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 [EA] Spring Cleaning

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Lyra Vollan


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PostSubject: [EA] Spring Cleaning   Tue Apr 05, 2016 9:17 pm

Name: Spring Cleaning
Rank: D 
Location: Era
Requirements: N/A
Rewards: 500XP | 1,000J
Objective: Help a couple of hoarders clean out their overrun home! 
Description: A newly wed couple are in the process of moving houses, and they need to clean out a lot of their hoarded belongings as part of an ultimatum. Both of them were previously travellers, and have gathered a tonne of strange things in that time. They wish to hire a mage to give their small house a full spring cleaning, throwing out the rubbish and cleaning the place as they go. 

Name: Felicity Hergrasson 
Role: Client 

Name: Desmond Hergrasson
Role: Client

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[EA] Spring Cleaning
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