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 Leon Krane Ready to be graded

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Leon Krane

Leon Krane

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Character sheet
Name: Leon Krane
Alignment: Lawful Evil
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PostSubject: Leon Krane Ready to be graded    Sun Mar 20, 2016 9:47 pm


Name: Leonard Krane VI
Nicknames: The Djinn Master/ The Mad Knight / Leo the Accursed
Gender: Male
Race: Human, claimed to have some sort of mythic origin of some kind though has not been confirmed (AKA will be finalized when the race section is finished)
Age: 24
Birthday: August 5th

Guild: Magic Council
Rank: E
Will be filled once new stat system is ready

Leon is a rather peculiar man with very peculiar interest and taste. Coming from a rather wealthy family and one that rubbed elbows with the royal family it is only expected that Leon’s manners are top notch. He is rather polite when meeting a person for the first time and will often give off an aura of elegance and uptightness. While he has cruel intentions on most of his actions he will still do such actions with a degree of proper mannerisms, an example would be he might hold the door open for a woman as she enters a bank and right as he gets into the bank grab said woman and hold her hostage until the teller gives him the money. Though he would never do such a bold thing, it is too flashy of a crime for Leon’s standard. He is the type of man that would rather manipulate others to do his bidding while he profited from afar.

One would think that a person that grew up with such wealth, education, and atmosphere that Leon would be poised to become a true gentleman and scholar like his colleagues around him, no Leon has a much crueler side to him. Once he started investigating and collecting the Djinn Equipment his mind has slowly been tugged by an unknown force to Leon. The more that he uses the Djinn items the more that the items area able to influence his personality, at the moment he is the dominate personality inside him but with each use of the armors and weapons his mind is slowly encroached even more. The personality that presents itself when he uses the Djinn Equipment is one that does not mind bloodshed and gross, flamboyant use of his magical power, and one that has little mercy. While average Leon does not have much a stomach for bloodshed he has been noted as being apathetic and blunt and is rather reserved at showing his magic since he has not always been the best at using it and still has much to improve.

Being born into a well to do family he was given nothing but the best education in all of Fiore, sadly his family did not accept the idea that their son should be very talented in magical crafts. Most of his early years of education focused on the founding of Fiore and the other nations of Earthland. Learning the animal and plant life of the regions, mainly focusing on Fiore, Bosco, Caelum, and Minstrel; Bosco. Caelum, and Minstrel were all major trade regions for his family’s company so he was taught their basic culture and societies so that he may one day do business with them when he eventually takes over the business. He is well versed in Minstrel’s language and poetry and often will find himself interchangeably changing from it to the common tongue of Fiore. While sports were addressed in his upbringing they were not stressed, he learned and nearly mastered the art of fencing and archery but always enjoyed equestrian sports over the more barbaric ones.

While Leon is not outright evil he does have strong evil intentions present themselves. He is a firm believer that if a member of a team or party would impair the rest of the group from completing their goal than said member must be handled by any means necessary, even if that means death. He, like his father before him, pays no pity towards the poor and weak. He strives to put as many beneath him as possible and walk on those subordinates to reach a higher plateau. When in a team he will willingly let another person go ahead and fight while he stays in the back giving support if even doing that much. If he were to fight one on one with another person he would take any cheap trick that might succeed in him gaining victory.

