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 Uzume | [Done]

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PostSubject: Uzume | [Done]   Mon Mar 07, 2016 1:57 pm



Name: Uzume
Nicknames: Uzu (Only her sister Neptune calls her this)
Gender: Female
Race: Goddess
Age: 700 Years Old (She was born a few mintunes earlier than her Twin)
Birthday: May 16th X090
Sexuality: Homosexual
Guild: Guildless
Rank:  Rank E
Face Claim: Uzume Tennouboushi - Hyperdimension Neptunia


  • Strength: 2
  • Vitality: 4
  • Stamina: 4
  • Agility: 1
  • Dexterity: 1
  • Wisdom: 3


Just becuse she is Neptune's twin. Don't assume Uzume acts just like her sister Neptune. Being the older twin out of the pair. Uzume is the more cool tomboyish, serious and hard-working twin. When Neptune is having her fun, Uzume is the one who tends to do the more boring things like paperwork, paying the bills or doing any sort of work, often having to cover for her loving, but carefree sister slacking ways.  In battle, at first Uzume tended to act like Neptune and just rush into battle without thinking, but now she tries to be the planner of the duo. Someone has to make sure Nepsy is alright. Due to wanting to be view as a Cool Big Sister by Neptune. Uzume might take push herself over the limit. This is where Neptune helps Uzume. As they tend to balance each other.  Uzume keeps Neptune form being a total slacker and Neptune helps Uzume learn how to not be so serious all of the time.

Uzume does have her moments when she randomly seems to enter a state she call  ' Custey Uzume Mode". Uzume doesn't know when these moments happen or why they do, but she is embrass by it. Custey Uzume Mode has Uzume act like a total cute child. She loses all her seriously instantly and speaks in super happy tone. The mode doesn't last for long thankfully.


  • Pudding: Not much to explain here. Uzume enjoys her pudding. A tasty treat and easy to make. Though Uzume doesn't enjoy it as much as her younger twin. So Uzume at times simply gives her pudding to her sister.

  • Sister Time/Bonding: Uzume likes spending time with her younger sister, Nepsy. Eating pudding together, Trying to get Neptune to work or even whatever Neptune wants to do. All that matters to Uzume is that they are together.

  • Looking Cool/Being Cool: Uzume likes to cool and always tries to appear cool at all times. Whether to impressed her sister or to inspire others. She try to be the 'Rule of Cool.

  • Cute Girls: Like Nepsy, Uzume likes cute girls (even if she thinks her sister is the cutest girl ever), but unlike Nepsy. Uzume hasn't shown any interest in men nor is Uzume know to chase after cute girls. Her main focus is being Nep older twin sister.


  • Eggplants: Horrible taste and smell. There is nothing good about them. She doesn't want to do anything with them.

  • Uncool: Uzume hates being view as an uncool person. If she doesn't appear or act cool then how can she get her laid-back younger twin to work harder. But as the older sister there are times when she has to put her foot down. Generally by taking away Nepsy's pudding eating rights or banning Nep Nep from seeing cute girls.

  • Neptune's Troublemaking: Her cute sister is a massive ball of enegry and has a good heart, but sometimes Nepsy can be troublesome for Uzume. Espcially if there a cute girl involved. Still even with her sister troublemaking. Uzume loves Neptune and will never stop loving her.


  • Destory all Eggplants: Like her sister, Uzume will rid the universe of this meance. Why was this thing created is something Uzume asks herself all the time.

  • Neptune's Happiness: As an Older Sister her greatest motivation is simply to see Neptune happy. If Neptune happy protecting cute girls, Uzume will support her. If Neptune wants to be lazy all day, even if Uzume finds it annoying, she will let Neptune have her lazy moments. In short she willing to do anything to keep Neptune happy. Neptune's smiling face is all that Uzume needs to keep her going.

  • Stronger: Getting stronger to protect her younger sister.


  • Neptune's Death: Her number one fear in this entire universe. They been together ever since brith. If they she ever lost her younger twin, Uzume wouldn't know what to do. A world without Neptune is something Uzume nevers wants to go through.

  • Neptune Hating her/Disowning Her: Uzume loves her younger sister. It would crush Uzume's heart if her sister ever stop loving her or even worse no longer wants to be Uzume's sister.

  • Eggplant Overlord: A silly fear, but in world full of magic you never know. They could take over the world someday and that is something Uzume Fears.


