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 Plutia/Iris heart

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Plutia Iris heart

Plutia Iris heart

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PostSubject: Plutia/Iris heart    Mon Apr 11, 2016 3:28 am

Iris heart:


Name: Plutia/ Iris heart
Nicknames: Ploots, Plutie, plu, saide [iris heart only]
Gender: Female
Race: CPU/Goddess
Age: Unknown
Birthday: 26 September
Special Characteristics: can change forms if she gets mad and turns sadistic, though it is only cosmetic and only changes her personality, nothing more.

Guild: Lamia scales
Rank: D

Description: Plutia is a slow, gentle, caring young girl with a heart of gold who is particularly slow when talking, walking or even running, as she is called the slowest of all goddesses and the cutest one, until she transforms. Plutia is very slow and doesn't really talk that much so people can interrupt her even if she is in the middle of a sentence but she wouldn't even care in the slightest as she would continue until people make her angry, which is particularly hard unless you bad mouth her friends or her hobbies. though Plutia is a gentle and kind person, she can become fairly mad and use her doll to attack you, and it will hurt! her dolls she uses are voodoo dolls and she can throw them with enough force to knock down a house, use them as voodoo dolls to cause damage when she isn't even near you and hit you with one so hard, it makes the ground come down once she hits it. When Plutia gets very mad, she transforms into a sadistic and very scary person known simply as Iris heart, a woman that can make even the most brave and strongest person cower in terror after she is done punishing them with her wipe with many... vicious techniques to cause the most terror in her target.

  • making plushies: Plutia is a master at making plushies of her friends, which she uses for combat as voodoo dolls, and takes care of the plushies very well, keeping them from being dirty or ripped.
  • sleeping: Plutia is a sleepy head and loves to just sleep her day away without failure, even if she is being told what to do by other people, she will sleep the entire day away and not wake up until she feels like it.
  • being in control [Iris heart]: Iris heart is sadistic and loves to be in control, making sure everyone fears her and if anyone tries anything on her, she will lash them with her wipe and make sure they never try it ever again.


  • having her plushies ruined: Plutia puts a lot of work in making plush versions of her friends and if even one gets ripped or even cut even a slight bit, Plutia will get mad and then you'll wish you never messed with her plushies.
  • being yelled or lectured at: Plutia is not really all that focused on work and when people yell at her or lecture her, she gets upset.
  • having people not listen to her [iris heart]: being in control is what Iris heart does best so when people don't listen to her, you'd better run away FAST!


  • finding Neppy: Plutia wants to find her best friend in the world who is also her sister, Neptune, and never let her go away from her ever again, as she misses being with her little sister.
  • to find new friends: Plutia was stuck in Planeptune for most of her life without a single chance to get anything done so when Histoire gave her the A-OK to go to Fiore, she went straight away so then she could make even more friends in the world.
  • to show dominance over all in her way [Iris heart]: to become the best and have all that would dare face her tremble in fear, that is Iris heart's one and only goal.


  • losing her friends: being alone is her biggest and most realistic fear as it terrifies her to be so alone without anyone to talk to or even see.
  • losing control: Being able to control her transformation is a serious thing and if she lost control around her friends, she would be so scared for what may happen to them.
  • having no one around [Iris heart]: if no one is around her to be feared by her, it makes her feel uneasy and somewhat more hesitant, making her scared and somewhat easy to scare without any consequences until she gets back to her original self.


Height: 142Cm as Plutia, 172Cm as Iris heart
Weight: 42 kilograms as Plutia, 64 kilograms as Iris heart
Apperance: Plutia is a rather small, young looking girl who normally wears a small dress top, a pair of dogoo slippers to act as her shoes, considering she is pretty lazy and never really does much work. Plutia has rather long light purple hair, deep purple eyes and looks like a little kid most of the time but when she transforms, she becomes very different. when Plutia transforms, she changes into a very large chested, iris colored haired woman in a very... odd styled jumpsuit that doesn't give much coverage but that is what Iris heart wants, a outfit that doesn't restrain her from doing what she loves, torturing people and making them suffer. though it is rather uncommon, Plutia can switch out of her dress and slippers into a rather cute dress with different slippers, as that is her style, with a cute bow in her hair to give her the extra cuteness factor.
Guild Tattoos: iris color and on her right side upper chest


Hometown: Planeptune
History: Born from a unknown time and place, Plutia had just appeared out of nowhere, like she just formed and appeared into existence out of nothing and suddenly was accept as a sister from the goddesses of Planeptune, Neptune and Uzume almost as if they were sisters but Plutia had no memory of it because she just appeared right there and then, which was strange but it seemed to make sense for the standards of Planeptune and their odd customs which was fine by Plutia, as long as she had someone around she was fine with it. a few years after her appearance, she had transformed into Iris heart a total amount of thirty times, terrified fifty people and tortured three hundred of them, all without even her regular form even knowing it, as her mind splits off from her cute and innocent side being Plutie, while her sadistic and dominatrix side being Sadie/Iris heart. after a couple hundred years, Plutia was seen to be getting a little bit out of control with her and was then banded from using her transformation unless it was absolutely necessary, which was terrible for Plutia as then she couldn't release any built up stress she had unless she was in combat or hit her plushies, of which she hated to do but found it to calm her down very quickly, surprisingly. once Neptune, uzume and even Histoire left her, all she had left at Planeptune was Nepgear, Peashy and Compa, with the occasional visit from Noire, Vert, Blanc and Ram, which serviced for her until she was able to get the good to go from one of the other oracles, Kei from Lastation, and was sent off to Fiore to find Neptune and Uzume. the world of Fiore was bright and peaceful in Plutia's eyes, but inside her, her sadistic and mischievous side of Iris heart wanted to make that peace go to fear of her.

Face Claim: Plutia/Iris heart from Hyperdimensional Neptunia Re;birth 3 and Neptunia the animation

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Plutia Iris heart

Plutia Iris heart

Posts : 6
Location : Planeptune

PostSubject: Re: Plutia/Iris heart    Tue Apr 12, 2016 1:32 am

All done. Bumping.
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Plutia Iris heart

Plutia Iris heart

Posts : 6
Location : Planeptune

PostSubject: Re: Plutia/Iris heart    Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:29 am

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Plutia Iris heart

Plutia Iris heart

Posts : 6
Location : Planeptune

PostSubject: Re: Plutia/Iris heart    Tue Jul 05, 2016 2:04 am

Bumping for hopes and love~
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PostSubject: Re: Plutia/Iris heart    

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Plutia/Iris heart
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