A non-canon Fairy Tail adventure to take the role of your own character in a social/combat experience!
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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Wed Dec 16, 2015 12:28 pm

Like every other site, there are rules that everyone has to follow in order to keep chaos from reigning loose on the site. We do not want Discord to take over. There are some behaviors that you do have to follow or else you will be banned!

Chatbox and General Site Rules
The chatbox is located on the very top of the site right below all the buttons and banner. Everyone can go to the chat and converse about topics, their characters, ask questions, or just relax after a hard day at work. Rules do come into play when being the Chatbox and the site in general:

Language: Some is allow in the chatbox, but an overly use such as the f-world every other word is just too much.

Respect: Treat others how you want to be treated. Give everyone the same amount of treatment. If someone is making you feeling uncomfortable or is being rude, tell a staff member!

Three Strike Rule: We have a three strike tolerance rule on the site and in the chatbox. If you have broken any of the rules and it was reported multiple times then a strike will happen. The first strike is a kick out the CB, second is temporary ban from the CB (24 hours) and the last a permanent ban from the CB.

Harassment: We are a non-tolerant when it comes to harassment, we can understand joking. But if someone feels harassed by someone and reports it to staff and there were witnesses. We will take care of it

Respect the Staff: It’s a two way street with staff members, you treat them respectfully and they do same, vice versa. Staff members are supposed to remain a professional attitude while doing their job. Any disrespecting to the staff will be report to the owner and dealt with.

Complaints: If you have a complaint about something or how the staff is treating you, you can complain personally through Pm or the Questions and Suggestions forum.

Advertisement: Please keep Advertisement specifically to said section. Do not advertise your site n the chatbox. Posting up the link if request by another member is okay, but o not go about requesting member or staff.

Have Fun: This a place to come to after a long day’s hard work and relax. Please enjoy yourselves and don’t be afraid to ask questions to the staff

Characters and Basics Rules of RP

Alts: You are allowed to have as many alts as you want. An alt is another account to create an account. You cannot have multiple characters on one account. This site promotes you to be active. Just make sure all alts are listed on the list.

Creating your Character: Creating your character is the first step to RPing on FT Reborn, you can use the character template that is provided. The template is located in the Character section. Start a New Topic, copy and paste the entire code on the template, and paste it into the new topic. Begin filling it out and once you are finished, copy the link to your application and put it into the Grading Section. A staff will review it when they have the chance. For any questions, feel free to message a staff member.

When making your character, refrain from giving him any definite advantages. These advantages include immortality (agelessness is fine, but your character must be capable of death), enhanced sense, enhanced strength, and the like. Try making a dimensional character, instead of a flat one. Nobody likes a Mary Sue, after all. Once you have created your character, you can finally post.

FC List: Before you have to create your character, you can check the FC list to see your chosen FC is already taken. We will not accept duplicates of any sort of FC so no two characters having Ichigo from Bleach or Sauske as their FC. Only one. Its better to check ahead of time to save yourself some disappointment.


Posting in threads: There is a difference in RPing skills. Everyone starts out somewhere and grows from there from the stie owner to ever single staff member. The only ways you will grow as a RPer is by experience and I do not mean by leveling up experience either when I am talking about this. Posting in threads with someone is considered roleplaying. You many roleplay with anyone you wish as long as they are approved or in the OOC Roleplay area. In OOC topics and such, refrain from one word posting please (unless asked for).

Please try to make legible posts. Do not use acronyms like "lol" or "wtf" in your posts. Use proper written English. Please keep your posting length to a minimum of 100 words (with the exception of topics requiring word counts less than 100).

Refrain from posting in dead topics (no reply within a month) in an attempt to revive them.

Godmodding/Metagaming: Godmodding is a series of unwanted actions against another character. In terms here, this means anything to dictating another character that does not belong to you and their actions, auto hitting others, and other actions along these lines. If it does not say in your character sheet you can do something, you cannot do it. No making up powers and abilities.

Killing: Now here is where the line draws, most battle topics are not killviable X-rank on down. S-ranks spells can kill you, but thats if you do not have any armor on. Though higher rank battle such as S-rank GM vs a X-rank wizard is considered kill viable. Though, you can agree on certain terms that it could be miam viable.

Topics (Chronology): When entering a topic, please keep in mind that your character storyline follows a chronological order that is slightly affected by real time. Make sure that you know exactly when each topic happens when creating a story so that you may act accordingly. A topic made tomorrow happens after the events of today, and so on. No going back in time people!

Vague Manipulation: A form of God Modding that refers to somebody using a lack of information to their advantage. Setting a distance against an opponent to be right next to you so you can have a point blank shot? That is vague manipulation. Setting it thirty meters, where both you and your opponent can actually react to things and have a fair fight. That is not vague manipulation.

Making your post extremely vague and hard to understand is vague manipulation. To understand the difference between a vague manipulation post and a regular post, we must understand the intention of a vague post. Here is a comparison of two posts, one that uses  Vague Manipulation, the other one being a lazy post with no detail.

Vague:"He stuck his hand out and moved forward."

Lazy: "He punched with his hand."

What is the Vague person doing? What are his intentions? We don't know. It could easily be manipulated to his advantage.

As for the Lazy post, well that guy is just plain lazy and the other post can simply help our poor lazy friend out by saying which hand he punched in, obviously PROBABLY not the one he is holding a giant lamp with, right?

Word Maniplution: A comical form of vague manipulation that involves interpreting a post differently from the original poster's intentions. Although very funny, it is not allowed. To show you what Word Manipulation looks like, we'll have to use John again.

John: John swung his sword towards him to cut his arm off.

Joe: Joe watched as John swung his sword in order to cut his own arm off and laughed at his stupidity.

As you can see, it is comical, but it makes no logical sense. Not let's heal up poor John.

Auto-hitting: Auto-hitting refers to the act of not allowing the other person to avoid your in combat or in other situations. This goes hand in hand with god-modding. Assumptive based roleplaying ("He punched John in the face with his right hand and then proceeded to kick his left shin") is fine because the post is making an assumption that the hit connected. However, not letting the opponent dodge is is another matter ("He threw a punch at John so fast that John wouldn't be able to see") is auto-hitting, because it does not give John any window space. Let's let poor John relax now.

Plagarism: Plagiarism of any form is not tolerated. This means copy and pasting things you found on the internet or even paraphrasing them. Open source content, like the bible, is also prohibited from copying as well.
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General Rules
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