1) Books: He has rather a large collection at his home and is rather proud. His most prized possession which he keeps under a glass case in his personal study is a first edition copy of “[/i]A Bard’s Journey[/i]” a lengthy novel written over four hundred years ago by a wandering minstrel mage that explored the entire Ishgar area of Earthland and noted his tale.
2. Wealth: His family has stayed in the top 1% of Fiore for the past six generations for a reason, they are all driven by gold. Leon has an intense desire to gain his own fortune outside his family’s original one and prove to his father and grandfather that he is a mercantile genius just like them.
3. Power: Leon did not gain much of an education on magic since his family thought that it was beneath them to learn such things. This lead to Leon not gaining much strength for his age but once he became aware of the Djinn Equipment his interest of gaining strength has grown to become one of the things that is a constant on his mind.
1. Pure Chaos: Mainly in the form of organization. He has somewhat of an OCD style of thinking which has lead him to loath people, places, or mentality that has no clear direction, order, or purpose. This is one of the reasons why he is not too big of a fan of Fairy Tail since their guild is rather wild and reckless.
2. The Poor: He hates people  that live off of the scraps of the government. Or those that think that they are entitled to everything in life but are clearly not. It was not his fault that you were born into a poor family, if you do not like it then work hard to move up the social chain, though just not too high because he does not want to have to lose any of his own social power.
3. The Magic Council: Leon was semi forced to join the council by his father who thought that having a member of the family in that sector of the government might turn out to be helpful in the future. Leon would rather run his own guild of treasure hunters than be stuck at the council. While he will do the jobs assigned to him he loathes it and will not be very pleased while doing said jobs.
1) Money: His family is rich and wants to stay that way so they have found multiple ways to motivate young Leon. His end goal is to create a new type of guild that will operate outside of the Magic Council’s jurisdiction but in order to finance that he needs to accumulate a vast fortune.
2. Freedom: He wants to show that he is strong, smart, and wealthy enough to stand on his own two feet rather than be at the mercy of his father and grandfather. He cannot wait to leave the Magic Council and start on the life journey that he wants.
3. Djinn Equipment: Since learning of the very nature of these mystical relics Leon has become obsessed with finding their locations and adding them to his collection, he already has quite a few but has yet learned how to tap into their true power so he has not brought them out onto the battlefield.
1. Being Cut Off: Right now since he is the lowest of the lows in the Magic Council due to his frail figure and poor magic skills his father is having to pay for his way of life. He fears that one day his father might cut him off before he is financially stable resulting him to become the very thing he hates, poor.
2. Front Lines: While he does not shy away from fighting and often does so for training reasons this does not mean that Leon is the type to be right out in the thick of things. He prefers to lead from afar rather than be right in the middle of conflict.
3. Night terrors: Since starting his hunt of the Djinn Equipment he has developed night terrors that plague him at least once or twice a week. These dreams are usually depictions of Leon in pain and agony at the mercy of some being made of pure darkness. He has not fully become aware of what these dreams are based on but has started to notice the connection between them and the Djinn Equipment.


Height: 6 foot 4 inches
Weight: 210 pounds
Visual Aids:

Leon is a rather tall and lean build man. His frame is not noticeably muscular is form nor is there a clear lack of muscle, in fact he is rather average on both sides. While his height and build might be the first thing people notice about Leon the second and more apparent feature of Leon is his rather long and hombre colored hair. The hair starts off as a jet black at the scalp until about midway down his back where it will start to fade lighter into a greyish color until it becomes snow white from around his waist until the tips of his hair which end close to the knee caps. While he has such long hair he keeps it well-groomed and manageable with countless bobby pins and products. He is often sporting tailored suits and more dressy attire.
Guild Tattoos: In a lavender like color on the back of his left hand.


Born/Raised: Everton, a small gated community outside of the capitol city where most nobility and well off merchants live.
Currently: Era in a small villa on the North side of town close to the Council’s Headquarters
Leon was born as the second child and the eldest son of Victoria Grey Krane and Leonard Krane V. He was a brilliant young boy and seemed to quickly grasp the stories that were taught to him by his tutor. Being part of both the Krane and Grey, both wealthy families, he was expected to be well educated and taught proper manners by a young age. His elder sister, while also gifted and bright like her brother, was over looked in the line of succession by his father and grandfather. They believed that the family needed to be headed by a true male heir causing a massive amount of burden to be placed on Leon.

Once he was in his teens his magical powers started to appear which only angered his father, he feared that by focusing Leon’s attention in magical studies would hinder his chances of succeeding in the business field. He scoffed at Leon’s attempt of gaining control on his magic causing the boy to build up hatred for his father and doubt his own self-worth. As he started to gain slight control over just the raw magic found in his body did he start to notice the echo that came from a blade that was revered as a family heirloom dating back to his great, great, great grandfather who was one of the driving forces of a trade alliance between Fiore and its neighboring countries.

As Leon started to pay the blade more attention his father took note and thought that it was Leon’s way of showing that he did care about the family’s history and legacy. His father would gift him the blade for his eighteenth birthday starting the drive of collecting the Djinn Equipment. Before he would turn nineteen Leon would already uncover the truth that the blade held magical properties and that other items like it were lost out there in the world. He would petition his father to fund his collection under the premises that the family’s company could research the magic used on the items and attempt to recreate them for production.

After turning twenty one his father strongly recommended to Leon that he should be enrolled into the Magic Council. The reasons that his father gave were shallow and vague but the root of it was that he needed to have a tie to the Council so that the Krane family could start dabbling in magical goods and weapon production and hopefully gain military contracts to keep that venture of the company going. While he rejected the idea of committing himself to the government he was forced to by his father and reluctantly signed away his soul to the Council. While it has been several years since joining his attention has not been on gaining ranks throughout the Council but to continue the growth of his collection and the understanding on the Djinn Equipment works and its origin.

RP Sample:
Taken from a character of mine from a different site

Face Claim: Juzumaru Tsunetsugu || Touken Ranbu
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PostSubject: Re: Leon Krane Ready to be graded    Mon Mar 21, 2016 7:43 am

Everything looks Good!

You can just choose any race XD Its going to be a selection but you can make your own though :0
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Leon Krane Ready to be graded
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