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 Matthew vollan-Locket

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Matt Locket

Matt Locket

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PostSubject: Matthew vollan-Locket   Tue Jun 28, 2016 1:54 am


Name: Matthew Vollan-Locket
Nicknames: Yu Nurukami (alias), the one who sees spirits (nickname)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 19
Birthday: July 30th
Special Characteristics: Can see spirits and summon one, and only one, as a companion, though he can not interact with anything in the world. the Spirit's name of which he summons is Izanagi, the spirit of a once great warrior.

Guild: Grimoire hearts
Rank: D rank

Description: Matt acts the same as the way he dresses, mysteriously and yet... cold, at times. Matt has a reputation of being rather cold to others that he isn't associated with and will tend to act out of line if they try to harm his sister in any shape or form, which can be from a simple flick to a full brawl. though he seems cold most, if not all the time, in public, Matt has a caring side to him that he doesn't show to everyone unless they are friends or people that know him well enough. he is rather mysterious and unknown to the world, as he is rather illusive and can slip away from any conversation without anyone knowing he actually left, so he can be rather hard to catch or even see if he doesn't want to talk. if you do talk to Matt and you aren't a friend of his, he will act rather cold and will just sigh your comments away before flicking your head to tell you to buzz off but once you get to know him, he can be rather nice. he is the opposite to his older twin, Lyra, and is good but is neutral when it comes to his sister, and if she is off causing destruction for fun, in her own special way of evil, Matt is always with her to keep her safe and away from harm.

  • seeing Lyra happy: even if his sister, Lyra, is a demon, Matt loves to see her happy, no matter what she is doing.
  • hugs: though Matt seems cold, he likes to give and receive hugs from anyone, but he treasures and loves to get them from Lyra, who he loves no matter what.
  • making new friends: though he is seen as cold to many people, Matt is rather pleasant and likes to make new friends, unless they plan to hurt Lyra, in which he will gladly take them out to keep Lyra safe.

    • evil: though he can tolerate and even understand Lyra's type of evil, to an extent, any other forms of evil he just hates and will eliminate if the time comes where he needs to act.
    • bears: though part of the forms of spirits he sees, Matt just doesn't like and can hate bears if they are hostile towards him or his twin.
    • bandits: just don't ask him why otherwise you may end up with a stubby arm.


    • protecting Lyra: though the young of the two as twins, Matt is very protective of Lyra and would gladly risk his life to save her if she was in any danger.
    • finding his true self: though he believes he has found a part of himself, he still wants to find his true self, wherever it maybe, and unlock his true strength.
    • find his purpose: though he is rather mysterious, Matt's main motivation is rather clear to anyone that passes him, to find his purpose in the world.


    • losing his true self: one of his main strengths is that he found his true self and can now see spirits. if he loses this ability, he can no longer see his decease parents.
    • abandonment: Matt is very attached to the people he loves, especially Lyra, and if he is abandoned, he would not be able to live for long and goes into a traumatic state, where he will not be able to move or eat until Lyra or anyone helps him calm down.
    • heavy wind and tornado: having a weakness to wind, Matt is terrified of heavy wind storms and tornado as they may and will blow him away.


    Height: 195 centimeters tall
    Weight: 78 kilograms
    Appearance: Matt is a rather tall, mysterious and rather... different looking gentlemen to all the others in Fiore. he has silver hair, which is very rare to see and is never really known around Fiore, silver eyes, also another thing that is never seen in Fiore, and has been known to wear a large black overcoat with a plain white shirt underneath, much like a college student, and black/silver trousers, also like a college student in japan. Matt can alternate clothing but is always seen wearing his large black overcoat wherever he goes and can be seen wearing a pair of glasses, that seem ordinary to the naked eye, but can help him see through certain fogs. Matt is not known to ever take off his black coat, even if it is rather warm, but, if you are lucky, he will take off his coat and change his entire outfit to something different, if he feels like it.
    Guild Tattoos: Silver, on his neck


    History: Matthew was born as the younger twin of two, with Lyra being the older twin sister, and raised in seclusion from most of the outside world. His mother and father were far too busy to truly take care of children, so  Matthew was raised more by the knights and other men among the castle, being taught the ways of being a warrior and how to be a gentlemen since the day he was able to walk and interact with items. But it was quickly seen that Matt wasn't interested in these ways, through his rather cold persona he was using to hide his true self and he quickly went away such a demanding lifestyle for adventure and exploration alongside Lyra. Matthew would ditch his training to explore the castle grounds, hide away in a garden, and keep an eye on Lyra in his time, playing alongside her so then they could bond. Despite being forced to train and being seen as a trouble maker, much like Lyra, Matt always wanted to see more of what the world had outside of the walls of the castle, and one day snuck out into the night to see it for himself, knowing Lyra had done the same so he would accompany her to keep her safe.

    Lyra ran into the forests outside the castle, with Matt following her from a distance to not get caught by her, and was soon caught by bandits a few days later, which shocked Matt but he would try saving her, but was caught alongside her. Knowing of their status of royalty, they held them both up for random and demanded to see the king and queen. Lyra was tortured for the many days following that by the bandits in numerous ways, while Matt was forced to sustain many life threatening attacks and torture methods, making his mind go to it's limits to stay in a way he liked, until their parents finally decided to show themselves. It was during those moments they were both assassinated by an unknown assailant, causing distress and uproar in the kingdom. Unable to cope with their parents death and seeing Lyra believing herself to be the ultimate cause of it, making her flee from the kingdom, Matt would follow Lyra closely, keeping her safe as he watch her find ways to one day bring their parents back to life. when Lyra had found a charm that could bring people back to life, Matt was worried about the costs to Lyra. when Lyra gladly gave up her soul to bring them back, transforming her into a demon and possessing her body with the spirit of maleficence and wrath, Matt wasn't horrified by the state of his once human sister, but instead accepted her as she was now. seeing Lyra Take their parents as the host, watching the spirit take off into the world without a trace, leaving a forever changed Lyra in his wake, Matt would vow to keep her safe, no matter what.  seeing Lyra like this, knowing she was never the same after that, made Matt feel sorry for her, having to give up her human soul to become what she had become now, feeling her previous soul inside him. Matt had felt a little of his soul go with that spirit, causing his age to slow down alongside Lyra's, which he would never know about, and has yet to find out.

    Watching Lyra became the Grimoire Heart's guildmaster after slaughtering the previous one in cold blood and usurping the throne for herself, Matt would feel the faint hint of Lyra's soul flutter by every so often, keeping Matt's mind strong and able to keep as solid as it needed to be so he could keep the new Lyra safe. Matt watched through out the passing years as Lyra would become the woman in black, while Matt would make a new Alias for himself, Yu Nurukami... the one who can see spirits.

    Face Claim: Yu Nurukami, persona 4

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Lyra Vollan

Lyra Vollan

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Matthew vollan-Locket
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