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 Neptune [Done]

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PostSubject: Neptune [Done]   Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:42 am


Name: Neptune
Nicknames: Neppy, Nep-Nep, Nepsy, Nep and Big Nep
Gender: female
Race: Goddess
Age: 700 years old (born a few minutes later then her twin, Uzume)
Birthday: 16th of may X089
Sexuality: bi-sexual
Guild: guildless
Rank: E
Face Claim: adult Neptune and kid Neptune, Megadimension Neptunia and Hyperdimensional Neptunia.

  • Strength:6
  • Vitality:1
  • Stamina:1
  • Agility:5
  • Dexterity:1
  • Wisdom:1

Description: Neptune is a very energetic, calm and excitable woman with a very large urge to help out any cute girls that are in danger and are in need of saving from any mean bad guys. Neptune makes a lot of jokes, tends to mistake names of people that are mean to cute girls and makes fun of their names by how she hears them and laugh out loud, having no care at all. Being the younger twin of her and Uzume, Neptune is the more energetic, carefree and always joyful twin that always aims to have a fun time by making jokes and playing fun with any guys she encounters or with any evil people with weird names or just normal names that she loves to play fun with. Neptune isn't very wise and just runs into combat with no plan except kill, or at least knock out, anything that is trying to kill her, Uzume or any cute girls that are running away or fighting back.

Neptune has a very childlike personality and just loves to play around, cause trouble for people that are annoying her and slack off work to practice her duel wielding and sword play, even if it makes Uzume yell at her, it is more fun then doing some dumb, old and boring paperwork anyway.

  • pudding: it is squishy, has the best texture and is so delicious. it is Neptune's favorite thing in the world.
  • making fun of names: Neptune loves to pick fun at names that are odd or just seem to have a hidden meaning behind them, For Example, Neptune called a woman Named Arfoire, Arbore and Arfjord, and laughed very hard about it.
  • sister bonding: whether it is by playing around with her, eating pudding with her or just being around her, Neptune loves to bond with her older sister, as their bond will become unbreakable


  • Eggplants: they smell horrid, they have a weird look and they are disgusting!
  • work: having a child-like personality, Neptune hates to do anything remotely similar to work unless it involves Fighting or just helping out cute girls with any problems.
  • having her pudding taken away:Neptune is a person who loves pudding, but when it is taken away from her, either by Uzume or anyone, it makes her mad but if it was Uzume that took it from her, she will understand and try to do some work, even though she hates it.


  • protecting cute girls: it is Neptune's duty to protect any girl who she considers cute and save them from monsters.
  • ridding the world of eggplants:since Neptune hates them with a fiery passion, she wants to destroy eggplants from the entire world
  • Uzume's Seriousness: Neptune wants to make sure Uzume is never too serious as it can make her a grouch but Neptune will still love her either way, but prefers to just do her best to prevent Uzume from becoming too serious.


  • having uzume die:having her twin sister, who they have been together for since birth, it is her top fear of having her die right in front of her.
  • being abandoned alone: having a child-like personality and because of her being Uzume's younger twin, Neptune fears of being abandoned all alone, it scares her so much
  • Eggplants taking over the world: though there is a very very low risk of this happening, if it does happen, Neptune is terrified to think about what will happen.


Height: 186 Centimeters
Weight: 75 Kilograms
Apperance: Neptune is a fairly tall, moderately large chested, purplish pink haired young adult/adult who always has her patented duel game D-pad, colored purple and pink, hair clips in her hair at all times, no matter what. her usual look is a purple, blue and white hoodie with two large purple and blue disc shaped pockets to put any items Neptune wants to carry, two cabled with adapter like pull string to tighten her hoodie she always wears and has her patented purple N on the back of her hoodie and the same N on her zipper for the hoodie, and underneath she does wear white underwear but tends to lower her hoodie down so no one can see them. she has a black collar on her neck and a black and purple strap-on case for her phone. Neptune has long purple-pink hair and has dark purple Eyes. though it is rare, Neptune can switch into a white hoodie or even a purple dress with the same white hoodie on over it as to remember her childhood.
Guild Tattoos: if Neptune ever joins a guild, she would want it to be purple and on her right upper chest.


