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 Requip: One man army

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Grand Magus

Grand Magus

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PostSubject: Requip: One man army   Tue Mar 15, 2016 2:35 pm

Name: The one man army.
Caster or Holder?: Caster
Element: Multi Elemental
Description: A more rare magic than that of a normal caster or holder magic, this one magic allowes the user to summon armor and weaponry from a pocket dimension. The magic is style/set based and Erebus's own set is actually of what he took whilst being a mercenary. Meaning it does not really rely heavily on themes like dinosaurs or monsters but rather on the more peculiar weapons and armors of the human world.

Strengths: A very diverse magic, Re-equip has the ability to use any element or armor/weapon to its advantage giving the user the ability to color code their fighting to that of their enemies weaknesses.

Weaknesses: While being able to pick their elements to fit the fight equipping a armor or weapon only allows that weapon to use it's specified element meaning that the user cannot use multiple different kinds of elements for one set.
As the magic itself equips the user with solid items, all items that the user equips can be destroyed if dealt the items rank in defensive magic in damage (meaning that the durability of the item is per say on a D rank item D rank defense.)
One cannot specifically hold more equipped items than one has hands and therefore one is limited by the amount of hands one have(however this as anything else can be surpassed by per say requipping a pair of extra metal arms.)

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Lyra Vollan

Lyra Vollan

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PostSubject: Re: Requip: One man army   Thu Mar 17, 2016 1:45 pm

Don't run with swords~


|| Lyra ||
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Requip: One man army
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