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Ilaria Sterling

Ilaria Sterling

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Character sheet
Name: Ilaria Sterling
Alignment: Chaotic Good
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PostSubject: | Ilaria Sterling | "Miss Mischief |    Tue Mar 15, 2016 7:59 am


Name: Ilaria Elizabeth Sterling
Nicknames: Aria, "Miss Mischief", Prankster
Gender: Female
Race: Human-Demon Hybrid
Age: 17
Birthday: April 1st, X973

Guild: N/A
Rank: B-Class
Stats: 25

Strength: 4
Vitality: 4
Stamina: 5
Agility: 4
Dexterity: 5
Wisdom: 3

Description: Imagine the stereotypical hyperactive child at a birthday party where there was far too much sugar consumed. Most of the time, this perfectly describes Ilaria in all her goofball glory. Primarily, she is a jokester and exceedingly loud/ boisterous. She loves being around people more than anything in the world, aside from practising her magic perhaps, and adores making new friends. She has a habit of forcing herself upon people if she decides that she likes them enough, and won't let go of them until they befriend her as well. She is blissfully ignorant of any malicious feelings that are directed towards her from other people, and will always wear a huge smile or grin without a care in the world.

She has a very good moral compass, and is able to see quite early on after meeting someone whether they are good or bad, depending on the vibes she gets from them. Sometimes it is obviously quite hard to discern whether a person is so easily categorised, but she is good at telling if someone has a good heart. Ironically, she cannot feel the strangeness within herself; or rather, she chooses not to. She knows that she isn't quite the same as regular humans, deep down, but she refuses to acknowledge it. That, and she has no clue about her own heritage in that regard.

She makes it a goal in life to try and make other people smile, and bring them happiness in some shape or form. In her own words, she hasn't succeeded as a person until she has been responsible for the joy of someone else. It is this ability of hers to be so cheery and upbeat which makes her a bit of a people magnet, and she harbours a kind of irritating charm that people can't help but admire (even if it is begrudging admiration in a lot of cases). She never fails to get on the nerves of those around her if they can't stand loud people, and her obnoxious over-confidence only serves to annoy people further if they do not know her well enough to understand. If a problem can't be solved by excessive hugging and affection, the next thing she will turn to is fighting and using her fists or weapons. This solution is never meant maliciously, however, and she will never aim to kill an opponent no matter what. One thing she believes in wholeheartedly is that all life is sacred, a belief passed down to her from the tribe of people she grew up with. But, she also believes that if you don't believe in something passionately to fight for it, then there is no point in having such a belief.

Because of the fact that she was so removed from the outside world, she is very innocent to worldly happenings and objects. There is so much that she has not yet seen, and she is so easily fascinated by the simplest of things. Her innocence stretches across the spectrum of most things, and also goes for romance and other such goings on. If ever someone had a crush on her, or she had a crush on someone, she would have no idea how to react or what it was. To her, there is only friends and family (which she often classes as the same thing), nothing else.

She is not one to really care about material possessions, and instead relishes things that money can't buy: friends, natural beauty in the world and passion. Anyone who becomes this girl's friend is guaranteed a friend for life, and one that will fight for them until she can no longer stand. One thing is for absolutely certain; she is almost irritatingly stubborn and will never give up or go back on her word. Even if she is teetering on the edge of death, if it means backing down and letting someone she cares about get hurt, she will never even consider doing such a thing. Not only would it betray their bond, it would betray her honour (or what she believes it to be). As a girl who grew up around nature in all its beauty, she finds it very fascinating and peaceful. She will also fight tooth and nail to preserve its splendour, and loves all living beings by extension. If she didn't have such an insatiable appetite, it wouldn't be too outrageous to say that she would be a vegan or another varient just so she wouldn't have to hurt anything living. And it isn't too out of the realms that she is passionate about... mostly everything.

More than anything, Ilaria yearns for adventure. She wishes to explore their vast land and learn all about its history, its culture, and everything that went into its creation. She may seem like a dumb, bumbling fool, but she has a kind of intellect that is only satisfied by discovery. The way she perceives the world may be described as childish, but in all honesty, it is merely innocent and open to everything out there. Deep down, this girl is terrified of being lonely. After having her community, her family, taken away from her, she is scared of it ever happening again.

She is an immensely hard worker, and will give her all to everything she encounters with the utmost enthusiasm. She can almost be seen as too keen and too eager, as she throws herself into things without waiting for the proper instructions sometimes. As a previous metalworker in her old community, she is a very practical girl and enjoys making things with her hands in her spare time. She can often look at something and deduce how it was made, just by looking at the craftsmanship, and make one all her own. Someday, she wants to have the skill to make her own magical weapons to use with her Requip magic.


  • Her magic
  • Fighting/ sparring
  • Laughing
  • Playing pranks on others
  • Making things
  • Discovering new things
  • Making friends
  • Jogging
  • Nature
  • Summertime


  • Losing
  • Solitude
  • Sore muscles
  • Small spaces
  • Silence
  • Winter months
  • Industrialised places
  • Sitting still
  • Waiting

Ilaria truly wishes to become strong, at least strong enough to protect everything she cares about. No matter what the means, she will pursue strength to protect her comrades at all costs.

