awakened it within himself. Some slaves had been planning a breakout, and many stopped eating the gruel, hoping to find their magic within themselves once more.

Zettai joined them, and soon found himself caught up in a conspiracy of the highest order (for a band of slaves escaping a mudhut). One night, after everyone else had gone to sleep, they held a secret meeting in the estate’s church. At the Preacher’s Stand stood Raijin, and he spoke to excite and energize the crowd. He demonstrated a magic Zettai had never seen before, and stood in awe as he began the first lesson to teaching the other slaves how to free themselves. He immediately began to practice with them. They only had sixteen hours before their bodies wouldn’t have enough power to fight and flee, as well as learn this magic without having eaten anything in several days.

Through hardwork and persistence, however, their day came. Most of them grasped the basics and were able to conjure their magic forth. Even Zettai was showing remarkable talent for one taking their first lesson. They waited until high noon, when the sun was at it’s zenith and the earth was baked and cracked. The slaves were used to working in the hot sun and enduring the labour and strain, but the marauders no longer were. The scuffle was tough, but in the end, they earned their freedom with few casualties Although they stayed together for the first while, they eventually began to split off from the others. The escapees found their lives, and after several years of traveling, it was up to Zettai to find his.
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PostSubject: Re: Zettai Tekina   Wed Jul 20, 2016 9:39 pm

Sorry for the late response Zettai but know that your app is approved :D
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Zettai Tekina
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