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 Blizz Snowfang

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Blizz Snowfang

Blizz Snowfang

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PostSubject: Blizz Snowfang   Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:10 am


Name: Blizz Snowfang
Nicknames: TBA
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 23
Birthday: February 11th, X767
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Guild: Fairy Tail
Rank: B-rank
Face Claim: Touken Ranbu - Kogutsunemaru

Description: Blizz is a man whose been instilled with values. He is someone who believes strongly in being able to forge his own path by his own two hands, not by other people's hands. He's not opposed to fighting to protect his beliefs. Even if he looses. He's never set in his ways though he is constantly adapting to the world around him letting the way of the world help shape, define and re-define him. But his core beliefs never change. Fight for what you believe in, think with your head not your heart, if it's something that burns strongly within follow it. And help out those in need.

Blizz's reaction to people is initially friendly, however if they prove that they are against him or act to hurt someone without any provocation then he grows to dislike them or maybe turn into hate. He is a charismatic person, he could persuade someone to do something for him but in a certain boundary. His ambitions lead him to a great path, the path shows the true side of him. He often respects his opponents in fights, humiliating them on competitions or fights isn't his style. If he wants respect from others including his opponents, he should give some too.

He has two major quirks to his personality, one being that be believes that the strongest beliefs always win. Regardless of the medium through which they are conveyed be it words or fists. The second quirk is a simple one. Living for yourself is the same as living for nothing. Live for others, don't only focus on yourself and you will unlock the true meaning of life.

  • Summer (The weather is perfect for adventuring)
  • Adventure (Lots of things to find and new faces as well)
  • Fresh Beverages (Able to lift up stress)


  • Insects (They are annoying)
  • Raining (Blizz won't be able to venture the world when it rains, plus it's cold)
  • Arrogant Individuals (The arrogance may piss Blizz of, he just dislike these individuals)

Motivations Become one of the strongest mage (So no one will defy him and his strength will help him in his journey), exterminate the root of evils (So the world is peaceful and completely safe for everyone including himself) , and find his uncle Heiden (He mysteriously disappear. At least, he want to save him so he can reunite with him.)
Fears: Dying before he reach his goal, Losing someone close (he will be lonely), defeated (He dislike when he is weak, he wants to be strong)


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 lbs
Apperance:  Blizz is a fair-skinned mage who has distinctive greenish yellow eyes and white waist-length hair. His hair is spiky in the back with bangs that grow longer as his age changes. Sometimes, the bang would hang on both sides of his face too roughly frame his cheeks. Blizz is a tall man, standing at 5”10”, he was the tallest in his family. He has a muscular body because a lot of training in the past. He consistently wears a orange male yukata-like clothes with long-sleeved shirt, and the shirt is open at the torso. Underneath it, he wears a white robe that is tied onto his waist and the length reach his knees. He also wears a black cotton gloves that almost reach his elbow. Both of his shoulders are guarded with shoulder guard and his beloved sword is hanged on his waist. He has his guild mark on his back.
Guild Tattoos: Red, On the back


Hometown: Magnolia
History: Blizz was born in Magnolia. Heiden who saw a great potential in Blizz, and bravery that Blizz has, decided to take care of Blizz after his parents’ death. Heiden carried the baby Blizz to his home. Blizz became his step son, and Heiden would give his power and knowledge to Blizz, and hoping that these would aid him in the future to become a great magician. His uncle taught his son very much, how to talk, walk, and, finally, imbued a lacrima of a slayer magic inside him. Heiden would carry Blizz to the darkest caves, and taught him to find the true light in him. Heiden was really hard on him; he did this to develop Blizz's skills, and Heiden left Blizz on the darkest cave during a severe thunderstorm.

On that challenging and intense day, Blizz never picked up by Heiden, he thought that Heiden left him until he died there. The severe thunderstorm lasted for a week, on the 4th day, Blizz decided to leave cave by himself. It was really hard for him; he couldn’t find the exit from the cave. Soon, Blizz found a big boulder was blocking the way out, maybe because a small earthquake happened. He was desperate, and fell on the ground, a bit crying. Blizz decided to try his Lightning Slayer magic as told by Heiden that he possessed such magic. He raised his hand, and tried to concentrate the power on his right hand, and soon, he managed to destroy the boulders with a punch imbued with his lightning magic. But, Blizz found that Heiden disappeared when Blizz reached his house, leaving a big burnt mark on his house's wall.

Blizz punched the ground; his anger was really big at that time. Was he killed? or he left Blizz? He touched the burnt mark for the last time, he took his belongings, and the only thing Heiden left was their photo. Blizz left the valley, and stepped into the outside land to find new life. With his basic magic skills, he couldn't survive in this harsh world. He wanted to master his magic, and surpassed Heiden's marvelous techniques. He wanted to live a life where he could feel the true freedom; he also wanted to find Heiden, to find Heiden isn't easy; Blizz must explore the entire planet.

With the motivation to find Heiden and surpass him, he must be the most powerful magician, and change his weaknesses as his strengths. The only thing he needs to do is to find a great teacher and a better place for him to train, and test his skills into the limit or maybe beyond the limit. After a long journey, he found the true place for aspiring mages, Fairy Tail. He became a proud member of Fairy Tail, and managed his way up to the top ranks. With a lot of efforts and difficult missions, he became a B-rank.
RP Sample: Blizz brushed his hair with his hand, tidying his white hair because it was a mess. He had a fight with some people from out of town in the town center, they teased Fairy Tail and the reward they got was Blizz's powerful fist. He placed his hands in his pocket, and walked toward the guild. The guild was quiet nowadays, the previous guild master left them all, but Blizz knew it's for something good. The guild was lacking of missions, and usually, he spent his days in the guild, drinking and chatting around. He was quite respected here, due to his rank in the guild. The Magnolia people knew him a lot, because Blizz love to wander around.

The guild was a mess, there's a lot of broken walls and ceilings. Blizz believes that the new guild master will handle these things. A sound of the guild doors opened, touched Blizz's ear, but he didn't care about it. A lot of people entered this guild everyday. But, a booming sound caught his attention, and unfamiliar voice in his ears. The loud voice said greetings, and mentioned that he's the new guild master. Blizz surprised, and looked back. He saw a very beautiful lady, and shorter than him. Blizz stood from his chair, his long cape that bear the Fairy Tail symbol brushed the floor gently. Blizz feet took small steps, approaching that woman who said that she's the new guild master. Finally, someone who would lead Fairy Tail into the new era and Blizz truly believed that this woman had enough experience to lead this guild.

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PostSubject: Re: Blizz Snowfang   Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:16 pm

Alright all looks good just fix a few things:

-Add a sentence or two to each of the likes, dislikes, motovations and fears on why you chose that
-Also add the year next your birthday, so the year would be X767

all but that it looks good.
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PostSubject: Re: Blizz Snowfang   Mon Mar 07, 2016 5:02 am

Kk approved, but just FYI if ya want to be strong join St xD
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PostSubject: Re: Blizz Snowfang   

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Blizz Snowfang
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