A non-canon Fairy Tail adventure to take the role of your own character in a social/combat experience!
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Grand Magus

Grand Magus

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PostSubject: Erebus....   Tue Mar 15, 2016 1:03 pm


Name: Erebus
Nicknames: none
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 23
Birthday: X767/07/13
Guild: Phantom lord
Rank: D

Quote :

  • Strength:4

  • Vitality:2

  • Stamina:1

  • Agility:4

  • Dexterity:4

  • Wisdom:2


DescriptionThe calm wind rises and in it you will at many times be able to find this battle scarred man, Erebus is a calm man who will not do what heroes would in a situation of darkness and evil,instead he is the type of person that when someone is in need or all hell is breaking loose he would assess the situation and if he thinks he can win it he would try otherwise he would pay the moment no heed. Any challenge that allows him to fight for a title he takes and tries to win.

He loves to read and whenever he gets into a book(mostly about legends such as dragons) he would push to read it at all times therefore often being found with a book in his hand or bag. He owns nothing except for his armory and treasures instead himself like what a rich man would his ownings, he cares deeply for his own physical health and works out or fights whenever he has spare time. In battle he looks as if dancing even when he wields heavy weapons, and often smiles as he does so because to him it is a game, a game of life and death that sends thrilling chills of adrenaline down his spine.


The Wilds: The wilds are a peacefull place where the strongest survive and neither nobility nor the law holds controll, rather it is the one place where Erebus may take refuge when the law is after him(except for the guild ofc.)

  • Freedom

  • Food/Dessért

  • Reading

  • Dueling

  • Being reckless

  • Fighting


Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia:Long words might not really scare him much however he hates/dislikes them so much that he avoids talking about them or using them to extreme lengths.

  • Religion

  • Nobility

  • Slavers

  • The law

  • Human scum


Fun: Erebus never really grew up having fun in his childhood and therefore grew to be one having fun in battles(playtime did not exist.) he likes being flashy in battle whenever he can and loves it whenver he has a crowd to watch him kick the shit out of someone.

Making a name for himself: As a mercenary Erebus never got to take the glory for his battles and was always overlooked as knights of royalty and nobility stole the glory from his work, he therefore seeks to make a name for himself as the strongest knight on the battlefield.

Battling a dragon: Truly wondrous creatures, Erebus has never seen one but has heard legends of people slaying dragons in his home country of Pergrande and north of there, this has drawn his attention to the fact that any who battle a dragon and win gains a ridiculous amount of respect and a fearsome nickname, he also wants to test his limits and have set his goals on killing atleast one dragon in his lifetime.


Children: The sole fact of Erebus backstory as a mercenary is enough to tell you he has at times been forced with the sight of dead children filling the streets or street corners and therefore he quakes whenever a child is near him or cries in his presence, his reaction to this is most often having to leave the scene or push the child away, it is also the reason as to why he never ever wants to get a child only to see it grow up in a world filled with such turmoil.

Demons:Because of facing a black mage once on a battlefield Erebus has grown to fear the vile summonings of demons and is therefore scared slightly by takeover magic and summoning magic that attracts or uses hellish features such as demons(only the scary ugly/gore kind though)

Rats:Anyone who has ever served in a army or warband first of all knows that rats carry disease like no other and that it many times is deadly,Seeing Erebus kill mice or rats whenever he has the chance is therefore not that uncommon(he also visibly tenses whenver a rat is nearby and he knows of it.)[/spoiler]


Height: 210cm
Weight: 103kg
Apperance: The body of Erebus is solidly built yet "slim" with strong muscles befitting that of a warrior tested many times in battle, Having been tested in battle he has quite a few scars but the ones most notable are one that sits across the chest as if he had been slashed by a longsword or greatsword, the other just slightly less notable scars is one of a spear through his right leg and one from a arrow that had almost made it's way straight through his left palm.

Erebus has golden blonde colored natural hair and a pair of Saphire/Crystal crackelated blue eyes, he has a fairly defined jawline and a small yet pointy nose,he also has slightly small ears that hide in his hair. Erebus most oftenly wears utility clothing in the form of tank tops and baggier pants with straps at the bottom that hold them from being in the way of his footwork. He also almost never leaves the side of his sword feeling slightly at unrest whenever he does.
Guild Tattoos: Colored gold like his hair the guild insignia of phantom lord rests upon Erebus neck just beneath where his hair stops growing.


Hometown: None Erebus was raised as a mercenary.
HistoryMany many years ago when feudal lords in Pergrande warred against each other, mercenary bands grew in amount and one day on a lone field a boy was born. A female mercenary had in her own tent birthed a baby, the baby was born from rape and yet the woman loved him the few first moments of his life until she died from the pain. She had not been given any help with the birth and the umbilical cord still clung to the boys stomach.
Not long after birth another male mercenary entered the tent, it was one of the females friends and when he saw the baby lying there upon the stomach of his mother he cried and rushed to the boys side cutting the umbilical cord and tieing it into a knot, he then named the boy Erebus as he had was born from evil in the dark of night.

During his time growing up there was nothing such as free time, in the morning he would gather herbs and consumable vegitation with other females whilst the men hunted, midday he would help with cooking and at night he would listen to stories...most of them were quite gruesome. Erebus did not know safety and when he became older gathering herbs grew into hunting and cooking food became cutting firewood and practising the art of the sword in any spare time and at night he would sleep so that he would be awake and alert for whatever fight the mercenary band was going into that day.

But a short time after he had become 10 years old Erebus had killed his first man by plunging a shortsword through his unarmored chest, often times the band was pitted in the offensive and charging into battle against fortresses was not uncommon. Sleep grew to become telling stories of his own battles and by the time he was 20 years of age he had atleast fought in 100 battles and 3 wars. Erebus had been scarred by battle and when the band fell apart one by one he decided it was best to leave, at the age of 23 he had reached the much smaller country of Fiore where his story would start its own new chapter.
RP Sample:

Face Claim: Cloud strife - Final fantasy - 7

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Lyra Vollan

Lyra Vollan

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PostSubject: Re: Erebus....   Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:50 am

Well done, Erebus. I do enjoy reading this app.


|| Lyra ||
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