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 Lightning Devil Slayer

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Blizz Snowfang


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PostSubject: Lightning Devil Slayer    Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:24 am

Name: Lightning Devil Slayer
Caster or Holder?: Caster
Element: Lightning
Description: This magic believed to be forged for the purpose of fighting the devils and slay them forever. Lightning Demon Slayer Magic allows its users to produce and control lightning element from any part of their body, which can be used in melee combat or for other purposes. They are able to even turn into their element itself, the form which is renown as the true ability of a slayer. Furthermore, the lightning which are incorporated in this Magic differ from standard lightning element. The generated lightning can be manipulated in a wide variety of ways, which allows, for example, electrocute the target, leave them in paralyzed state, bring many destruction upon the heads of opponents and to the surroundings, and even leave them with burning. In addition to it, Lightning Demon Slayers can attain a little control over the natural lightning element too, but such feat is quite hard to achieve. The last part of unusual element is that the user can create vibrations with their lightnings. Such high voltages, which are typical for Demon Slayer Magic, grants the user the capability of creating such high vibrations, that when covering their parts of body or some thing, they can deliver quite high cutting damage, for example, a simple pencil surrounded by demon's lightning, can easily pierces through the wood on high speeds and even cut through metals. The Lightning Devil Slayer is naturally resistant to their own element, except for a Dragon Slayer's and God Slayer's magic. The user has full immunity over lightning. One thing that differs a slayer from another that lightning slayer can consume their element, in this case, lightning.

On the other hand, if the Devil Slayer consumes a spell over their rank, they will take full damage from the spell. Despite their full immunity, this is internal damage they have inflicted upon themselves, and they will suffer the consequences.  A Devil Slayer cannot consume a Dragon Slayer's or God Slayer's spells. It also has element-based weakness. In this case, lightning is weak against earth and plants, making it as its natural enemy.
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Blizz Snowfang


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PostSubject: Re: Lightning Devil Slayer    Tue Mar 08, 2016 3:28 am

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PostSubject: Re: Lightning Devil Slayer    Tue Mar 08, 2016 6:42 am

Kk approved
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PostSubject: Re: Lightning Devil Slayer    

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Lightning Devil Slayer
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