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 Ranks and Requests

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PostSubject: Ranks and Requests   Sat Mar 12, 2016 8:43 pm

So after reading the current ranking and request system it looks to me that everyone atm needs to write on average, 20 D rank requests for E ranks rank up to D rank, a minimum of 15 C rank requests to get to C rank exclude the potential for doing higher ranking requests, so just in my personal opinion that's a lot of not only write in terms of missions and in terms of grading and i just suggest to either significantly reduce the number of requests by reducing exp requirements or increasing experience received per missions. Another thing that i need to point out is the tiny difference between E rank and D rank in the first place with E rank primarily just having 10 less spell slots than the D rank, whilst everything i've read pretty much stays the same unless i'm mistaken.

Oh well that's enough for my ramblings for now, but i just thought i'd give my input.
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PostSubject: Re: Ranks and Requests   Sat Mar 12, 2016 10:40 pm

Yes I do see your pop t theo. I talkyd with the staff and we all made this system to prevent grinding and making things easy. You also do not know that even just by RPING in social topics grants you 100 exp per post. I am also working on fortune wheels and new events the that give exp, jewel, and other cool prizes. I do feel your pain there and completely understand but higher ranks within the same guild or organization. So Gin can take you in higher ranked missions. Also, event missions is something new. Missions that are for events like stuff ranked evading plot or other small things will double rewards.

I am going thrown to hint, later this month is a event that will have some exp. Do not fret my young grasshopper. We are going to test some systems and making changes as things progress. With this system will actually make people roleplay and not become powerhouses.

Regards to the ranks, I do want to thank you for that. E-ranks can only do small things but barely any offensive attacks for spells but you can learn spells one rank above. D-ranks are starting to learn.

I hope this answers to your ckncern. You have no idea how happy I am to have members pointing this out towards me :'D please it's an honor to have members like you apart of our team.

Best regards,
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Ranks and Requests
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