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 [WW] Hunting the Hunter

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[WW] Hunting the Hunter Empty
PostSubject: [WW] Hunting the Hunter   [WW] Hunting the Hunter I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 16, 2016 5:38 pm

Name:Hunting the hunter
   Rank: C
   Location: Worth woodsea
   Requirements: applicable by anyone
   Rewards: 1000 exp & 2000 jewels
   Objective: Hunting down Jared the hunter and bringing him in dead or alive.
   Description: Upon entering your respective guild hall or tavern you notice a bounty on a man named Jared the hunter, The request tells you that he lives in Worth woodsea and often attacks wanderers and caravans on their way through the forest. You take the bounty and move out.

Upon entering deeper into worth woodsea you will notice a faint light that abruptly vanishes, on your way there you will be attacked by Jared with a warning shot before he asks you who you are and what you are doing there, he then vanishes with the camoflague spell(see jared in the enemies section) after vanishing the fight starts and he reveals himself before shooting and moving to a new position(see dash spell in enemy section).

   - Name: Jared
   - Role: Enemy
   - Rank: C
   - Abilities/Powers: Jared is a C rank holder mage and can use up to B rank bow holder magic.
He can also use the ability camoflague which diverts the light around him cloaking him with a form of Invisibility/camoflague.
He can also use the dash spell wich moves him up to 40 meters in any direction at 20 meters per second(he always uses this to move).
Dealing B rank damage to Jared knocks him unconcious any damage more than that and he dies.
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[WW] Hunting the Hunter
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