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 Exam Rules

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PostSubject: Exam Rules    Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:05 pm

In the world of Fairy Tail, there are S-rank exams to prove if you are worthy of carrying the title of a high ranked mage. With each rank comes more and more skills and responsibility you will be held upon your shoulders. On FT Reborn, we not only of S-rank exams, but exams for moving onto the next rank. Once your have acquired enough exp for a rank up, you have to apply for a rank-up exam.

The Staff members will be responsible to assign you the mission of their choice. What ever the mission says you have at follow its rules. Whether its going to another to accomplish it or not, you would have to do it. An NPC RP with you through the thread. Act as it is a mission or job but not with a word count. You would have to use combat and writing skills to accomplish this.

Teamwork: Exams can also be accomplished in teams. You may find others who are the same rank as you and that are ready to rank up around the same time you are. All of your may go together to pass your rank-up exam. If you're doing teams to rank up, they have to be the same rank AND same guild otherwise its invalid. While being in guilds and doing teams, you will get a small jewel reward for passing. This is ONLY if you are in a guild.

Teamwork Rewards: Teamwork Rewards only go towards people who are in guilds of any alignment. Though, you do have to be on the same team and everything. For every person gains 10,000 jewel per person in the team.

Certain Ranks: Rank up exams do sound scary and hard, but you have to train a lot and hard to rank-up. It's a test of skill. Though, rank-up exams are only for the higher ranks. Ranking up to B and on up require an exam. Ranks below (Ranking up to D and C ranks) are not required to rank up.
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Exam Rules
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