A non-canon Fairy Tail adventure to take the role of your own character in a social/combat experience!
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 [SH] Domino Family

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PostSubject: [SH] Domino Family   Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:35 pm

Name:Domino family
   Rank: B
   Location: Shirotsume
   Requirements: applicable by any
   Rewards:2000exp & 4000J
   Objective: Arrest or Kill the entire Domino family.
   Description:Upon entering your respective guild hall or tavern you notice a bounty for a group of mafioso known as the Domino family that have been terrorising the town of shirotsume they are wanted dead or alive.

Upon reaching Shirotsume you will start investigating until you notice atleast two handfulls of men in suits and fedora's enter into a nearby pizzeria, correctly assuming that it is the Domino family you do whatever it is you wish to do follow them or not. Anyways not depending on the outcome of what you do they take all the cash from the register and threaten the baker to make them all pizza. If you strike now you would catch them by surprise but whatever you do it still ends in a firefight with you and the domino family.

   - Name:Don Domino
   - Role:enemy
   - Rank:B
   - Abilities/Powers: Don Domino is the gangsters boss and can use up to C rank Darkness magic and up to A rank Sub machinegun Holder magic.
If you deal atleast C+D rank damage to don he will become unconcious.

   - Name: Mafioso x10
   - Role:enemy
   - Rank:D
   - Abilities/Powers: The mafioso can use up to D rank  handgun holder magic that have 9 shots each (this means they all have 90 shots total for the entire group)
If you deal atleast D rank damage to the mafioso they will become unconcious.
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[SH] Domino Family
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