A non-canon Fairy Tail adventure to take the role of your own character in a social/combat experience!
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Character sheet
Name: Thalynsar
Alignment: Lawful Evil
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PostSubject: Thalynsar   Fri Mar 11, 2016 1:58 pm


Name: Thalynsar
Nicknames: Thal
Gender: Neither but commonly referred to as him/he.
Race: Mind Flayer
Age: ~300 years
Birthday: Unknown
Special Characteristics: Has dozens of moveable tentacles that cover his mouth.

Guild: Phantom Lord
Rank: X

Description: Thalynsar is a very smooth character in that he is easily able to make friends with others to gain their trusts though not necessarily trusting them with his secrets, which to some could be seen a being particularly two-faced however he doesn't use this with the intention of causing harm a majority of the time, when he takes on missions that require him to gain access to information he could only gather by joining a group through a member's support.

A particular habit that he has developed is that he will often gather as much information on matters involving his focused interest at the time in missions, by picking up the occasional book every now and again for a quick glance through before deciding whether to pocket it or not. This habit often leads to Thalynsar trying to gain information on artifacts that he comes across that emit even the slightest amount of magic, rarely taking them as often they would be used for something uninteresting, are being used actively by someone else, or are far too dangerous for him to touch let alone move.

He is very calculating in terms of fighting always hanging back determining the best time to strike, often  just examining his target and their surroundings, as he is a master of manipulation, he is capable of closing the distance between him and his foes without them realizing it by both walking towards them and unknowingly forcing them to walk to him. After completing his objective, he will often leave without a single trace, be it a broken twig, footprint, marking, insignia, scent or even memory of his appearance, making him very useful in missions that require the utmost discretion though he no longer uses his abilities in this fashion largely as it is frowned upon within society, being described as villainous and snake-like.

He primarily tends to work by himself for his missions as he is often unable to find people willing to help him with the missions he chooses, however he isn't naive enough to think he can take on anything because of this he is far more willing to work with others despite his nature that is unless of course if they are from other guilds at which point he may choose to temporarily hinder his temporary allies and then later relieve that burden under a veil of deception in an attempt to gain their trust albeit under false pretenses.

Reading:- Thalynsar is an avid book reader with an almost photograph memory in the case of written text as such he will often be seen in libraries scanning through the various rows picking out one at a time quickly scanning it before putting them back, otherwise he'll be carrying tomes with him that whilst he can memorize their information it's the underlying factor of them that contains for him. Reading to him is one of the few comforts that truly entertains him, whether it's the finest written bit of work, or just a scribble on a bit of paper, each demonstrates a portion of the writer's soul that he somehow relates to.

Tea and other Herbal Substances:- Thalynsar quickly grew to develop a taste for tea after leaving his community. He will frequently be seen drinking tea and reading books at the same time during periods of great stress and will often substitute entire meals with blends of edible pureed vegetables, mushrooms and other herbal remedies that he creates himself.

Magic:- Ever since he was a small child, he had become enchanted with all types of magic, after seeing it first-hand by a passing mage, this enhancement continued with him seeing it has a means to an end with it not being a case of good and evil types of magic but that it was the actions of the users that mattered more.

The Upper-class:- As a member of a noble family he quickly learned the truth behind the society because of that he will immediately distrustful of any nobility or royalty he comes across, this often causes issues when he applies for missions often going as far as requiring him to have to get another person to moderate for him. His hatred towards the upper-class however is often diminished slightly though when they speak to him about his interests and especially when they ask for his help.

Crowds:- Thalynsar despises large groups of people surrounding him, This dislike is due to overwhelming thoughts and feelings that he can't filter out unlike when he was in the collective, so frequently he will avoid large cities or busy streets by climbing on the roofs of houses and stores to his destination instead.

Sun:- As a creature of both the night and originating from a realm that had hardly any light, he finds it unpleasant to remember in the sunlight for too long.

Vengeance:- Behind his calm and collected exterior lies a bottle of pure rage created by years of abuse from his brothers, assault from his educators and torture during his time of need. This Rage drives Thalynsar to take on particular "messy" missions that require him to get his hands dirty thereby relieving some of the fury on something useful.

Gain immortality: Having lived for several centuries Thalynsar has begun to notice the signs of his rapidly deteriorating health, in order to try and over come this problem he has started his search for lichdom which will grant him his immortality that he craves, hence his visit to the valley of Defilement.


Death:- Despite the contradictory state of mind that Thalynsar is in, he still holds a firm stance of life and death, making this a rather logical fear as any normal thinking person longs to avoid. After having come close to death himself several times, including fairly recently. This strong fear of death has reinforced the dread in Theo over the idea of his non-existence and because of this he is less likely to dive into a situation blindly without knowing the full story of what is happening, though ironically at the moment he has began to develop suicidal tendencies.

Being unable to use magic:- Ever since he began to use magic, the thought of losing it played out in the back of his head particularly after long missions and fights, as a result ever since causing severe self-inflict wounds, he decided not to test things on himself, straight from the books he's read. Because of his fear of losing his magic he often tries to conserve or limit his use of magic though it unknowingly is doing the opposite affect as no matter what his power is continuously leaking from his eyes.


Height: 227 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Apperance: Hair:- Thalynsar has no hair to speak of, his race never developed the need to have fur or even hair as such they simply have shiny skin.

Face:- Mind-Flayers by some are considered one of the most unpleasant races to look at, due to their numerous tentacles on their face that are throw back to their ancestry as fish spawn with the number and length of tentacles determining a variety of factors within their tight-knit community..

Eyes:- Due to his extreme age his pale iris-less blue eyes appear almost shrunken into his face with his brows over arching them.

Build:- He is an extremely tall, lanky individual measuring just shy of a staggering 230 cm tall and weighing in at mere 85 kg, his skin is purple in differing shades and has a sleek shine to it as if always damp.

Attire:- He typically wears a long black multilayer robe with held in place by a belt with a skull belt, attached to the robe is a long flowing red cloak that connects up with his supportive upper breastplate and Pauldrons.

Alternative clothing for casual and formal settings:- During times by himself or in the company of others he really trusts however, he will wear more relaxed clothes swapping from the robe to a surprisingly more vibrant attire, this selection of clothing taking terms from Asian cultures with him wearing a lengthy red robe with golden dragon detail. In more formal situations Theo will switch into a plain tailor made suit.

Hands and Dominance:- illithid or mind flayers are unusual in that they only have 3 fingers and a thumb on each hand with them being significantly longer though with long sharp claws for nails. This means that a majority of matters including writing and using a sword can be more difficult for him than others, This merely just requires him to go around about certain obstacles

Guild Tattoos: Black on right arm.


Hometown: Underworld
Forgotten the sands of Time.
Face Claim: Non-character based material used from mind-flayer pictures.

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