A non-canon Fairy Tail adventure to take the role of your own character in a social/combat experience!
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 Norbu Raynard (WIP)

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Norbu Raynard

Norbu Raynard

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PostSubject: Norbu Raynard (WIP)   Sat Jul 02, 2016 11:18 pm


Name: Norbu Raynard
Nicknames: Glitch
Gender: Male(ish)
Race: Human (half simulacrum)
Age: 13
Birthday: 12/13
Special Characteristics:
-Digital Magic-
Glitch's magic is 'digital' and is an odd combination of powerful innate magic and archive magic. This combination comes from deep within him and his connection to his mother. If he can set up parameters he can create a simulated form of almost any type of magic, less powerful but extremely versatile. Still, it takes him hours of writing the 'code' that he requires to get his magic to form in that way.

-Digital Body-
His body is technically just another combination of parameters and he could easily change a variety of things with a night locked in editing the code of the magic that holds him together. This comes at a price, and when he gets angry, wet, or electrocuted his entire body will start to glitch out and parts of him will disappear leaving only tiny green Archive screen's.

Guild: (What guild would you like to join)

Description: Norbu is an odd sort, manically happy at times and weirdly upset at others. Every once in awhile he throws a fit and his body starts to glitch out, parts of him appearing to become archive screens for a time. He's smart, but his goals change by the minute as he wants to try everything. He wants to get stronger, and that is his soul permanente mindset and trait.
Likes: Reading: he places books in his archives when he reads them so he can have a copy at any time.
Magic: he loves to learn about any kind of magic, and even tries to simulate many of them although some are easier to do than others.
Moon: He's in love with the moon in a way, watching it every night. (to be explored when he gets that file)
Water: He hates water and short circuits every time he gets in it, but he does have to take baths dosn't he? The humiliation when half his face is glitching out after a shower.
Loss of knowledge: Something he inhereted from his father
Memory: he wants to regain the files he has no access to, so he has to have experiences.
Magic: to do what he do he has to study magic, so he does. He works on everyone around him and tries to make a weaker digital version.
Life: no mater what he wants to try and make his body more and more fleshlike
Love: because of his parents and their fate he's afraid of love.
Deletion: he knows that it's hard to kill him, but that any archive mage who as better then him. Or competent lightning, water, or magnetism mage. Any of them could kill him, in mind if not body.
Loss from his story: he fears being lost to history, never to be remembered. He wants to be remembered for some great feat, or something.


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 166lb
Apperance: Glitch is tall and thin, with pale skin and red eyes. His hair is silver and he always wears a tie and dress shirt, with a blue jacket. When he conjures his archive panels, either to do whatever magic he's going to do or when he glitches out, you can see that they will either be green or red (depending on how wounded he is or his mood.
Guild Tattoos: The color changes, but is usually Red, and takes the place of his iris on his left eye.


History: Norbu is the son of an accomplished archive mage, created as his ultimate and last spell. The mage was a caring man, who was exceptional at forming archive magic into other sorts of magic, and one of his last spells was the beautiful girl that he created as a simulation... a creation of magic, and yet he somehow fell in love. It was this mother that would become Norbu's mother.

The final spell was a month later, when he figured out that he could never keep his love alive. Instead, the mage spoke with the woman and convinced her to have a child with him. What he didn't tell her was that it would kill them both, and he spent that night devising it. For weeks he worked on the spell, slowly forcing all of his archives into his blood and putting the woman he loved to sleep.

The spell was cast, a powerful thing that fused their bodies. First the mage cut his wrist above the simulacrum, adding his blood to the body. Then her programing infused the blood into herself and his archives with it. Then, as he lay dead, the simulacrum slowly dissipated for a weak, her stomach slowly growing until it was all that was left of her, and then an infant was released as this last bit of her dissipated from around it.

After that point is somewhat of a haze, but he was found after a year or so by another archive mage of some renown. This mage took him in and took care of the young boy, but in the process locked away what she knew would hurt him until latter. Most of his archives were locked away, behind closed doors, but some weren't.

By the age of ten he had a full understanding of his inate magic and could use archive magic fairly well. But it was then that he found the mage who raised him dead and in a pool of blood, which unlocked the data files on the truth about his birth. She was gone, but he tried to salvage what he could of the states files by analysing her blood for any files and taking every but of archive magic in her.

He was taken in by a strict academy, Ironthorn, and was trained in combat for three years. But on his thirteenth birthday another file was unlocked in him about using archive magic in other ways then it was ment. He escaped thst night, using his archive screens as steps to get him over the wall.

He ran around for a while, wandering and experiencing the world, until he was taken in by his guild. Exploring hid powful magic he realised what he needed to do, and as soon as they let him he started doing missions. He has been ever since.
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Norbu Raynard (WIP)
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