Hometown: Planeptune
History: Born just a few minutes after her older twin sister, Uzume, in the year X089, Neptune was the more energetic, loud and overall fun loving, carefree twin that was shown to be very outgoing and was never seen after she got a little older then three years old to ever stop moving around and to ever sit still. Born into the world by her and Uzume's mother, a goddess that would die after one hundred years later, Venus, who loved both Neptune and Uzume equally. Growing up as Goddesses in the Land of Planeptune, Neptune was seen to be one to skip out on work to train up on her swordplay, even though in the eyes of Goddesses, she was only a kid after fifty years of being alive, which was around 4 or five years old then but no one really knows for sure how old a goddesses is in their time and growth to the humans growth and age patterns. Neptune, as a teen in the Goddess age which was five hundred years old in human years, had gotten to be a very big troublemaker by making pranks all around Planeptune and making jokes around others that people were mad at her for making but Neptune didn't care until Uzume scolded her for doing all the jokes and pranks around town, but Neptune would laugh it off as she was a natural born joker and loved to make pranks and mess with people, whether it was physically mess with them or mess around with them mentally by making jokes about their personality and would laugh at any name that was given to her that she could turn into a joke. Neptune, after another one hundred and fifty five years later, had grown up into a rather robust and confident warrior and woman, although she still tended to have the occasional prank and joke ever so often and was never seen doing any work unless Uzume took away her pudding, stopped her from seeing anyone she considered cute or even go out and about until she did some work, which made Neptune very mad but she wouldn't make a fuse around Uzume, as she was her older twin and Neptune thought it was cool of Uzume to enforce Her to do work to get what she wanted back, whether it was her pudding, being able to go out and about or being able to go out and save cute girls from monsters and men that were rude and wanted to do bad things to them. after a twenty more years, Neptune and Uzume were allowed to exit Planeptune and head out to Fiore to gain knowledge of other lands and to further improve on their skills and develop more as goddesses, so then one day they could teach the next generation of Goddesses the proper way to be a goddess and how to behave properly around others, of which Neptune needed to learn but decided was too boring to do, so she would just forget about it and head to Fiore with Uzume to grow stronger and keep Uzume company.
RP Sample: how come such a nice, caring woman and mother such as Toriel not try and comfort her daughter, when her heart was feeling utterly destroyed, empty, so voided of anything else then Despair, helplessness and fear? Noire was paying attention to Toriel the best she could but she just didn't seem to get any joy, positive feelings or determination from what Toriel said, her heart didn't have any space for it, as it was all taken up by depression, helplessness and, above all else, fear. the fear that she wouldn't be able to protect Toriel, Uni... anyone she cared about. the fear had eaten up everything that kept her going, and had grown to become everything in her heart, and made it so then everything Noire would ever feel was fear and all the negative feelings that had grown in her heart. "then.... i guess... my weapons.... would... be nothing... more... then dust... if you... could see... my heart... it wouldn't... be there... it... has been.... broken... vanished... into nothingness... just... because... i couldn't... keep... my mouth... shut... and... now... this is the... price... i payed... a heart... that has.... stopped working... and has... given into... fear... " Noire explained to Toriel with a tone of fear and defeat, feeling her heart just give up and have nothing more in it but all the negativity that had grown inside it. Noire just wanted it to all go away, for her suffering to end. she wanted... to die, and have all of her pain disappear alongside her but she knew that would bring more pain to others, so she wished she could find another way to stop the pain in her heart.
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PostSubject: Re: Neptune [Done]   Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:13 am

Kk all looks good approved
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Neptune [Done]
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