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 Rowdy they will be (Morning)

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PostSubject: Rowdy they will be (Morning)   Thu Mar 17, 2016 6:53 am

Sitting in her office, she was filling forms and papers from the magic council for destruction of property. Piles of papers that Master Zion never finished or even started. She had to get cracking down. Thanks so her focus she got it all done in one morning. The newly assigned Guildmaster sighed still feeling like it was not right become guildmaster with Master Zion going missing for two months. It was it job, not hers. She was never fitting. Obviously, the whole guild turned to her since she was the ace. Getting up from her desk, she stretched her cramped body. "You get a lot done, Lee" mentioned LeeAnn.

The redhead's blue eyes looked down upon her old friend. The spirit only smile, he was visible for all eyes to see. She walked out the office to see that guild was lively as ever. Spirits had sprung up since she had returned from her two year long training and decided to become guildmaster. It still felt odd people were addressing her Master and not by her first name other than higher ups or close friend such as her spirits. "Hey! Can all you tone down the fighting for a bit? I do not want to pay for another bunch of tables. Funds are meant to help pay for damages, but not this often" she scowled down to the first floor. "Still rowdy as ever, huh? That's Fairy Tail for ya" replied Concord. Leeann had to agree with the guardian. Fairy Tail was the loudest guild in the whole country. She walked down stairs as she sniffed the air with her dragon sense of smell. A new scent had come to her knowledge.
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PostSubject: Re: Rowdy they will be (Morning)   Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:07 am

Fairy Tail.

As she was just shy of the guild's doors now she could hear the rising commotion from inside. No surprise there. She had heard the rumors enough to know they were a rowdy bunch. She had mixed feelings about that really. On one end, she liked those around her to have a certain level of maturity at all times. Although, she liked those who had character and they certainly had that.

Regardless her mix feelings, she would be doing this though. A sighed escaped her lips. The guild was a noisy, rebellious bunch, but they had something she wanted. Loyalty. The guild was known for it's unity and she needed that. She needed people who would risk their lives for her sake.

She pushed the doors open calmly and stepped inside sternly. She met a few gazes intensely without wavering. They probably thought she was a enemy or something now. That couldn't be helped she supposed since her natural expression was always austere. Respect. She knew she needed to establish that immediately with the lot. Her eyes eventually came to rest on a particular redhead in the room...

She had done her homework of course. Her mother's influence spread all around Fiore and pulling information from the Council was easy enough. She was the guildmaster. Or fill in master at least. She made her way pass many still edgy faces towards the redhead, leaving just about two feet between them as she looked at her calmly, unsmiling. They were the same height, same built, same age, but this woman, could make her her bitch anytime she so choose, even Mari wasn't too proud to admit that.

After a while her lips crept into a kind smile. "I hope this isn't too forward of me, but I was wondering if your guild would be open to accepting one more into its ranks." She extended her hand for a respectful shake. "My name is Mari Morningstar." Straight to business.
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PostSubject: Re: Rowdy they will be (Morning)   Sun Mar 20, 2016 7:49 pm

A voice came behind her calling her name that matched the scent. It was a new face. A young woman was asking if the guild was open to new members. Of course, Fairy Tail was open to all who came through those doors looking for a place to call home. She introduced herself as Mari Morningstar. An interesting name if she should say so herself. A sweet smile was glued onto the redhead's face. "Why of course, Fairy Tail's doors are always open to new members. Pleased to meet you Mari, I am the guildmaster, LeeAnn Nakamura-Riland" she smiled.

A positive yet stressful aura came from her since their old guildmaster just up and left without any reason to. The guild members were as rowdy as ever. A huge fight was breaking out behind her. This was normal behavior. Though, she was worried since she just paid for a brand new tables out of the guild funds to replace the old ones.

A loud crack was clear to her dragon sensitive ears. Quickly, she snapped back seeing the guildmembers had split the table in half with their magic fight. Her eyes flared anger. "That was a brand...new...table. I told you all specifically to NOT break those" she said in a low angered tone. The guildmembers froze knowing her strength and when she used her magic it would turn her eyes more demonic looking bringing out her inner Ghowl. Though, she said it was apart of her magic and everyone believed it.

A long sigh came from her. "I will deal with you two later right now I have a mage wanting to join now if you all would excuse me" she said. She turned back to Mari with a smile as if nothing was wrong. "That happens all the time here, it's nothing new just annoying when they break stuff. Anyways, come to my office so we can get you stamped" she smiled.
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PostSubject: Re: Rowdy they will be (Morning)   

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Rowdy they will be (Morning)
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