A non-canon Fairy Tail adventure to take the role of your own character in a social/combat experience!
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 Yearning for Companionship [Open]

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Ilaria Sterling


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PostSubject: Yearning for Companionship [Open]   Tue Mar 22, 2016 6:00 am

Never in Ilaria's travels had she found a town as nice as Magnolia. On the whole, all of the citizens were very friendly and upbeat, which only served to match her natural demeanour and bring her up to being extra cheery and excitable. She couldn't get enough of being around people, especially in such a nice place as this!

On the second day after she had arrived in town, she woke up bright and early at 8am to the sun filtering in through the windows of her hotel room. She'd manage to forget closing the curtains again, but she didn't mind. Waking up with the sun was something she enjoyed very much. She yawned and stretched as she woke up, rubbing her eyes and hopping straight out of bed with a joyous sigh. Proceeding to prepare herself for the day, she showered and dressed herself in her usual outfit, smoothing down her short shorts and adjusting the suspender straps over her shoulders.

"Maybe I should do some more exploring today!" She chirped to herself out loud as she looked around the inn room she had taken refuge in while being here. It was a sweet little room; very cosy and homely. It was cheap, and the innkeep was kind; understanding that Ilaria really didn't have much money. In order to make up the extra money that she couldn't pay, in the evenings, the teen would work as a waitress in the bar section of the inn, and do whatever work was required of her. Anything to ensure that she was earning her keep, after all!

She grabbed her things and skipped out of her room, leaping down the staircase two stairs at a time until she plonked down into the bar at the bottom. "Morning, mister!" She called to the middle-aged man currently behind the bar scrubbing glasses and preparing to open later in the day. He turned and smiled at her, chuckling as he spotted the girl's smiling, cheerful face. "Good morning to you too, Miss Ilaria. Is it alright if you start working at six o'clock this evening instead of seven?" He asked the question softly, watching as the boisterous girl strolled across the bar with her arms crossed behind her head. Her bright smile told him all he needed to know. "Of course! No worries, I'll be here!" She assured him brightly, waving a hand at him before dashing for the door. "I'll see you tonight!" She called as she exited, the door slamming shut behind her. The innkeep shook his head fondly and chuckled to himself, marvelling at the girl's boundless energy and cheerfulness as he went back to work.

Ilaria skipped through the streets of Magnolia, her hazel eyes bright and attentive as she took in everything around her. By this point, the clocks had struck 9am and more people were milling about the town going about their daily business. Her wandering took her to a large park within the town, where more and more people were enjoying the beautifully sunny and fresh day. "Maybe I can make some new friends today..." She said to herself quietly and excitedly, beaming widely as she wandered around the park.
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Yearning for Companionship [Open]
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