A non-canon Fairy Tail adventure to take the role of your own character in a social/combat experience!
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 [IS] Shakedown

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PostSubject: [IS] Shakedown   Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:33 am

Rank: D-Rank
Rewards: 500 EXP | 1000J
Location: Isshi Village
Client: Tax Collecter
Description: The Tax Collecter will not tell you his real name. He simply is known as the Tax Collecter. The Tax Collecter hasn't gotten his money from a woman for over a week and he getting tried. Finding the request, you will meet the Tax Collecter at inside a bar. He will give you a map to where the old woman lives. The job is simple. Go to the old woman house and make her give up the money she owe to the Tax Collecter. Do whatever you have to do to get the Tax Collecter money. Smack her around, burn the house down or whatever. Once you get the money for the old lady, head back to the Tax Collect and get your reward.
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[IS] Shakedown
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