Height: 186 Centimeters
Weight: 75 Kilograms

Uzume is a pale skinned girl with red eyes and long maroon hair, tied into long twintails and held on by triangular hair-clips. She wears a white dress shirt that is open and a loosely tied red tie that has a triangular design at the end with an unused hair-clip clipped on it, a pair of black shorts that looks like a skirt at first glance that is held up by suspenders and is open at the fly, an orange and black striped sock on her left foot and black boots and a similarly colored orange and black striped fingerless glove, with a larger, but shorter and also fingerless glove over the striped one. She dons 3 pins on her boots - an I heart DC pin and a smiley pin on her right boot and some random Japanese word (Cool) on her left boot. Don't ask her about the pins, she thinks it makes her look cooler.

When she not wearing her standard outfit, Uzume is usually seen wearing a school girl outfit that looks similar to her normal attrie expect the skirt is pleated and with orange, black and red. Her Dress shirt is much nicer and isn't left open.  She generally wears this when she has to do important or boring tasks like paper work.

Guild Tattoos: Upper Chest - Orange. Assuming if she ever joins a guild.


Hometown: Planeptune

Born just a few minutes before her younger twin sister, Neptune, in the year X089. Uzume would be the cooler, serious, tougher twin. When she was born Uzume didn't even cry like most newborns was, showing how cool she was even at a young age. It wasn't until the age  of three that Uzume was seen to have a less serious side to her. One day she just started acting super cute though the moment only last for a couple of mintunes. Born into the world by her and Neptune's mother, a goddess that would die after one hundred years later, Venus, who loved both Neptune and Uzume equally. Growing up as Goddesses in the Land of Planeptune unlike her sister Neptune who was well known to skip out on work to master her swordplay. Uzume was the one who took her work seriosuly and even did Neptune's work at times so her sister wouldn't get into so much trouble. While Nep Nep favor swordplay, Uzume often was seen use her fist or 'magic'. Eveb though and in the eyes of the Goddesses, she was only a kid afteer fifty years of being alive, which was around four or five years old then, but no one really knowns for sure how old a goddess is in their time and growth to the human growth and age patterns.

Uzume as a teen in the Goddess age which was five hundred years old in human years, had grown to become a hardworking tomboyish teen who often had to make up for her sister constant pranks and trouble making always around their home and land. This was also the time when Uzume had to put her foot down more often and get her sister to work more, usually by taking away her favorite snack, pudding. While Neptune was causing trouble Uzume was often seen helping the people in their homeland. Which made her look cool in eyes of the citizens. Uzume, after another one hundred and fifty five years later, had grown up into a durable and wise warrior and woman, who wasn't shy to speak her mind. Still she had her moments of total cutness which she doesn't talk about often. Since Neptune in trouble without thinking, Uzume has learn to become the wiser of the two twins. So she took some time to focus on gaing wisdom and smarts. After twenty more years, Neptune and Uzume were allowed to exit Planeptune and head out to Fiore to gain knowledge of other lands and to further improve on their skills and develop more as goddesses, so then one day they could teach the next generation of Goddesses the proper way to be a goddess and how to behave properly around others, of which Neptune needed to learn but decided was too boring to do, Neptune would just forget about it. As the hard working sister, Uzume was there to make sure Nepsy didn't slack off too much and to keep her company.

RP Sample:

Lilynette curiosutiy watch Iffy's face. The cute girl seem to be taken back by Lily. Which cause to frown a bit, maybe she was too playful or too forward? But she couldn't help herself, Iffy is just so cute. "Yeah. With my looks I'm a perfect fit here." She didn't lack any confidence in herself that was for sure. Liynette frown only grew as she listen to Iffy, being part demon did cause Lily to flinch, but she couldn't get angry at Iffy. Her human self seem in control and Iffy didn't even look like a demon in anyway. Lily had to ingored the monster hunter part of her. "I had bad experinces with monsters inculding demons, but I won't use my past experinces to judge you." Though if Iffy ever turn into full demon and went on a rampage, Lily would have to do what she ws trained to do.

"Now on to a lighter topic. The reason I call you cutie is because I think your cute, Iffy. Plain and simple." Lilynette paused as she examine Iffy's body. "Well pet names are for couples, but I'm tease." Lilynette would then make eye contact with Iffy, just so Iffy could see the serious look in her eyes. "I don't want to forced you to be my girlfriend. I want you to be my girlfriend willingly. I guess I do my best to make you want me." Lily was always up for a task. She wasn't quite sure what was going through Iffy's mind, but Lily would do her best to help clear Iffy mind.
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PostSubject: Re: Uzume | [Done]   Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:46 am

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Uzume | [Done]
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