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 IF's Demon flame spells set one.

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PostSubject: IF's Demon flame spells set one.   Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:05 am

Spell Name:Demon summon
Mana Cost:10 mana
Magic: Primary magic-Demon fire magic
Element:demon fire
Effects:IF channels her demon blood fire into her hands/weapons, if she has any equipped, and has the fire form in her hand before sending them off to the opponent, causing burning damage, with the fire still causing damage for a single post but it's strength is lowered by a entire rank but if it stays, IF can't do another demon summon for three posts.
Duration:instant, single post for the extra damage, being half the initial damage
Cooldown:one turn/1 post

Spell Name:Green Nova
Mana Cost:10
Magic: Primary magic-Demon blood fire magic
Effects:IF summons her flames into her hands and channel it into green fire, different from her normal blue fire, and sends it to her allies. this fire heals all allies in a AoE of two meters for one D rank amount of healing, and causes them to have a resistance to fire for a two posts but the resistance gets removed if it takes a C or higher rank fire spell, and would cause damage to the person with the resistance, being the left over damage from the spell.
Duration:instant, 2 posts for resistance.
Cooldown:1 post
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IF's Demon flame spells set one.
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