Who doesn't want to journey around the world on a constant adventure? She wishes to see the world, the whole world, and make memories that she will remember well into her old age.

No matter what, Ilaria wishes to find a group of people she can view as her family. After losing those that she saw as her family, back in her old community, she wants to fulfill the wishes of her dying mother and keep living; to find a new place to belong.

As well as all of the above, she wants to become a better craftswoman that she is now. She wants to see her weapons and armour sold all over Fiore, bearing her emblem and name on it. She takes comfort in the fact that her work will be so renowned and a way to give other people their strength.
Since she could remember, Ilaria has been irrationally frightened of small spaces. When enclosed in a place without windows, or a similar small, tight space, her chest grows tight and her vision begins to blur, making it impossible for her to do much.

What perhaps scares her more than tight spaces is the fear of being alone in the world. She truly felt this way after the massacre of her people back home, and it sent her spiralling into a pit of despair within her mind. Living for and with other people is what helps define her, and losing those people will wholly destroy her.

Primarily relating to the destruction of natural beauty, she wishes to preserve all that lives and breathes in this world. She truly fears and detests anyone who burns or destroys the beautiful world they live in.

What if she wasn't strong enough to protect those she loves? It has happened once before, and it may still happen again. Ilaria is deathly afraid of such an occurance, and trains hard every day to ensure that it doesn't happen.


Height: 5'5"
Weight: 128lbs

Ilaria is a lithe teen, not one to be considered particularly intimidating in the slightest. Her cheery persona only adds to this confusion when her opponents find her to be quite strong. She has been training her rather physical magic for many years, and as such, her strength is certainly something to admire. Her muscles are defined, but not large. She has an average bust for her age, even though she doesn't truly understand connotations of what makes these attractive. Her hair is cut choppily to fall past her chin, and is primarily white blonde/ silver with strange magenta colouring streaked through the ends. Her eyes are wide and filled with intelligence, curiosity and hope, coloured a light hazel-esque brown.

Across her body, there are small tell-tale signs of stress that scar and mark her. From her hobby of crafting and metalworking, she has numerous burn marks seared into her forearms, which are kept covered by her long green gloves. Her hands are also marked all over with varying scorch markings and scratches. A strange scar in the shape of a crescent moon on her abdomen is visible when she wears a bikini or similar swimsuit. And a strange series of pale white scars, all jagged, form at the back of her neck and form a kind of starburst in shape, with the jagged points trailing down her spine to her mid-back.

She is almost always seen wearing a pale blue scoop-necked shirt and matching scarf, a pair of short orange/ yellow short dungarees with utility pockets built into the straps, a pair of cropped black leggings that go past her knees, and a large pair of sturdy black boots which almost seem too big for her. On her hands she sports a pair of dark green gloves, which fades into more of a pastel colour as they stretch up almost to the point where her shirt sleeves end.

It is not very often (if at any time) that she wears skirts or dresses, as she sees them to be highly impractical for her work and magic training. If relaxing, however, she has been known to wear said garments occasionally;
The Rare Dress Picture:
Guild Tattoos: (Will be) Powder blue | Upper right arm


Hometown: Principium Island, Southern Fiore

Forbidden Love: Origin Arc

On the small island of Principium, everything is sectioned far away from any other major civilisation. Their customs and culture are perhaps four or even five hundred years behind the rest of the world, due to their isolation and refusal to partake in the rest of the world's events and cultures. The islanders had ancestors who were supposedly here at the dawn of time; at the world's creation. Their island was the sacred home and birthplace of a group of deities called The Ancients. They are not so easily defined as Gods or Goddesses; they were ethereal beings that shifted through dimensions and chose to populate Earthland, so the mythology goes. It wasn't very often that outsiders found their way to this tiny island in the middle of nowhere. One of the occasions where said occurence happened, was in the year X972, a year before Ilaria was born, and the year that the demon Umbra Nox, arrived on Principium.

He appeared as a handsome silver-haired man, as an adventurer who had gotten lost at sea. The island community took good care of him and healed the injuries he had sustained while travelling. One woman on the island in particular, Amaranth Sterling, was the best healer they had to offer. Her healing magic was second to none, and better than any other mage that Umbra had seen on his travels. She spent a lot of time with him, checking on his injuries and ensuring that his recovery was a speedy one. During this time, the pair of them grew very close, and Umbra let his guard down enough to fall in love with the mortal. It was only after he learned that he was to be a father that he came to his senses, and fled the island, placing a curse upon it; when his spawn came of the dangerous age, all hellfire would rain down and do what he didn't have the heart to. Kill his lover, and the daughter he would never see...

My Family: Childhood Arc

Ilaria was born into a very loving community, and everybody around her immediately welcomed her with open arms into their world. She inherited the names of her mother's ancestors, as was common to pass down names onto children so that the elder's will may be inherited through them. Her early life was rather uneventful, and it was only shortly after she turned five that her magical powers began to show in great force. She was always happiest when toying with building blocks or doing arts and crafts. As she started to become more physically involved, her magic power would start to pulse from her and pick up all forms of metal that could become a weapon. Magic wasn't unusual on Principium Island, and slowly, Ilaria was taught how to control these random emissions of power.

