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 erzila Packs (done)

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Erzlia Packs

Erzlia Packs

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PostSubject: erzila Packs (done)   Mon Jun 27, 2016 5:22 pm

Picture here


Name: erzila packs
Nicknames: flame queen
Race:human demon hybrid
Age: 218
Birthday: 1, 10, X572
Special Characteristics: she wears an eyepatch that limits and lowers her power to that of an D rank it was how she got sealed she also has horns and wings
Guild: fairytail
Rank: D

Description: erzila is a headstrong but loyal wizard. while she is very quick to anger once you earn her trust she's a friend for life.  She's loud and loves to pick random fights with people but when the time comes she takes battle for what it is. she loves fairy tail for taking her in even knowing what she is. she wishes to once again walk into its halls and see the every changing faces of its guild members. there are three things she loves above all else.
erzila loves women with a burning lust that is brighter than her hottest flame. it burns so bright that it has become uncontrollable. she almost even got married ounce. she was to wed right before she was sealed away by her father. her love of women and the woman she left behind burns to this day. her heart if filled with guilt of leaving the woman she love behind. erzila loves to fight that is plain as day. her love for battle is a key to the fact that she is part demon. she can get carried away when it comes to fighting. she also loves to eat raw meat another sign of her demonic blood.
Likes: women,fighting, raw meat her love for women is only overshadowed by her battle lust and domenic lust for raw meat
her father she hates her father for sealing her away.

being sealed away is something she hates she was sealed once something she doesn't want to go through again.

water magic even though she dislikes it for it can harm flame kingdom wizards she does respect those who wield it.

Motivations Rejoining her friends at fairy tail she misses being with fairy tail.

finally beating her father her father was the man who sealed her the last time they fought she wishes to finish that fight.

To regain her full power her power was sealed in a eye patch weakening her to that of a D rank wizard.

Fears: sealing magic she was sealed so she fears magic that does it.  
being underground under ground so she hates being under ground.

And her tome was blocked form the light so she has a fear of the dark.


Weight: 120
Apperance:Erzila is a tall half succubus wizard with red hair and a ripped but womanly figure. She wears a red and gold outfit with the back family crest on one side and the fairy tail symbol on the right.She wears white gloves on her hands and a military biliary on her head. She wears a black eye patch on her right eye. Her left eye is blue her right eye is demon red. they mark her human and demon halves. At this time she can not unsleash that power because it has been sealed away with her eye patch. Her red hair is long and reaches her feet. On top of her head are two small black horns. on her back are small black demon wings. While they no longer work she can use her horns and wings to cast spells. Her black horns have a sharp point on the end of them.
Guild Tattoos:red above her right breast

Hometown: Era where she was sealed inside a underground tomb by her evil father
History: Erzila family comes from a demon and human island known as hell's island. There they rule the island they are split between two fictions. Those who use flame kingdom magic and those who use demonic flame kingdom magic. Erzila is the only one who uses both. Demonic flame kingdom magic came natural to her. Flame kingdom magic was a little harder for her to master. She was born in era after a uprising caused by her father's mistreatment of those he ruled over. The uprising caused her mother and father to leave their wealth and power still intact.Her mother was a human wizard who married a demon. When erzila was 13 she left home to join fairy tail her mother of course joined with her.Together they raised to the ranks to D rank. When she was 16 she formed a team with two other wizards from her guild. The team was called demon's loire and all three members where erzila Laimau and lastly Tyunia they took on request that dealt with unnatural beasts. They where always out of flore dealing with demons and monsters.They were gone form the guild hall for months on end. When they returned from their last mission they got news that her father had formed a dark guild that was cousing trouble for people in era. So they left for ear to fight her father's dark guild. before she left she left a scroll behind on it was an old unsealing spell incase she last. She also left behind her girlfriend a member of a dark guild who she got to join Fairy Tail. The last she saw her was right before she left. During her battle with her dad however erzila and her team was beaten and she was sealed away within an underground tome under era where she waits to be unsealed form.
Face Claim: OC but no picture

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Lyra Vollan

Lyra Vollan

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PostSubject: Re: erzila Packs (done)   Wed Jun 29, 2016 8:07 pm


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erzila Packs (done)
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