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 Fortune Wheel Prizes March 2016

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Lyra Vollan


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PostSubject: Fortune Wheel Prizes March 2016   Tue Mar 15, 2016 4:02 pm

Roll here to claim a nice little bonus reward each day. Only roll once per day. . Make a new thread titled "(your Name)'s Fortune Wheel" and roll the "Fortune Wheel Dice" to participate. If you get something, post it up in the Grading Database! You must have an approved character to use the Fortune Wheel.

1-10 - 1k Jewels

30-60- 50 EXP

60-65- 2k Jewels

76-90- 50 EXP

100- 5k Jewels

This is only temporary to get it running.

|| Lyra ||
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Fortune Wheel Prizes March 2016
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