Her mother raised her like a normal human girl, never even hinting for a moment that part of her heritage was dark. Amaranth had her suspicions about the man she fell in love with, but never let it effect her opinion of him, and she wouldn't allow it to taint her daughter's mind either. She told her daughter many lovely stories of her father, and simply said that he was a traveller, an adventurer; his heart couldn't be contained in one place for long. While Ilaria found it sad that he had left her mother, she never thought ill of him.

Everyone on their island had numerous jobs to do, in order to live out their day to day lives. As she continued to exhibit marvellous ability with metals and crafting, she was put under the tuteledge of the island's blacksmith, an old man named Josiah. He taught her everything he knew, and even started teaching her how to craft weapons in secret. They were not supposed to have such things, because their life was one of peace. But Josiah had known the horrors of war, and knew that they had to be prepared just in case the worst happened and their peaceful island was invaded.

Early on, she started to show a preference for being friends with boys over girls, because she preferred to play rough and fight with them. She would often come home covered in bruises and scuffs and scrapes, broken bones and all the rest of it from rough-housing and falling out of trees and the like. Every time, her mother would patch her up and listen to the delighted tales of how Ilaria beat up that island bully, or she sparred with her friend. It filled Amaranth with joy that her daughter was growing up to be so strong, and yet so kind. The girl sobbed every time a plant in their garden died, and heaven forbid if one of their pets died as well. She prayed to The Ancients with great fervour whenever they were to eat some of nature's bounty, and in general, she was a model student to with her magic studies which were presided over by the scholars deep within the ancient forest.

As her magic developed further and she was taught a specific type, she dedicated herself to using armours and weapons that befitted and supposedly embodied The Ancients whom she so ardently believed in. The great scholars entrusted sacred sets of weapons and armour unto her, as they believed that she would have the power to wield them whereas none of them did not. According to legend, a great warrior by the name of Vindex, went to war in the name of The Ancients themselves and established Principium as a safe haven of peace and tranquility when the war was won. His armour has since been preserved, ready for the next blessed warrior to step forth and claim it. And this was to be Ilaria.

However, disaster struck at one of the most pivotal moments in the girl's life...

Almighty Hellfire: Destruction Arc

In the year X986, when Ilaria was thirteen years of age, a horrible fate befell Principium Island. An army of magic soldiers invaded the island, with one purpose in mind; to burn everything and everyone in their way on the island that they desired into nothing. The group called themselves Hellfire, a cult devoted to the demon of flames and destruction, and their purpose was to bring destruction to whatever they pleased, leaving no survivors.

No survivors but one.

During the attack, she had been trying her hardest to ward off the attackers, and stop them from destroying all that she loved. As she was rebuffed with ease, setting a grim reminder in her heart that there were terribly mighty forces in this world, she went looking for her mother and found the woman scorched and barely breathing in the ruins of their home. It was too late to save her; it was too late to save anyone. As Ilaria tried to pursue the attackers once more, she was slammed into a burning building and left to die in the midst of flames and the collapsing structure. And yet, a lone girl climbed out of the flaming wreckage left after the soldiers had departed, her clothes singed off, but her body untouched by the hellish flames. Who else was it but Ilaria herself? The one mark that the flames had done any damage was a strange series of scars now left at her upper back; a jagged starburst, and the sigil of her demon father whose curse had come to fruition. Not that she had any idea about who her father was, or what his sigil might be. To her, the scars were survivor's guilt; a reminder that she should have been able to help her family if she herself was able to survive the onslaught.

With The Ancients' armour locked away in her pocket dimension safely, she took the remaining boat which wasn't ruined in the wake of the natural disaster and eventually made it to Fiore's mainland in the South. In spite of what happened to her homeland, she took it in stride and remembered the dying words from her mother. No matter where she went, those she held dear lived in her heart, and she had to keep living for their sake.

A Whole New World: Recovery Arc

Following the trauma which occured back on Principium Island, Ilaria started to learn about the outside world and all its strange technology. She took brief residence in a small coastal village while she recovered and gathered her bearings, and this was a good place to learn about all of the new things that were around in the world that she didn't know of. And then, most importantly, it was the great place to start as she ventured off on her adventure. She had no idea where the adventure would take her, and all she cared about was continuing the adventure for as long as she could. While she had loved her homeland with all her heart, she had always been yearning for adventure while she was there, she just couldn't help it.

And thus, to this day, she is continuing to travel Fiore, having fine-tuned and put a name to her magic. Requip. Quite the capable mage but still the enthuastic and passionate girl that she always was, she is on a constant quest for adventure!
RP Sample:
From Hero Academia RP, Username:

Face Claim: Pascal, Tales of Graces
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PostSubject: Re: | Ilaria Sterling | "Miss Mischief |    Wed Mar 16, 2016 8:52 am

This has to be one of the most well-written apps i've seen on most RP sites.


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